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Raw Unrefined Shea Butter Grade A From Ghana 7.5 Lbs

The Top 10 Uses of Shea Butter Moisturizer for dry skin Eczema cream Blemish cream For softer smoother skin For burns Wrinkle reduction cream Moisturizer for dry hair Shaving cream Anti-itch cream Stretch mark prevention cream The Shelf Life of Shea Butter The shelf life of Shea butter is 18-24 months when kept in a cool dry place. After that time the healing properties of Shea butter are less effective but it is still a good moisturizer. Application of the Shea Butter Shea butter melts at body temperature. For easy application warm Shea butter onto palms until it is completely melted and smooth on. Shea Butter absorbs quickly, penetrates deeply and coats the skin with a fine film; thereby diminishing water loss and leaving the skin softened and protected. The Amazing Properties of Shea Butter Shea butter is the best natural product to protect, heal and improve skin. It is prized because it contains a real cocktail of elements good for the skin. Among these, is first a very high content of Essential Fatty Acids, more than in all other vegetable butter. These fatty acids are oleic, stearic, linoleic and palmitic acid. They play a very important moisturizing, softening, and anti-inflammatory role, and help renew the cutaneous cells. Shea butter also contains vitamins A, D, E, and K that have a recognized effect against skin aging. It is also rich in phytosterols with protecting and regenerating virtues. The manufacturing process has a great influence on the properties and efficiency of Shea butter. If it is refined or processed, it loses its vitamins and part of its efficiency. The Organic Shea Butter Company brings you a handmade certified organic Shea butter that is a guarantee of purity and higher quality.

Key features

  • Shea Butter very creamy, clean and Soft
  • It softens and moisturizes the skin and also helps in healing mild wounds.
  • Organic Grade A
  • It helps fight Stretch marks, UV Damage, Eczema, psoriasis
  • Keeps skin silky smooth

Honest reviews




Nanette Oquossoc, ME

Love it( not anymore)

I have begun to use shea butter a year ago, I was introduced to it. It happened around a good time, where my skin was drying out and my hair was falling out. The summer came around and it melted in the sun, then I put it in my hair and on my skin, and my skin stopped becoming dry, and my hair stopped falling out. But the product with the same content I used, was way more expensive. I have ordered from this seller once,and will order again, it came very qickly and the price is a steal compared to another company I used to use. I can now microwave it make it soft like clany and then trasfer it to any container size I want to, I recommend this product for anyone, who has dry, curly hair and dry skkin.UPDATE :I had purchased another 5 lbs again and this batch really sucks !!!! Suddenly my face is burning and I cannot use it. It seems like something is mixed in it and it smells different. I do not think I will order from them again. I am so disappointed.

Paulette Tinsley, MS

WOW. My second time ordering.

Came timely. Looks food and fresh. I wish white shea butter was an option. It’s all the same but I just like how it looks better. I haven’t opened the plastic yet but all looks well so far. I will update if anything miraculous or absurd happens. Looks like happy, healthy shea butter so far. Very cream from what I can tell, which isn’t the usual with unrefined raw, so this must be pretty good stuff. I will reorder from this seller far as I know.I ordered this again and got 7 pounds this time and WOW. I ordered this on Saturday and received it Tuesday. Unbelievable!! I would have never thought something this large or heavy would come this promptly. I honestly wasn’t expecting it until like the NEXT Tuesday and I would have been fine. Incredibly speedy service. And I actually had to alter my order before they shipped it. They changed the address fine and responded to all my e-mails promptly and politely. And the shea butter is also the I’m loving it and so are my customers. I will continue to order from here for a long time. Best service I’ve ever received on amazon.

Pearl Skiatook, OK

Raw Unrefined Shea Butter Grade A From Ghana

Best product on the market. My skin and hair loves this stuff. Slight smell that goes away in minutes. Your skin absorb this product and is left feeling so healthy.. Rapid shipment. Will repurchase..

Chasity Oak Hall, VA


I purchase this in a big bulk because I used so much butter. I wanted to save money, I usually buy the ivory butter which I like the best but this butter passed the test so Im satisfied and I saved money!!!!!

Deborah West Willow, PA

Yep this stuff is good

Been using this Shea butter for a short while now….I can see the difference it makes on my skin….I spend quite a bit of time in the sun because I go on long walks….I also swim…..this stuff improved my skin discoloration…..and really heels my after swimming skin dryness……it makes my skin glow….

Madeline Vandalia, MO


I am giving this 4 stars because shipping was way to expensive and it took awhile. This product is amazing, it’s very moisturizing so a little goes a long way. I can not wait to make a shea butter whip for my hair. I am glad I can use this or coconut oil on my skin or hair. This product comes in 2 bags which is fine for me I leave it in the bag. It also cleared up the dark blemishes on my face which is amazing. My skin glows wonderfully with this.

Pauline Bradley, ME

The best moisturizer EVER!

Oh my, this Shea butter is the ABSOLUTE best moisturizer that I have ever used! I use it on my face after exfoliating & it is non greasy, it’s amazing! I’m ordering 10 more pounds of it.

Allie Benedict, MN

better than small bottled stuff

you want to use something that is inexpensive and good for all your skin, this is the real deal, only thing it comes in huge bulk that you will need to melt down and put in smaller jars, while doing so you can add your favorite essential oils, well worth it. Dry feet, use everynight and put on those rubber lined socks, in 15 to 20 minutes the butter will have been absorbed in your feet. The next day you will see the difference, but it’s like anything else persistance pays off with any product.

Brigitte Union Bridge, MD

Raw Unrefined Shea Butter From Ghana

I purchase this as a Xmas gift and I know she will enjoy using it as she has in the past.

Leta Brockton, PA

Terrible, unusable

True, it’s cheap and gets really good reviews, which now I doubt why. It smells terrible and almost impossible to use. I am careful with money and hate to throw things away but I had to with this product. What a waste.

Patty Montville, CT

Nothing better out there

I bought this without ever trying pure Shea Butter before. I love it! My family loves it and it works great on my mom’s brown spots, my 8 year old’s skin issues, and even fades old scars. You have to work with it and add oil to ensure it’s smooth enough to use. Have bought this two more times since this initial purchase. Will continue if their quality remains high.

Glenda Lynn Center, IL

Butter Me Up Right Now!

My box-o-butter was waiting for me when I arrived home last night. I am in NJ (work in NY) so the heat was really a worry for me but for no reason. The block stayed solid after being on the porch all afternoon in 92 degree heat. So yay for that part.BOOM!I immediately made a mix of butter – certain oils – and a little bit of fragrance and BOOM! I’ll never go to bath and body works again for body butter. I make my own now with this.BOOM!!After my shower last night, I couldn’t wait to try my stuff. I felt so good, skin so smooth, and the glow was unbelievable.BOOM!!Now for the new natural transition hair. Yup, I applied the butter directly to my hair and BOOM! Just lovely natural curly, soft, moist. BOOM!So I just finished reading the negatives on this product and they may have point about the color, but they shouldn’t have a problem with the product, sorry you did.This stuff is amazing.BOOM!!!Yes I just ordered another box. I am so happy with this stuff so much my mate thought I was just going to slather it on and slide all the way to New York instead of taking the bus to work.BOOM!!!I wonder if that would work…rocks and potholes may be a problemLook for my update and I’ll tell you about the slide ability.In the meanwhile,From head to toe, this Shea butter is wonderful.Guess what family gets for holiday gifts this yearHOMEMADE BODY BUTTER FOR EVERYONE!!BOOM!!

Elda Lyoth, CA


This product is great. It is wonderful for your skin . I will order again. Thanks. I was amazed when I saw the size.

Rosanne Mastic Beach, NY

My Shipment

Received my package on the 5th day for 1 and the other on the next day.Ordered 5lbs.of raw unfiltered sheabutter from ‘Atlsmellgood’ and it came in semi-soft creamywhite chucks and did not have that strong smell like the yellow sheabutter. And this was morethan enough for me to work with. Must I say I was happy indeed to receive this. Well… moreso excited. And if I had to order the ‘Unfiltered’ again, it would be worth it. But I also want totry the filtered sheabutter. This is my 1st time using unfiltered.The other half of my package came in a box and there wereRaw Organic Cocoa Butter-16 spills or broken items.I was pleased with all in general and I will be ordering again.Home Health Castor Oil, Cold Pressed and Cold Processed, 32-OunceNOW Solutions Glycerine Vegetable, 16-Fluid Ounces

Marisol Whitewater, WI