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Real CERTIFIED Organic Cocoa Butter Bars, Premium Non-Deodorized, X-Large One LB 16.0 oz Tot.Wt.-AUTHENTIC ORGANIC! Amazing Chocolate Aroma From Cacao Beans! Naturally Rich In Antioxidants! THE BEST!

Premium CERTIFIED ORGANIC Raw Cocoa Butter From Perfect Body HarmonyTM Can Be Used Alone On Skin Once Melted Or Used As An Ingredient In Your DIY/ Home Made Lotions, Cremes, Deodorants, Etc. Natural, Pure, Unrefined & Virgin • Extracted From the Cacao Bean. • Imported From The South American Country of Peru. • Has a Rich Pleasant Chocolate Aroma. • The Appearance Is a Characteristic Pale Yellow to Light Brownish Tan Color. • Organic Cocoa Butter Is Naturally Rich In Antioxidants & Vitamin E Resulting In A High Oxidative Stability! • Although Our Organic Cocoa Butter Is Stiff Solid At Room Temperature, This Cocoa Butter Will Melt When Held In Your Hand When In Smaller Peices And Has A Melting Point Ranging Of From 88˚F-95˚F. • The Cosmetic & Skin Care Industry Utilizes Organic Cocoa Butter As An Ingredient & It Is Used For Its Natural Emollient Properties & To Bring Stiffness to The End Product. This IS THE VERY BEST PREMIUM Raw Organic Shea Butter You will find – Guaranteed! You Have No Risk with Our 100% “Customer Happiness” Satisfaction/Money Back Guarantee! Press The “Add To Cart” Button Now While Quantities Remain! – Supplies Are Limited and Some Are Forecasting A Tight Supply Due to Some Harvest Concerns In West Africa!

Key features

  • Great For DIY Skincare! * Premium Quality X-LARGE 16 Oz (ONE FULL LB) BAR In Gold UV Bag (plus inner zip bag!) * [Organic Cocoa Wafers / Chips Also Available (Regular & Deodorized!)]
  • Use On Skin Directly! Incredible For Stretch Marks & Moisturizing * Spectacular In Homemade Recipes For DIY Body Butters, Soaps, Lotions, Lip Balms, Hand Creams, Shampoos & Conditioners, & More!
  • Authentic CERTIFIED ORGANIC by Oregon Tilth [PLEASE SEE OUR CERTIFICATE W/OUR PRODUCT IMAGES.] Be SAFE! ***Buy Only Authentic CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Authentic CERTIFIED ORGANIC Will Always List the Certifying Agency On The Label. Ensure Your Cocoa Butter IS Free From Pesticides & Other Contaminants!
  • Extracted From The Cacao Bean & Carries A Rich Pleasant Chocolate Aroma! Naturally Rich In Antioxidants!
  • Imported In Large Blocks From The Farm In Peru & Then Formed Into Bars. You WILL RECEIVE ON FULL LB! * Packaged In An FDA Approved Facility In The USA. ~ PLEASE NOTE: Cocoa Butter is known to be stiff at room temperature. The Finest Quality Organic Cocoa Butter Available!

Honest reviews


Wonderful scent!

This cocoa butter smells heavenly!!! It melts onto your skin and blends in easily. The scent is amazing!! When you open the outer package the "chocolate" scent hits your nose like a big fresh bar of baking chocolate. When you unzip the inner package it’s even stronger. It makes you want to eat it, that’s how good it smells!! It’s really hard not to get a big smile on your face when you open the bag. It’s really buttery and makes my skin so soft and hydrated.The gold packaging is great and closes easily to keep the product fresh. I love that the product is organic-means a lot to me and my family.Will definitely be buying more.

Ginger Pelican, AK

Cocoa heaven

This cocoa butter was received quickly as described in one large block as shown and seller followed up with helpful suggestions for use. It is smooth. silky, moisturizing and has a light chocolate smell. I melted a small portion and combined with organic coconut oil carry it in a small container in my purse for hand cream. Also use it at night on my feet as a moisturizer. Love. love, love this product.

Eula Alma, CO

Amazing!!! Omg!!

This has changed my skin. We use it on our kids too. It smells amazing and works wonders to soften skin. It’s great on elbows and dry patches to help stop irritation. Highly recommend!

Priscilla Lewis Center, OH

Smells wonderful

This cocoa butter is very good quality and packaged just the the description says. It is hard but grates very easily to be melted down to add to soap and other products. I made a body butter for my sister with cocoa butter as the main ingredient and added a little shea butter and coconut oil. It turned out well and she loves it. I would definitely purchase again.

Michell Montgomery, TX

Excellent quality. Creamy & smooth and smells delicous!

Great quality. Very creamy and smooth, and smells absolutely delicious! I use this as moisturizer for face and body. I slice off a piece that is about the size of a bar of soap and simply rub it on my skin. It is the best moisturizer — I was paying $60 an ounce for face creams, but this is so much better!

Rebekah Tujunga, CA

I love this!!!

I recently bought the Shea butter and fell madly in love with it… which brought me back to amazon for another purchase! This Raw Cocoa Butter is amazing! It has been doing wonders for skin! My skin feels so soft and smooth. I am so thankful that I cam across this product! It has a beautiful chocolaty scent! I am pretty sure my mouth watered when I opened up the package! I definitely recommend this product to anyone! You will fall in love with it!

Eunice Hingham, WI