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Queen Helene Mud Pack Masque 12oz

Mud pack masque is the original old-fashioned, time-tested earth facial treatment with imported natural English clay that works wonders for your skin. It’s not only an effective pore cleanser, but also helps tighten loose, sagging skin on your face and neck and relaxes tired facial muscles to soften lines and wrinkles. It helps you look your best and your complexion will have a clearer, smoother, more youthful looking appearance.

Key features

  • Original, Old-fashioned, Time-tested Earth Facial Treatment.
  • Includes Natural English Clay, a very Effective Pore Cleanser.
  • Tightens Loose and Sagging Skin on your Face and Neck.
  • Stimulates Blood Circulation and Relaxes Tired Face Muscles.

Honest reviews


Worthless by itself, Great with other items

I used to get my facials done in Jamaica, and at the end of each facial, they would use this exact product. Yes it worked. So when I came to the US, and didn’t get the same result, I couldn’t figure out what went wrong. Turns out, you can’t just just do a regular face wash and then apply this masque, you have to go the whole 9 yards. Since this is a natural earth, mud masque, I keep my product usage as natural and simple as possible. First, I rinse my face (twice) with African Natural Black Soap, then I search for any little blackheads poking themselves out for the day, then I apply this facial masque and finally, apply Vitamin E oil, and a natural Facial Moisturizer (St. Ives to be exact).I will warn however, that like every facial product, it’s not just what you put in the skin, it’s what you do to your entire body. I’ve also increased my water & vegetable intake, get as much exercise as possible (because sweating helps cleanse the pores), avoiding touching my face all the time, washing my pillow cases once a week, exposure to sunlight and keeping my hair clean. I did all of those things when restarting my application of the mud masque. It worked wonders. Try it!

Raquel Melrude, MN


Queen Helene makes a great, cheap, mask. I love them all. This one is light, smells alright and works well. I use it weekly or as needed, I feel like it cleans my pores, tightens my skin and makes me face feel happy.

Johnnie Denmark, WI


I really, really love this product!I have tried it only once so far & noticed a difference in my skin straight away! it helped to relieve my dry skin and a few small pimples on my face and neck! I would strongly recommend this product! I love the Queen Helene products as it is and I own quite a few of them! This mask is really Excellent for a mud mask and smelt nice and dried nicely too! My skin felt so soft after only using this mask once! I will implement it into my routine!!I have tried alot of products and so far this is my favorite mud mask!!If you need additional information post a comment and i will get back to you as soon as possible!!

Lela Genoa, IL

This mask is one of the best out I’ve been using queen Helen mask for some …

This mask is one of the best out I’ve been using queen Helen mask for some time it def reduces the size of bumps but for best result you may want to try and wash your face 1st then apply the queen Helens mint julep mask and then apply the mud mask(leave both on into completely dry ) do this for about 3 days guarantee you’ll see a difference

Penny Oldsmar, FL

Fit for a Queen – ME

This is such an exceptional product that I can’t imagine anyone paying more for something that probably is not as good as this.I am thrilled to have found it again. This mud pack masque really works! However, make VERY sure you are alone in the house, no one smoking, all kitchen appliances off, then with hair color applied, wait the appropriate amount of time, in the last 15 minutes apply the mud pack to face, neck and chest, hop in the shower and don’t come out until you are squeaky clean.I live in mortal fear of a fire in the house with me naked as a jay bird, hair color on my hair, mud pack on my face and a fire breaking out. Please don’t try to save me, I think I would choose to go with the house.

Isabella Garrochales, PR


i feel my face firmer after a month. I leave the mud in my face for 1 full hour and it feels very tightBenefits are excellent

Marina Mendocino, CA

Once in awhile its a good thing

I do lots of masks and use this one spayingly as it is quite drying. Its lots of fun though. The OLIVE Oil is the BEST Mask Ever for dry skin! I use this then wash well then use olive oil mask by queen helene and face looks awesome. Nice and plump and soft!

Marie Millington, IL

Feels nice

I have used this as a masque quite a few times now. It feels good while it is drying and has a tingling effect. I can’t really tell that it does a lot for my skin though. I think it tightens some, but not a lot.

Sydney Lake Cormorant, MS

awesome old school…

this product is just as awesome now as it was 60 years ago. Can’t change what has always worked. Your pores will be smaller and skin smoother

Joyce Honolulu, HI

Works well but too perfumey

This mud mask is gentle, cleans pores, reduce blemishes and dries in a reasonable 10 minutes (whereas some masks take up to 20-30 minutes.) I have sensitive combination-type skin and saw immediate benefit from using this product. However it is heavily perfumed, and those who are sensitive to flowery smells will not be able to use it.

Regina Pembine, WI

Good mask

I did my first at home facial. I applied the mask and got an immediate tingle but not enough to annoy me. It subsided after a minute and started to harden and I removed it after 10 minutes and my skin felt renewed. I also have the mint julip which I havent used yet. This mask smells great too. I will use this as part of my facial regiman.

Debra Vest, KY

it burns sensitive skin..but…

The mud pack is great, but for people with sensitive skin, don’t let the application burn bother you. Your face will be just fine. It appears to refresh your pores and exfoliates your face. I wouldn’t recommend using it every day or every other day, might irritate your face. My sister loves it.

Florence Phillipsburg, KS

——Mud Pack Masque——

Love love this product ive been using it for over a year && my hubby loves it as well it really does work it does what it says hubby && i use twice a week && fresh clean skin highly recommend A+++

Tori Cedarville, IL

Great product for face

This product is a staple n my household. It has somewhat of a rosy smell to it which I find pleasant. I prefer this over the mint julep mask for regular usage but use the mint julep one if I ever happen to break out.For the price, you get a lot and it will last you a very long time. I use it 2 times a week and the jar has lasted about 6-7 months.

Marcella Columbus, GA

LOVE this masque!

I have been battling my skin for years now. I have very oily skin and have problems controlling it. This mask rids my skin of oil and helps to open my pores (to get rid of the bad stuff), and then close them once the mask is removed. This mask helps to pull oil and other bad stuff to the surface, so after this you may get a break out or two. I combat this by using this product every other day, so that my skin can continuously be rid of crud! I recommend this product!

Tanisha Gary, IN