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Quimica Alemana Nail Hardener 0.47oz “Pack of 2”

Quimica Alemana Nail Hardener 0.47oz “Pack of 2”

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  • Quimica Alemana Nail Hardener 0.47oz “Pack of 2”

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I have only started using this product so I can’t say how good it is at hardening the nails. What I can say is that it is very painful to use. I put on one coat yesterday and it hurt a little and just for maybe 20 minutes, but I put a second coat on today and it hurt badly and for hours. I don’t know why it got worse. The closest feeling I can describe is having all of your finger tips smashed in a drawer and then set on fire…obviously not as intense a pain as that, but the same type of pain if that makes sense. Or, it is like when you have been out in the cold cold weather for so long that your hands are numb, but then you come inside and put them in warm water and it aches and burns all at the same time. The pain was not enough for me to take the product off (maybe I would have if I had been at home and had remover available), but if I apply another coat and it starts to hurt that much again I will definitely take it off immediately and not use it again. The product does give the nails a beautiful, glossy, gel-like look and is very pretty as a clear polish, but I don’t think it is worth it. Other reviewers mentioned some pain, but I wasn’t expecting it to be a big deal…maybe some people are just more sensitive to the ingredients in it than others, but I have a pretty high pain tolerance and still found this to be painful, not just uncomfortable. Seller was great though, package arrived early and in perfect condition.

Imelda Belzoni, MS

Pretty sure it causes cancer but I have hard nails!

This looks like it came out of the Cuban black market. It burns a little when you first start using it and the questionable ingredients make me feel like I"m harming myself in the long run but it’s ok, I’ll have long and strong nails when I die. It works wonders, I stopped using it for a while and couldn’t get my nails to grow out like when I was using this.

Denise Sussex, WI

Great hardener

This is my second dual purchase of this hardener. This polish is a bit thick so when applying as a base coat make sure you only use one thin coat and let it dry before applying your next color coat. If it gets on your skin it will burn, but it is nothing that a cold water hand dump won’t cure.

Marjorie Ellendale, ND

Good but not great

I recently had my gel nails removed (best thing I’ve ever done) but my real nails were in bad shape. My manicurist used this on my nails in the salon, so I got some for myself. It’s okay but it doesn’t leave a nice finish on the nails. I don’t know if it actually helps because it’s too soon to tell.

Adrian Syracuse, MO

I swear by this product!

I used to bite my nails…for 25 years. When I finally decided to allow them to grow, they grew flimsy and frail. I started using this product and within two weeks I noticed the difference. My nails were strong and stopped chipping. It was really great. Now that my nails are super long, I use this as my base coat under my nail polish. Always helps them stay stronger than any other base coat I have tried. Really great product just be careful to paint your cuticles…it will burn a little.

Katina Munden, KS

I haven’t noticed my nails getting any stronger. The …

I haven’t noticed my nails getting any stronger. The polish does last longer than regular brands. I have no problems with any burning or tingling that others have commented on.

Lina Wild Horse, CO

Always grows my Nails

This is a repeat purchase and review. This item really works and is less expensive than many products I’ve tried.

Margaret Heaters, WV


It’s a little thick but it works wonder… I experienced some discomfort when I first started using it, but it passed after a few weeks. Love this.

Daisy Lenox Dale, MA

Not sure about it

I had very soft and brittle nails but i heard so much about quimica and i thought i’d try it with the mavala scientifique they worked perfectly for a fe months but then my nails started to break again,,, don’t know why or from which of them but they just did,, also i noticed that when i remove the polish my nails are soft !!

Penny Kennewick, WA

Bad Nails to Good Nails in Two Months

I have always had thin, flexible nails that split or tear easily. I tried every type of nail hardener available and never really saw results. I finally resorted to acrylic nails, which looked great but were very high maintenance, so I decided to go natural again. Holy cow, my nails were really wrecked from the acrylic applications, and I was desperate. I did some research and found this product. I did not see any noticeable results for several weeks, and then as my nails grew out, I saw tremendous improvement. My nails are much harder and hardly ever split, tear, or peel any more. After two months of consistent use (applying a new coat weekly) I am amazed. Wish I’d found this before I had the acrylics done, it would have saved me a lot of time and money. Great stuff for bad nails.

Chelsea Augusta, WV

did not work for me

i have peeling nails and this did not help at all. i would not re-order this product as it does not do what it promises.

Jillian Lingo, NM


I have nails that bend like paper. This nail hardener really works well. My nails are rigid now and can take Shellac nail polish that stays on for 3 weeks. It’s too bad my nails grow so fast or it would last longer. Before this nail hardener, the shellac would crack off in two days. Be careful to put it on thin or it causes pain. Test it on one nail first. I just hope this product is safe since it is absorbed into the nail bed as well.

Florine Carlotta, CA

Worth Using

This product is strong and may burn the first times you use it, particulary after removing wraps, gel, acrylics or some kind of covering to keep your nails strong. If you can be patient it’s worth using. The product recommends two coats but for starters I would recommend a single coat or a single coat as a base before color. The products does work really well.

Brandi Saddle River, NJ