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Raw Unrefined Yellow Shea Butter FILTERED & CREAMY 5 0z

Remarks: This is the raw and unprocessed shea butter. It may be lumpy and hard. You can rub it in your hands and apply it directly on the skin. If it is not soft enough for you, you can put into the microwave and heat it for a couple minutes. It will become soft. Golden Shea Butter is the classic shea butter many are familiar with. It is yellow in color, has a fairly strong smoky odor and is imported from the African nation of Ghana. shea butter tones, evens, and repairs skin naturally, shea butter renews and revitalizes face, body, hand, hair, nails, and feet shea butter nourishes skin and hair cells with natural vitamins, shea butter leaves skin with a smooth, silky natural glow, shea butter improves stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles, and scars, shea butter heals scratches, blemishes, and irritated skin, shea butter protects, screens, and skin from cold, wind, sun damage, shea butter improves and alleviates skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, Recommended and safe for use by the entire family. shea butter naturally contains Vitamins A and E. Packing: in food-grade plastic containers.

Key features

  • Organic Unrefined Shea Butter very creamy, clean and Soft o the highest Quality.
  • This Shea Butter is 100% Free of impurities, Bacteria Free and uniform yellow.
  • HalalEveryDay ® Registered Trademark and the only to sell Filtered and creamy Shea butter.

Honest reviews



I have an autoimmune disorder that makes the skin on my palms very , dry, and they peel and sometimes bleed. I’ve used L’Occitane Organic Shea, mixed with Aquafor, after perscription ointments and creams didn’t help. I’ve had good success with my existing routine. But the L’Occitane is $39 a can, which is quite pricey, for me. So, when I found this, I was excited to use it. Especially after reading the description. The price is fantastic which is why it got 1 star from me.As for my issues: 1) It stained my gloves, and I got a tiny piece on my nightgown which is stained too. 2) The smell is hideous. It reminds me of terrible baby vomit. 3) After going through all of this, it didn’t moisturize my skin nearly as well as the L’Occitane Organic Shea Butter, mixed with Aquafor. I did mix this product with my Aquafor as well.I should say too ,this product is very hard. So you’ll need a makeup or other little spatula to use it.

Olga Sarah Ann, WV

To greasy and doesn’t work!!! (GUY REVIEW)

Shipping was FAST but it’s super hard and has to warmed up in micro for 15seconds to be able to use it but I got this for 2 stretch marks that I have recently noticed behind my legs and used this product twice a day for 1month and saw no results at all so I threw this junk to garbage where it belongs!

Ivy Opal, SD


This is not the creamy texture Americans expect. It is a natural product that is somewhat grainy at room temp. It’s melting point is above room temp. So…you grab a little with a finger and work it into the skin. The result is a light, healthy sheen and skin that stays soft for 10 or more hours.Others soften it in the microwave. If you live in a warm climate, leave it at room temp.Again, as a natural product you should buy in quantities you will use in a relatively short amount of time (a couple of months in a temperate zone). It is a product without additives, it will become rancid like any other oil or fat. It does NOT have a foul smell when it is in proper condition (date and storage temp.).For geeks like me who want more info:Shea butter has approximately 50% by weight of unsaturated fatty acids consisting of oleic(40.8%), linoleic acid (6.9%) and linolenic acid (1.6%), and a degree of unsaturation of 0.59%(Adomako, 1977, 1985). It is characterised by low palmitic and high stearic acid content aswell as high iodine number (IV), acid number and free fatty acid (FFA) values (Adomako,1977). The high unsaturated fatty acid content of shea butter accounts for its high iodinenumber, making it prone to oxidative rancidity. This rancidity results in the pungent odour ortaste of shea butter within a short period during storage (Adomako, 1985). Although naturallyoccurring antioxidants in shea butter impart certain amount of protection against oxidation,these antioxidants are often lost during processing, necessitating the addition of exogenousantioxidants (Coppen, 1994). […]

Celeste West Springfield, MA

Not too shabby.

I am very pleased with the scent and texture of the product but was a little disappointed, as I did not receive as much shea butter as shown in the product image. You are ripped off a bit.

Mattie Mount Pleasant, TX

Great Pure Shea Butter

I love this shea butter. I use it mostly on my feet, after my shower at bedtime. I apply to my feet and sleep in a pair of socks. My feet look and feel baby skin soft. I put a little shea butter in the palm of my hand and heat it for about 10 seconds with my hair blow dryer. Or, I just aim my blow dryer at the container for about 10 seconds to soften the outer layer. It softens it perfectly. The reason for 4 stars is because of the cheap, flimsy container. It’s not easy to open and I doubt will last long. I would rather pay $0.50 more and get this moisturizing shea butter in a better quality jar. I won’t buy this brand again because of the container.

Diana Westbrook, TX


I bought this along with the African Shea butter pure oil and let me tell u….My curly frizzy hair has NEVER looked this good! This is definitely a MUST HAVE for curls. This is a EXCELLENT product and for the price you can’t beat that!!!! Will buy from again.

Dominique Conway, PA

Best Moisturizer – Will Give You Soft Feet ASAP

I love this moisturizer. I purchased this a while ago and it came in a clear plastic tub, so the packaging may have been updated, but really the packaging isn’t what matters. What matters is how well raw shea butter moisturizes your skin. One night of slathering this moisturizer on my feet and throwing on a pair of socks is equal to an all out skin sloughing pedicure. I also put this on my sun damaged chest overnight and have had good results. It’s too greasy for day time use although I sometimes use it on my legs in the summer, (never under good clothing b/c I’m afraid it will stain). i haven’t used it on my face except for around my eyes because I’m afraid it will make me break out, but it does work well around my eyes. I love that there aren’t any chemicals or scary ingredients and would highly recommend this product – just be prepared for it’s thick greasy feel and don’t expect to use it like a typical moisturizer (or even like a Palmer’s brand moisturizer which is a bit thicker. It is probably lighter and better absorbed than Nivea though and the ingredients are so much purer.

Aurelia Royal, NE

Good Shea Butter, Container Not Filled Completely

This is already a small container, and the order I received was filled only half way. For my needs, it lasted a short time. Due to this, I prefer the larger size offered by the same vendor. The quality of the shea butter is high. It’s smooth and buttery with a nice smokey scent. I use this on my hair, skin, face, and lips. Love it!

Edith Rio Hondo, TX

Added to lotion for smoother skin

I mixed some of this shea butter with a lotion I didn’t care for because I didn’t think it was moisturizing enough. After using this concoction for a few weeks I noticed that my skin seemed to be a bit smoother and softer. I think this 50:50 mix was preferable to using either product alone, since the shea butter can be a bit greasy and the lotion was not creamy enough. (For the curious, the lotion was St. Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin moisturizer which, though inexpensive, is still overrated in my opinion). I know some people love shea butter, but it is generally not my go-to moisturizer due to its play-doh-like smell and texture. I like its moisturizing and healing properties but I prefer to add it to other products so that it absorbs more easily. So if you’re not digging the feel of shea butter, try adding it to other moisturizers you use.

Lea Glen Morgan, WV

Wow this stuff is excellent!

Wish I had discovered this sooner. Great quality. Works well for chapped lips or to soften or prevent cracking of the feet, or around the eyes to soften wrinkles.

Brandi Williams, SC


I didn’t realize how THICK this was. I had bought it for dry skin, but I guess it’s really more for mixing with other ingredients. Not sure what I’m going to do with it since it’s pretty much impossible to smear it in its pure form. Oops.

Estelle Omega, GA

Wow I love this stuff!

I’ve had shea butters before but this is SUPER rich yummy butter. The smell is fantastic if you are like me & love the sort of cocoa butter smell to it. It’s very light odor but definitely you can tell this stuff is the real deal. Other butters I’ve had are much lighter yellow or almost white. This is some rich luxurious butter here. Excellent for softening heels, elbows, and generally moisturizing skin. Perfect for use as a lip moisturizer by itself or in a lip balm recipe. I use a tiny bit of it as a lip prep before applying lip liner & lipstick. Your lip liner will glide on smooth & not tug. It will get rid of those unsightly lip wrinkles & lines too. I make my own lip balm & everyone raves about how emollient it is because of the shea butter I add to the recipe. If you really want to get creative you can buy the empty large twist up stick applicators online (looks like a giant lip balm) & melt some shea butter in the microwave then pour it in the applicator & put it in the refrigerator to cool. That can easily go in the purse with you all winter to rub on elbows and other dry winter chapped spots as well as rubbed on your hands. Nothing cures the winter chap like shea butter. Unfortunately it will melt in hot summer weather if you put it in your bag but I still use it indoors during summer too. When it runs out just melt some more & pour it in. It’s a very good way to apply it without mess & waste. Also… my dogs get chapped paws & the shea butter healed their tootsies right up. This stuff must have a million uses.

Priscilla San Juan Bautista, CA

really moisturizes my dry feet and leaves them soft!

After extensive research on the benefits of using shea butter, I decided to order this product from Amazon. This is the first time that I used shea butter and I am very impressed with this product. My skin is sensitive, so I have to be very careful about the products I use. When this product arrived, I opened it up and it had a slight nutty smell, which is normal and the color was beige, like the picture showed.I used the shea butter after showering, by applying it to my body and feet. At first, I thought it was a little oily and would not absorb completely into my skin. But I was wrong. My skin absorbed it without feeling greasy. My body was soft and smooth and especially my rough, dry feet. They were baby soft and smooth the next morning!I would highly recommed this product to anyone! I used this product for one week without any side effects.

Stacie Lacona, NY

Fantastic Product

This is a great product, it clarifies the skin and helps to fade dark spots. Will definitely purchase again, highly recommend it

Daisy Louisa, VA

Very Moisturizing

It is a good butter for the skin. For the hair, it’s best to mix it with other oils. I have tried using it after wetting my hair and using a moisturizer. My hair doesn’t like heavy butters and oils. I had to learn the hard way. I had a hard time washing it out of my hair. It’s great for the skin though.

John Rathdrum, ID

Very Pleased

Came very early! great shipping the shea butter does not smell bad at all smells like earth and nature. Makes hand feel silky soft 🙂 definitely buy!!!

Deann Auburn, KY

A true “Best Buy”!

Having read the negative reviews, I was a little fearful of what freezing temps would do to my shipment of African Shea Butter Cream. Instead, my tub of shea butter is perfect! It looks like a tub of butter, melted, poured into a tub and cooled. A lovely soft yellow color, very nice texture, ( I compared the texture to those little tubs of Carmex, hard packed and used by rubbing your finger across it) very, very light fragrance. As a knitter,my hands need to be smooth or the yarn doesn’t slide easily. This shea butter is helping to smooth out those rough places that happen every winter. I am so pleased with this product!

Maureen Pottersville, NJ

Love Love Love.

I use this as lotion and cream for my hair. I have experienced growth in my hair. My hair is stronger and alot healthier since using this product. I love it. People are commenting on how soft my natuaral hair is. I have not had a perm in over 5 years and my hair is very soft.

Myra Mc Lean, NY

Expected more

I though it was bigger than that, but its okay!I prefer the 16oz more , this one is little pricey for the size.

Melisa Colfax, IL

Love this stuff

Great product and packaged well. I’ve received other butters but none that were packaged quite as clean as this one.Love this stuff and will purchase more. Larger quantities

Ladonna Madison, PA

Good Stuff

I love this stuff. I’ve never used it before now but I’m using it every day to ease the dryness of my skin. I also dab a little on my hair ends as a moisturizer and to keep my hair from being so unruly. It’s in a solid form and takes a little warming up in order to spread it around.

Iris Malta Bend, MO

Oh My Shea Heaven!!!!

Oh…my…GodThis stuff…let me say that I bought two of these, expecting to have them for myself, but my mother has blistered hands, and so I gave her a container of this stuff…she said her fingers are healing!!! To hear that, made me happy, and to see her doing more with her hands, is awesome. She has a mother who is in lots of pain during the day, and so I hope she uses it on her.My skin is super smooth now, I use it, it goes on and at first looks oily…but then it soaks into your skin…my skin is so much smoother now, oh my God. Not kidding, please buy this, I approve of this company and love how natural this stuff is!!!!

Leslie Fayette, AL

A Must Have

I didn’t order this product, i got it from my local beauty supply store which is about 5 mins from me. I love this Shea Butter. i only use it only my skin, but you can use it on your hair and other places for a lot of reasons. i don’t have bad skin so i used this to keep my skin looking flawless and it has been working great. WHEN I GOT IT I DID POKE A FEW HOLES IN IT TO BREAK IT IN. . . PLACE IS A ROOM TEMP. AREA , IF NOT IT WILL GET HARD. ( OVERALL THIS IS A GREAT PRODUCT TO ME )

Sonya Burgettstown, PA

Oh yeah I will purchase again!

This product is AWESOME!! I originally bought this to condition my hair but then I noticed on the packaging that its also good for Eczema which my daughter has a severe case. Her feet were giving her the most problem. With her own hesitation I told her to at least give it a try…as soon as she put it on the discomfort & itch went away IMMEDIATLY! It also acts as a great conditioner for ethnic hair.

Danielle Fordyce, AR

Guilty pleasure!

I am sooooo happy I bought this! It works miracles on my skin! Keeps it VERY soft and moisturized while also keeping my acne to a minimum. It does not clog pores and goes on a little greasy, but if you let it sit, your skin absorbs it all very well! Priced very inexpensively for what it does and it lasts FOREVER! If I go on a trip with friends or spend the night at a friends house they all make jokes about how funny and wierd it looks in the container but after persuading them to try it on their own faces they absolutely ended up loving it and continued to use mine until I went home, and a few have gotten on here and bought some for themselves! I reccomend this for anybody who wants a natural solution to regain healthy skin. I also use as a lip balm and when my hair is dry after showering, I put some on my split ends and it seals them! Be careful not to put too much because it might end up greasy. But definately great for somebody who is trying to grow out their hair but doesn’t want to trim the ends!

Freda Lucasville, OH

Stretch marks and facial blemishes

Is what I use this for. I like how it’s different and I hope that it’s working! The smell is strong, but it’s not too bad in my opinion. It is thick, and a little “greasyish” but every single oil or cream you’re going to use for these reasons are going to have some of these qualities. I regrettably gained over 50 pounds in my pregnancy, and I am a little unlucky and got stretch marks– everywhere. In my experience it does help with acne. I’ve been using on my body for a little over a week twice a day, and I really do think I’m noticing them starting to fade!!!edited on 6/21/11: I finished my 2nd bowl and I have come Love this stuff. But I just received my 3rd order and it was in a zip-loc bag and had a different color, texture, and smell…. hmmm…..?

Priscilla Port Republic, NJ

stuff will breakouts so go easy

i used this on my face as a moisturizer and it caused me to break out on my forehead really bad. So I applied it everywhere else but my forehead and that fixed the problem. Only use this for needed extreme moisture or as a lip balm.

Noelle Fox Lake, WI

Dry skin? Here’s your solution!

When used in combination with black soap, you will see your skin go from dull to radiant. I don’t particularly like the smell so I add a few drops of scented oil to my hands before applying. Shea butter has also been great on my natural hair as well.

Lori Castile, NY

Are you kidding me!!!!!!

I wish I had known about this product years ago. This stuff is wonderful and knocks out the ashies in one punch. I don’t like the smell, infact; my girl’s said it smells like balloons. I’ve used so much of this the first day that I barely have any left. It is best to let this sit for a few hours so it’s more pliable, it’s a bit hard when you first get it, I think that’s because it was a bit cold here in my state, even the coconut oil was hard as a brick. I mixed a concoction of this with my coconut oil, it’s a bit greasy because I haven’t mixed it the way I’d really like but I’m getting it. It does crumble like (say playdoh) and it’s a bit gritty (it doesn’t bother me), but when you rub it in it goes away instantly, I like how it feels and rubs in the skin very nicely. I’ll be getting more of this very soon. It came fast as usual. Great buy just understand that the smell is weird, it might be hard as a brick when you get it (let sit for a few hrs.) and it crumbles when you take some out of the container but overall you’re going to love this product.

Carmela Burlington, OK

Great Product!

I love the shea butter 100% pure & raw. It works really great on hair and skin. I have been using shea butter for years.I have ordered before from this company, i was a bit unhappy with my order this time. It say 5oz but seems to me i was shorted about 2oz in three out of the five i purchased. But other than that it works great!

Pamela Woodland Mills, TN