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Rachels Polish Remover 16 oz. Pure Acetone

Cosmetic Grade Conditioning Formula Salon Nail polish remover Pure Acetone

Key features

  • Cosmetic Grade Conditioning Formula.
  • Salon Nail polish remover.
  • Pure Acetone.

Honest reviews


works so much better than traditional nail polish remover

I prefer to use pure acetone polish remover – it is so much quicker than traditional nail polish remover. Plus I use this to soak off my acrylic nails whenever it is necessary. This product came still nicely sealed (which I was a bit nervous about). Great price, too.

Lana Dundee, IL


It is nothing special . I have bought better in stores. I don’t hate it but I don’t love it either. Does not take glitter polish off well at all !

Jennie Indialantic, FL

Good value

The acetone itself is nothing special, just normal pure acetone. It works well for removing nail polish.It is hard to pour out of the bottle without spilling down the bottle. I would recommend rinsing off the bottle after use, and just being careful to make sure it doesn’t splash out of whatever dish you pour into, so you don’t ruin the finish on any furniture/counters.

Esperanza Hoboken, NJ

this stuff is great!

I love this stuff, it is great! It did not leak during the shipping process. I will never buy regular nail polish remover again. There is no struggle to get the polish off using this stuff. Works so good. It does seem to dry you out so watch out for that. Definitely need to moisturize after using this product.

Marietta Gainesville, GA

What Can I Say, it’s Pure Acetone

I now use the polish strips on my nails. They are so easy to apply but I found that a lesser strength polish remover didn’t do the job. Pure Acetone does really well in removing the polish strips. It will dry out your nails and cuticles so I recommend moisturizing after using. Personally, I will do any manicuring “clean up” on my nails, then apply the polish strips or clear regular polish. Then I moisturize afterwards. With regular polish, you may want to wait a bit so it can dry. Decent value.

Alexis Custer, WA

Great product!

Works well with nail tips. Very happy with purchase and would definitely recommend. This size bottle will last a long time!

Michaela Minneapolis, MN