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Raw African Black Soap from Ghana 1 Lb

Some of the Benefits of black soap – Helps deep clean skin. – Works on most skin types including rough and dry or sensitive skin – Helps clear skin bumps and spots – Helps relieve acne, oily skin & other skin problems. – Great for removing makeup – Works against premature facial lines and wrinkles – Can be lathered and used as a shampoo. Usage of the Black African Soap Break off a bar-size piece from the bulk, then press it to shape with your hands, or use it as is. Rub the bar between your hands (or on a washcloth would also work), then rub your soapy hands on your skin and hair. (If you rub the bar on your hair, it will get hair stuck to the bar.) Black soap absorbs water easily, so keep it from sitting in water or it will dissolve away. The soap holders covered with little vertical fingers work well. Because this soap is softer than commercial soap, it comes off the bar more easily, so less rubbing of the bar is needed to release enough soap. When you start another bar, just push the old soap sliver onto the new piece and the two will easily unite; leaving no waste. How to Store the Black African Soap Pure traditional African black soap is a soft milled soap and has very high natural glycerin content. As a result, it readily absorbs moisture from the air. It must be stored in a dry location or in a sealed plastic bag or it will become soft as it absorbs moisture. Black soap exposed to the air will have a thin white colored film. This film is not mold it is caused by absorption of water from the air. This can be avoided by keeping the soap in a dry location away from moisture until ready for use. Ingredients: Traditional Black Soap contains mainly cocoa pod ashes, plantain skins ashes, and palm oil, processed together.

Key features

  • With a Blend of Cocoa and Palm Oil
  • Food grade air tight plastic bag.
  • Our black Soap is 100% pure and authentic Guaranteed

Honest reviews


Love this stuff!

I’ll be 50 years old in 4 months. I have been using this natural soap for about a week and my complexion already looks younger. I’ve gotten compliments from co-workers already, who notice my “nice” skin. I haven’t had acne for or breakouts for 20 years, but it makes good skin look even better.

Diana Rives Junction, MI

Great Drying Soap!

This soap is great! First its natural, second it is veryy drying. That might seem like a bad thing but when you have acne issues, its great. I saw a video on YouTube where the lady washes her face with African black soap, applies a thin layer of 100% Shea butter, and then applies a thin layer of African black soap on the acne (at night). In the morning, the acne has dried up considerably. Great tip! Loved the video, lovee this soap!

Kris Pope, MS

This soap broke so easily.

It moisturizes, but it break so easily until I had to throw it away. A total waste of money.

Lilia Madisonville, TN

Very Good Soap

I use this as a facial soap and I have even washed my hair with it. It lathers very well and I like anything that is intened for dual purposes. I wash my face w/ this soap about three times a day and follow up w/ shea butter at night and oil free sunscreen in the morning/afternoon. I have also stopped using make-up to let my skin just breathe. It makes my skin feel clean and I have noticed a slight difference in the amount of clogged pores. I also find that if you have damage to your skin, like a burn or a sore it will burn/tingle a little but not like the cooling tingle you get when using Noxema. I also noticed that sores from popping pimples healed alot quicker and brown spots were slightly less noticiable within the first week (although I’m not expecting a miracle). You also get a large amount of this soap and it will last for quite sometime if using on the face and hair. I also like the fact that you can break as much or as little off as you want and also mend the pieces together (not wasteful)…this soap is very soft. I highly recommend this product and this seller! I would purchase from again. The seller shipped very quickly.

Gabriela Morganza, LA

Made my skin much worse!

I am highly disappointed with this soap. The first day I used it, it was okay. It dried up a pimple I had almost overnight. As I continued to use it my normally oily skin became excessively dry and irritated. Even when I would follow with moisturizer it would still feel extremely dry. I wanted to give it a fair chance so I continued to use it. After about a week I couldnt take it anymore. My skin was SO irritated. It was starting to peel, it was dry and burning. I was even breaking out in places where I normally didnt break out and it made my skin have this rough look to it. My skin was better off BEFORE I started using this horrid soap. I ended up sending the soap back to the seller who was (thankfully) very cooperative and friendly and gave me a refund right away. I do not recommend this soap at all, but everyone is different. Just because it didnt work for me doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.

Willie Midway, TX

Good stuff and you definitely can’t beat the price!!!

This was my first time buying African Black Soap…had heard so much about it and wanted to give it a try. Many places on the net sell it…but I wasn’t sure of making a purchase until I saw the low price on Amazon. The seller even ships PRIORITY mail…which is a plus!!! I’ve been using this soap for about 2 weeks and I also use it with coconut oil. My skin is GLOWING!!! No commercial soap or cleanser has made my skin look like this before. Will definitely be a repeat customer as long as the price stays low!

Ingrid Kennard, IN

Will dry your hair out

I’ve seen reviews where advice is given on using this on your hair especially one in particular from someone who says they have African American hair which I find hard to swallow because my hair is curly but not tight curls has some silk to it and my hair still feels like straw after using this product. Stick to skin care on this one… DO NOT USE ON YOUR HAIR, YOU’LL BE SORRY!!! One star because i’m reviewing this on hair use, 4 stars if I were reviewing on skin care. It stings a bit so hopefully that means that it’s working, will review for skin at a later time.

Ava Robinson, IL

Harsh, strong soap that is not from shea butter.

1) this soap is not from shea butter. it is from other oils (palm, coconut I believe).2) if feels like it’s made with a harsh saponifying agent like lye because it’s very strong and dries my skin out tremendously.3) it creates a lot of later because it is a strong, harsh soap. You can’t have a mild, gentle soap that creates a lot of lather unless you add other lathering ingredients.I have tried this soap as a shaving soap and it is too hard to use, causing irritation and burning on my skin, almost as if there is remaining lye or ash in the mixture. To overcome this I’ve made it into a liquid soap and added a bunch of shea butter to soften it and replenish the oils removed. This has made it much softer and more gentile. I haven’t found the right mix so it still separates but at least it’s not leaving my skin irritated and painful.Also there is plenty of sand in it, so if you care, maybe melt it in hot water, strain out the sand and remix it.remember Amazon aggregates lots of reviews so this may only apply to one source or distributor.

Mai Bradley, IL

Caused Start of Severe Acne On My Back & Worsened the Acne On My Face

I was really looking forward to the benefits of this soap from all of the positive reviews. So, I ordered 2 lbs. The first time I used it my face instantly burned so bad I had to get it off my skin. After the first time I tolerated it much better. But, I soon had much worse acne and pimples on my face, and for the first time in my life I had acne on my back – and it was severe. With some research I think I understand why this happened. First the ash in the product really strips your skins natural layer, and then it gets covered with a film of palm oil which clogs the pores. This palm oil created a waxy like film on my back and this is what brought on my back acne.I also tried using it to wash my hair but initially it stripped my hair so bad that it was like straw, but then before 24 hours was up my hair was oily looking from the film of palm oil it had left in my hair. That is not normal for me. I never tried it again on my hair as that was a disaster.I quit using the soap on my face and back and within 2 days I was having a dramatic improvement in my skin. No more clogging the pores with palm oil. No more changing the PH balance with ash. And my skin is improving.I will gradually turn all of these 2 pounds of soap into liquid soap and use as a hand soap for use after working in the garden. And when it is used up I will never order this stuff again.

Lindsay Bartley, WV

I’m impressed!

I have oily skin. No zits but it’s just oily. I wash my face with this, making sure that I put it on and almost immediately wash it off. As soon as I’m done, I put my moisturizer on. This am I was walking out of the bathroom when I realized my face felt dry so I put the moisturizer on and immediately my face felt great. I tried Cetaphil before this and Oil of Olay but they never made my face feel this clean. I’ve been touching my face all week because my sking feels super clean but not stripped. I’m so impressed! I’m glad that I found a great cleanser for my face that is natural and also affordable.

Cindy Belmont, NH

a great find!

I have super sensitive, sometimes acne prone skin and this soap although slightly drying cleared up my blemishes and made my face glow. I used this on my body a few times and it didn’t dry my skin out too much, nor did it break me out into an itchy rash which is a major plus. A little bit goes a very long way especially if you use it only for your face. Give your skin some time to adjust to this soap though, instead of using it more than a couple times a day at first simply because it is slightly drying to sensitive skin. A great oil to follow up with is Slice of Nature cold pressed, virgin Argan oil sold here at Amazon, it’s simply the best oil I’ve ever put on my skin or in my hair.

Jody Iliamna, AK

Bad Product

I did not like this soap. It is very messy and does not work for me and neither for my daughter.

Suzette Kersey, PA

Pricey buy good

This is a very good product. I am a regular user of the raw African Black Soap. It is a bit pricey, but good. However, I now buy a similar product at a local specialty store that works just as well. I would feel comfortable about recommending this product to anyone who wished to buy it.

Leanna Fort Yukon, AK

Kick ass

So I ordered this as my skin is oily and older. I read the reviews and hoped for the best but was prepared for less than. It comes packaged well, and shipped Fed-ex which is a huge bonus! I sliced a chunk off (it’s very soft and easy) and washed.It lathers really fast, and doesn’t smell foo foo’ish which I like. After rinsing your face feels clean but not overly dried won’t be running to the moisturizer. Now as I sit here I can’t stop touching my face, it’s so soft feeling! I’m excited to see how my hair responds! Try this ladies, you really won’t be disappointed. And for 14 bucks you get enough to last the year!On a side note- my friends dog has lost most of his hair due to flea’s and possibly food allergies. He will be bathed with this as well to see if we can cure his dried itchy butt that all the commercial (and expensive) dog shampoos have not helped. I’ll update his progress.

Dayna East Millsboro, PA

raw african black soap

This soap gets your face squeaky clean to the point that by the time your done with one wash you have absolutely no moisture left in your face at all. Probably good for oily skin but certainly not for mature dry skin!

Lena Hague, VA

black soap from Africa

now this is interesting – it does a good job of cleaning the skin – squeaky clean – however I have found it too drying and harsh – I have to use extra lotion and oil after use – but if you have oily skin – this is the product for you

Brianna Findlay, OH

love this

great all natural product. very cleansing & great for all over the body. the smell takes some getting used to. it can be a bit drying, i use virgin coconut oil to moisturize. i suffer from very oily acne prone skin & surprisingly (using oil) the combination of the two have really helped my skin. nothings helped, not even proactive or clinique has helped this good. will repurchase after i use upthe whole pound

Rebekah Cypress, CA

Authentic African Black Soap…

The epitome of what African black soap should be… it is soft and carries an earthy scent. You can easily tell that this particular soap is handmade and not a generic replica. I found the soap to be potent, which was helpful for my intended use of it, my skin sings it praises. This authentic soaps provides the user with a unique experience, definitely worth the time and money.

Helena Kensington, MD

Wonderful soap!

I received this soap in a plastic type bag and it arrived just fine. It did come flat in a block not the cylinder–easier to mail that way. A pound of African soap like this is about as big as a woman’s hand spread out–if that gives you an idea of size and it is about 2 1/2″ to 3″ thick. I actually thought it would be bigger. I cut mine in chunks and put in a zip lock bag and then in a glass kitchen container and put in a closet–to keep the moisture from it. The chunk I am using goes in a regular soap box plastic container that you get at the grocery store–I just make sure no water is in the container before I close it. My soap has stayed just fine. I am very happy with the product and hope to order again and again. The soap has virtually no odor–very very faint pleasant–no odor when you soap up and makes a nice fluffy lather too. I do not find it drying to the skin as some others have said. I am in my 50’s–not a teenager with oily skin. Anyway, I really recommend this soap and have passed it on to my family members.Update: my husband and I love this soap so much we are re-ordering. I have given the soap to step-daughter who has a baby who gets rashes from something–could it be chemicals and petroleum products? I am guessing yes. Will update with his results later. I also am giving soap to parents. We absolutely love how this soap works on the skin–so much healthier looking and actually has a glow. I think the smell is clean smelling almost like Ivory soap but woodier. Just simply LOVE it!

Josie Huntley, WY

Black soap

Great product, highly recommend. Use it for hair body/bath face. Helps dry skin, age spots, wrinkles, very economical..get rid of all those numerous products, buy just one for everything.

Jillian Star Junction, PA

awesome soap

this soap is incredible. it looks like bread pudding, if it dosen’t, then you don’t have the real thing. i use this soap daily on my face and body. i find that is not drying and makes my skin feel extremely clean and soft. i used to shower twice a day due to body odor but after using this soap, i only have to shower once a day. the lather is soft and creamy and rinses clean. it has a clean earthy smell that is very fresh. i used to use Dr. Bronners and i loved it but this soap if far superior. because of the rough nature of this soap, i wouldn’t rub it directly on face and body but use a washcloth or loofah for best results. i will be making this my only soap from now on.

Dolores Bellvue, CO

Skin feels great

I used this soap for the first time this morning and thus far I really like it. Don’t let it’s look upon arrival scare you. It’s very easy to form the product into handsize bars of soap. I’m also using some in a exfoliating bag made for bars of soap. I used it on my hair and although my hair looks clean it feels a bit heavier so I’m going to stick to using it on my body only.

Claudine Gober, TX

Love it

I have really bad Acne and well with this soap it has helped me get rid of them little by little. Also I had some really scars on my face do to acne and little by little they have gone away… of course this is not the only thing that I’m using but I starting using this and I had great results from it.

Ella Camp Hill, PA

Love it

Does the job,..threw away my expensive acne products…this soap works..and last a long leaves your skin the way it should feel

Erica Mocksville, NC


Ther is a very distinct smell and it makes your body feel clean and it gently washes dead skin and rejuvenates the skin. The one not so favorite thing is the residue left in the wash cloth and it doesn’t wash out well….however because I do like this soap, I use those wash cloths that aren’t my (good/ guest coming) wash cloths. Recommended.

Claire Boaz, AL

An Acne weapon

Helped clear acne i began to experience after returning to college, dries out my face a bit but i fix that with a night and day moisturizer or alternate uses with another face wash, over all i claim this to be my secret weapon, no more acne and even marks have faded, this is the one thing i will be sure i NEVER run out of 🙂

Lily Kearsarge, MI

I really like this soap.

I did a lot of reading before finally buying this Black Soap. I have used other Black Soap sold at the Vitiamin Shop. It smelled really good and was really black. This product was nothing like it…but much better. It smells very natural, not perfumed at all. I rubbed it in my hands then applied to my face. It lathers very well. My face is now very soft, the redness on my checks and the corners of my nose is disappearing and I have no blemishes. I actually hate to put make up on after cleaning… because it feels so good to have a really clean face. I did notice a little stinging where I had just plucked my eye brows. I have also used it all over my body in the shower, it can be a little rough using the bar of soap directly on the skin, but great if you rub it on a wash cloth or sponge. I do use the bar directly on my skin, but I am careful to not rub to hard and to watch for larger rough pieces in the bar that can scratch. I apply raw shea butter lotion after my shower, and my skin feels great. I also use the soap on my granddaughter, she has spots of eczema and we are seeing improvement with those areas. I have not tried on my hair yet, actually afraid it may strip the color. I will continue to buy this soap and keep it stocked.

Pamela Keytesville, MO

Wonderful soap

I’ve used this soap several times and decided to review it. I love the soap for my skin and my hair. I have curly hair and shampoo usually will dry it out and make it frizz. This soap is so nice to use. I can shampoo once and when I rinse I can hear it squeak so I know it’s clean and no residue is left. I live in a dry climate and altho I have a water softener my skin still gets dry but not with this soap. It lathers good and rinses clean. The only thing us there is no fragrance but I guess that would be defeating the purpose. The other good thing about it is we have two Doxies and I use it on them, both of them get very clean and shiny when I bathe them, the black one never has the white flakes on her when I use this soap. Don’t get it in your eyes or the dogs eyes as it burns pretty badly.

Sara Moulton, IA

I purchased this product because it was recommend to me by a friend

I purchased this product because it was recommend to me by a friend . After using it for a few wks i did noticed a difference in my skin . It left my skin feeling clean and smooth . I have been using it since I purchased it and is still enjoying using the product.

Beth Fairview, IL

Just ok

I started to use black soap thinking that it would help clear up my scars from child hood but nope it didn’t work nothing does..

Kathryn Kaw City, OK