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Real Certified ORGANIC RAW SHEA BUTTER, PREMIUM Unrefined African IVORY, 16.0 oz LARGE BAR in GOLD UV Protective Bag, [Also Available in 17.5 oz HUGE JAR], From Perfect Body Harmony Brand! The Best!

Buy The BEST PREMIUM & CERTIFIED ORGANIC RAW IVORY SHEA BUTTER ~ RAW, Unrefined, & Virgin! Our Skin Absorbs Up To 60% Of What We Put On It! Be Sure You Buy Certified Organic Shea Butter!! WHAT IS IN YOUR SHEA BUTTER? • Is It REALLY Organic? • Would It Be Wonderful To Find a Safe Shea Butter? Premium & Pure CERTIFIED ORGANIC Raw African Ivory Shea Butter from Perfect Body HarmonyTM Is Your Answer! Provides Moisturizing & Revitalization Protection Your Skin & Hair Needs!* ◊ Contains essential fatty acids & vitamins A, D, E, & F that provide antioxidants & assist with UV Ray Protection.* ◊ Imported from West African Country of Ghana – Then packaged in a super controlled FDA Registered Facility! ◊ Soft, Clean, Pure, & Ivory – Raw, Unrefined & Virgin (Used this way in Africa for centuries!) ◊ The Best packaging On The Market – Always with Added UV Protection! Beware Of Inferior Shea Butters! • Cheap / Messy Plastic Wrap or Cheap Tubs (without UV protection!) • Look out for Gritty, Yellow, Rancid Shea Butter that May Be Full Of Pesticides & Chemicals! • Yellow Shea butter can be a sign that the butter has added impurities or coloring! • Chemical Refinement can remove natural nutrients because it can over heat and bleach! YOU WILL LOVE THE FEEL OF This Shea Butter On Your Skin Or Your Money Back With Our 30 DAY Customer Happiness & Satisfaction GUARANTEE! PRESS “ADD TO CART” & ORDER YOUR PURE, CREAMY, PREMIUM QUALITY Certified ORGANIC & IMPORTED SHEA BUTTER NOW! *** BECAUSE SUPPLIES ARE VERY LIMITED & WE COULD RUN OUT AT ANYTIME! *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Key features

  • What’s IN YOUR Shea Butter? The only way to be sure is to buy Authentic CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Authentic CERTIFIED ORGANIC Will Always List the Certifying Agency On The Label!
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC by Oregon Tilth [PLEASE SEE OUR CERTIFICATE WITH OUR PRODUCT IMAGES] – Ensuring Your Shea Butter IS Free From Pesticides & Other Contaminants!
  • SIMPLY THE BEST! Imported from Ghana, Africa. Made from the Karite Tree Shea Nut & Extremely Rich in Vitamins A,D,E,& F -Providing Your Skin Essential Antioxidants It Needs! * For Use On Your Face, Body & Hair In Its Natural State But Is Also Fantastic As An Ingredient In Homemade Natural Products Like Soap, Body Butters, Lotions & Cremes, etc.
  • For Use On Your Face, Body & Hair In Its Natural State But Is Also Fantastic As An Ingredient In Homemade Natural Products Like Soap, Body Butters, Lotions & Cremes, etc
  • Choose Size Option: 16.0 oz Bar in Gold UV Bag or 17.5 oz Huge BPA Free Amber Jar (price may vary)* & Rest Easy Because Your Organic RAW AFRICAN SHEA BUTTER Is Packaged In An FDA Registered Facility! * Please Only Purchase this item from The Perfect Body Harmony Store for fulfillment via Amazon or by us directly. *** We do not sell inventory to other sellers for resale because it is important for us to control each step of the supply chain.

Honest reviews


Allergic Reaction

Just to warn others that might want to try this. I had a severe allergic reaction and developed pimple like bumps on my legs, thighs and butt after the first night using this. It has been a few days since I had stopped using it and is just finally starting to clear up. Scary situation though.

Chris Viewtown, VA

The absolute BEST shea butter!!

I am in love with this product! I have searched for a truly organic, pure, raw shea butter and this is it! Until I did research, I didn’t realize that beauty products can be labeled organic without any certification of fact. To be absolutely CERTAIN that the product you are buying is in fact organic, it should be labeled as CERTIFIED ORGANIC and this one is!! I was so excited to try it and I cannot tell you enough how smooth and soft it makes my skin feel….it’s truly wonderful and the best thing is I know that it’s pure and organic and I’m not putting chemicals onto my daughter’s or my skin!

Nanette Jacks Creek, TN

Didn’t help with eczema

I got this for my toddler’s eczema and it made it worse. The quality was creamy and smells great, which is why I’m super sad that it didn’t make a dent in her skin condition. It’s too expensive for what it is, though. I would send it back but that’s a pain in the butt. Would not recommend it.

Noemi Ida Grove, IA

Good purchase

This item has a little grainy texture . A pale color and a little , tolerable sent . I used it to rub my skin. It is heavy ,but still it gave me a smooth skin.

Elisha Renner, SD

Super Moisturizing

Fabulous Product. I use this at night on my hands and feet prior to going to bed. The proof is inthe pudding when the next morning your 10 year old son says "Mom, your hands are really soft".

Dina Nodaway, IA

The best! Shea butter!!

This Shea butter is life changing. It makes your skin feel and look incredible. You can use it all over but I highly recommend your face too. It is also great for bites or scrapes. I will never go with out this Shea butter in my home. This brand is super high quality and is organic and raw!, highly recommend !

Cassandra Hindsville, AR

Nature’s Botox ;o)

Love this, totally raw organic! This is an absolutely professional hygienic COMPANY. I have used other organic raw shea butter that did not compare to the purity, freshness, softly scented of the one sold by Perfect Body Harmony. It looks exactly as it appears in the graphic (with exception of break). It comes in the gold container and inside the shea butter is protected by another bag. I use it all over after bath/shower and my skin feels so soft even use it in my hair. Just a lil goes a long way!I cut off a small piece and placed in glass brown jar that I use daily. The rest I placed on a shelf in our pantry where the temp is regulated allowing all items to remain fresh for as long as 1 year. :o)

Ila Marshallville, OH

Amazing Mositurizer

I recently just jumped on the "all natural and organic" body product train, and let me tell you that I am thrilled with this raw Shea butter. The butter alone is exactly what I wanted in a moisturizer. I don’t add anything to it. I just heat it up by rubbing a small amount between my hands and apply all over. It literally gives me all day moisture. I love it. If you were like me and bought body lotions galore because of the way they smelt and because the label said: "new"… I would suggest to perhaps think about ditching all the store bought and chemically loaded creams and stick with something more simple and natural. You will feel amazing in your skin. On top of that, the customer service is amazing. They e-mailed me to make sure I received the product and were very kind. Read no further and purchase this luxury Shea butter.

Rachel Rocky Face, GA

Love this!

Love this truly organic product. It melts right into the skin and in this dry cold weather, the skin is just soaking it up and craving it. Anyone looking for the best organic shea butter, I highly recommend this product.

Lucile Rush Center, KS


I really like it! I use for everything, everywhere, and at any time. The Customer Service is AWESOME! They would follow up since right after I placed the order, all the way along until I received it, offering a coupon for repeat customers as well. It will take me a while to finish this bar (it is quite big, and my understanding is that they will start offering a larger bar soon), but I am sure that I will reorder from them when I am done with this one.

Loretta Mc Naughton, WI