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Rada Pro Nail Station

Nail Station makes it easy for you to get professional-style manicures and pedicures at home. The nail station positions hands and feet at the perfect angle, reducing strain on your neck and wrists. The polish holder leaves your hands free to work quickly and comfortably without spills.

Key features

  • Nail Station is designed and developed for people who don’t have time or want to save money on visiting nail salons
  • Now you can get professional-style manicure & pedicure at home
  • Stand positions hand or foot at perfect angle in stable & comfortable position
  • Polish holder leaves your hands free to work quickly & comfortably without spills
  • Accessory tray holds everything you need-polish remover, implements and extra polish-all within easy reach

Honest reviews


Liked it but……

I found myself not using it as much as I though, I found that the cotton area wasn’t as big as I wanted it, I may give it away to a friend. 🙂

Angeline Otterbein, IN

Good idea-too expensive!

I do my own CND Shellac manicures and pedicures at home. I thought this product would be just the ticket to help them be more professional in appearance. First, it arrived packaged well with illustrations on the box. The product is made of heavy duty plastic and is beige in color with a nice weighted bottom. It has three sections and I knew immediately there were aspects I would not use such as the liquid dispenser and the bottle holder. When all sections are assembled together it is unbalanced and rickety. I have another bottle holder (Ave 21) that works much better. However, I really liked the hand and foot support where you can lay your hand down to steady it while polishing. This works out just great for me and is a real plus for those of us with arthritic fingers. This support has a white cotton cover that is removable for washing and mine came with an extra but you cannot purchase additional covers even from Radapro’s website.IMO this product is not professional quality as you might expect for the price or at a salon. The fact that you cannot purchase replacement parts such as the dispensing bottle or cotton covers is a negative as well. The biggest negative and my reason for not purchasing one for each of my daughters who do their own manicures is the cost. I would expect to see something of this quality in a department store for around $19.95. The fact there is an additional $9.49 shipping is outrageous.

Constance Lamoure, ND

Good helper

Good assistant if you do your own manicures. The bottle in my set was cracked, but I didn’t need it anyway. The stand to put your hand on is great, especially when sound the nails on my right hand. Careful with the arms when picking the station up or storing,as they come off very easily

Catalina Minisink Hills, PA

Bridget’s Review

I love manicures and pedicures. They relax in me in a way that nothing else can. I used to go to a salon and I ended up spending an outrageous amount of money. When I sat down to add up the every two week fill-in’s and the monthly pedi’s I was shocked at how much money I had blown. Don’t get me wrong, I love being pampered but I really shouldn’t have been spending money like that every couple of weeks. Now I can get the same pampered feeling in the comfort of my own home. Personally, I don’t enjoy working on my own hands and feet, so my sister and I decided that we would take turns pampering each other with the Radapro.The nail station includes the following:hand/foot support standpolish holderaccessory traypump bottle for polish remover100% cotton slip covers (washable)It is so easy to use and it makes a huge difference in the way my nails look because I have everything I need right there at my fingertips – literally. Owning this nail station (which costs less than one full set of acrylic nails – $24.95 – what a steal!) is going to help finance the 52 inch LCD TV I’ve been drooling over.

Leola Fincastle, VA

It’s a real kicker

This is great, the polishes are right near you if you are doing a multi-color manicure. No more fumbling for bottle, etc. It’s there for you to see, within reach along with other supplies, you don’t spoil your mani/pedi getting other supplies. And how many times has polish been spilled when it’s down on the floor and was accidently kicked over. It isn’t the most steady professional tool, but for home personal care, and to prop your feet up on something other than a coffee table, you’re getting a nice bargain.

Bette Roseau, MN

Nicer than you think

Although this is plastic it’s actually very handy. I’ve used it for both my hands and feet and it definitely gets the job done. I didn’t have any of the problems with the pump bottle that I’ve sent other reviewers mention. It comes with 2 cloth covers. The bottle holder is handy but a word of caution, if you’re a fan of brands that come in anything other than round bottles, like Butter does, the nail polish holder won’t work for those.

Ada Berryville, AR

Works Perfectly

These look and work as described. They are great products for a great price. Really makes it easier to do nails.

Willa Hope Valley, RI