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Raw African Black Soap From Ghana 3lbs by smellgood


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great product

If you were/are skeptical …DONT BE…this product is Great…i have been using this product for the past 2 blemishes have been clearing up greatly…along with my natural oils combination. I used it in my hair and it works greatly. No scum, no residue especially, since i’m on my natural hair journey. Squeaky clean from top to bottom…GET IT!! GET IT!! GET IT!!

Alta Elkview, WV

Best black soap!

I love this black soap!!! I use it from head to toe as a bath soap and as a face soap! Great for acne scars and other skin issues. The delivery was prompt !

Christa Kissimmee, FL

dryed out

this soap came quickly but it was all dried out and it just breaks apart when you try to use it. i would not recommend it to anyone

Ada Mc Donough, NY

Black Soap

The batch I got of this soap was almost black, and very hard. The soap I used previous to this was more of the light to dark brown mottled, mixed soap I usually see in pictures. It doesn’t mold very easily so I wasn’t able to press it into the mold I used to make a nice bar shape, but with that said it performs like you expect black soap to perform. Great thick lather and a bit goes a long way. If you don’t care about the color or being able to mold it easily, this is a great buy. It could just be this batch and the next batch will be different.

Ina High Falls, NY

Great price for this soap.:)

This is handmade soap. I like it. But alot of people feel this soap get your washcloth dirty. But it get your skin soft.

Kirsten Stanardsville, VA

Works Wonders!

This was my first time using African Black Soap and I’m hooked. It really does clear up just about anything as I suffer from dark elbows with small bumps that looks like goose bumps and a condition known as “Keratosis Pilaris”. I guess its more like acne because when I started using the black soap 2 weeks ago my elbows were kind of rough and bumpy and often became itchy. I have already noticed an improvement in the appearance and now my elbows are smoother and has started clearing and brightening up a bit. I mean they were not the darkest and I am african american but you could see it without really trying. I made a liquid form of it too and I also used it to wash my hair. I have never felt my hair so “squeaky clean”. When I wash my hair it gets super clean but this was a very different feel. I used a moisturizing conditioner afterwards, rinsed it and then towel dried my hair. It was soft but I also used the raw unrefined shea butter I purchased along with the black soap. It made my hair extra soft, held it in place and gave it a nice shine without being oily. I wash my entire body with it only after shaking it up real good before each use to mix the grainy stuff that settles in the bottom of the bottle. It actually works as an exfoliator and I love it. I still use my regular bodywash/showergels from bath and body works because it has a nice smell and contains jojoba and shea butter. I have been using it daily, even on my face and feel and all over refreshment after using it. I will definitely be purchasing it again but maybe this time from the sellers own web site that I can still purchase through my Amazon account.

Colleen Booneville, AR

Its only black soap and other natural soaps for me for now on

I love this soap. It gets you sooo clean. I can use it on my body and my face (I have oily skin). You get a good amount of soap. When i get it, I wet it a little(to soften it up) and my wet my hands a little and make soap bars. I can make about 14-16 bars. I store them in the top of my closet. It can be drying but I always put on oil or lotion after so thats not a problem. In the summer I can wash my face with this and not put on any moisturizer and be fine. In the winter I find it a little drying and I have to alternate between this and a face wash. But it makes my skin look good all year long. Yes it has little bits in it ( I read that they are hard cocoa pods or something but they look like tiny rocks). Honestly this soap is so wonderful that even if they are little rocks I DONT CARE, lol. Its that good. But you definitely should NOT use the soap directly against your skin because the little particles(rocks/cocoa pods) will scratch your skin. Just lather it up (and a tiny piece will give you a good amount of suds) on your washcloth and enjoy. Its so nice to have something so natural and so effective.

Gale Ludlow, MO