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Rahua Conditioner-9.3 oz.

Natural Conditioning Rich with organic and natural ingredients, Rahua Conditioner is a double-duty hair beautifier. Work it into hair as a conditioner to create manageable, soft hair without build-up. Then use it when styling to add control and prevent frizz. Enriched with rahua nut oil, the conditioner fortifies weak, damaged strands while nourishing and regenerating the scalp and hair follicles. Palo Santo offers a delicate fragrance – providing a soothing aromatherapy experience during use. 100% natural, organic conditioner and styling product Fortifies weak, damaged strands Nourishes and regenerates the scalp and hair follicles Ideal for color-treated hair Especially Suited For: Color-treated hair Essential Elements: Rahua Conditioner contains wheat proteins to promote healing and moisture retention; green tea leaf extract to migrate damage from UV ray exposure; and aloe to moisturize, energize and regenerate lackluster hair to renewed vibrancy. Size: 9.3 oz. Free of: Parabens, silicones, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes

Key features

  • This 100% natural conditioner helps to protect hair while leaving it more manageable.

Honest reviews


Too expensive

The conditioner is decent, but its performance doesn’t justify its price. It had an uneven/lumpy texture, and I had to use a lot to smooth down my brastrap length hair. I’ve tried cheaper organic conditioners before that detangled and moisturized my hair in a pinch. I also hate the smell of this conditioner. The smell is also subtle but still gross. I have no idea what people mean by ‘rainforest smell’ as I’ve never been to a rainforest, but let me try to explain the smell. It reminded me of old mint jelly beans, or chinese herbal tonics. I don’t think it smells like gasoline but it’s still very unpleasant.

Silvia Fosston, MN

Smells good

This smells like black licorice, which, I don’t like eating but I don’t mind the smell. It was okay, nothing really special. It slightly made my hair softer than anything I’ve used before but I think it’s overpriced and far too overrated.

Edith Tyler, MN

Good Product

Seems to work well. It leaves my feeling nice and soft. Good clean smell. Overall I would definitely recommend this product. It is a bit on the pricey side and may choose to try other shampoo’s just based on that.

Antionette Stanchfield, MN

multiple repurchases

best conditioner for my fine hair. works great as a deep conditioning mask. leaves hair shiny, full of body, beautiful.

Briana Marcus Hook, PA

Best conditioner Ever

After discovering this brand and item over a year ago, this is the ONLY conditioner I use, and I mean the ONLY conditioner I use. I know the price tag is high, but let me tell you, if you have problems with every other conditioner you have ever used ever, than its really worth it 🙂 I have long, fine straight hair which most people think is problem free, but the one area that has always given me problems is conditioner. No conditioner was ever enough to really moisturize or condition my hair, I feel like they wanted to provide some kind of half-baked detangling function, but actually nourishing my hair so it could reclaim its silky smooth consistency was never their priority, no matter how much I used, no matter what company I purchased from. I find most conditioners so drying, they are pumped full of alcohols and other ingredients that have nothing to do with actually preserving and caring for my hair but more about drying up and destroying it 🙁 I had given up and was using different oils that I had found, which was better but left a bit of residue on my hair that I wasn’t a fan of. This really saved, I mean saved my hair! I can use a little bit and it goes a long way. To really get the most out of it, I apply to my wrung hair while in the shower, and then let it sit as I go about and do other things for at least 15 minutes, this really solidifies the silkiness and the moisture content, but its NEVER greasy or heavy. I get so many compliments about my hair, and my hair is now consistently at the place that I would call its best. I’m not someone who runs after every brand name "care item" or who buys $35 lipstick. I pick my products based on ingredients (naturalness being a huge aspect) and how well they work for me. As I said this conditioner is pricey, but it is really is worth it, and I have purchased this conditioner before other things at times because it means that much to me. Its not just about the look which is super important, but the comfort of being able to brush my hair without getting into a traffic jam of knots, and with my hair being longer, super concentrated care is the only way for my hair to be cared for and not end up ragged and angry. So if you have any I mean ANY problems with other conditioners you have used, I would really give this a try. I recommend it for all hair types because its just so nourishing to any type of hair. It doesn’t matter if its curly, poufy, or straight and slick, it will work, and it will make you remember how to love your hair again. <3btw I should add, that using it carefully, (you really don’t need alot, and massaging it into your hair, makes it go faarrr!) that one bottle usually lasts me at least a couple months, and my hair is pretty long at this point. So know that it’s an investment, and it will really last. I think part of the price tag comes from ingredients from the rainforest, but I believe it is harvested sustainably and then the price is even more worthwhile.

Marie Allison Park, PA