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Queen Helene Jojoba Hot Oil Treatment 8 fl oz

Water, propylene glycol, PPG-12-PEG65 lanolin oil, jojoba extract, panthenol, keratin amino acids, polyquaternium-10, cetrimonium chloride, disodium EDTA, diazolidinyl urea, caramel, fragrance.

Key features

  • Controls damage caused by chemical misuse, over-processing and heat styling
  • Heals brittle, breakable hair with split ends
  • Helps relieve scalp problems such as dandruff and flaking

Honest reviews


A bit inconvenient but works!!

I bought this before my wedding to make sure my hair would look great for the big day! Both my mom and I used it a few times and we love it! You soak the bottle in a mug or sink of hot water until the oil is warm. This is kind of inconvenient. You have to replenish the water a few times to make sure it’s hot enough to warm the oil. It definitely makes you have to think in advance of when you’re going to do this.Then you rub the set amount (signaled by the lines on the side of the bottle) in your hair, wrap in a towel, and let it sit. It’s easy, non drip, smells faintly of something- but not a harsh smell and nothing fake or flowery. When you rinse it out you can immediately tell that it’s worked magic.I like that the results last awhile too. I hate upkeep, I always forget about it. So it’s nice to have a beauty regimen that can go for a few weeks without notice!

Gale Lyman, NE

just what I was looking for

does what it says it should… I didn’t notice any outrageous difference in my hair but it was a little softer..(African American Permed Hair) wish everyone would post their hair texture when reviewing hair products 🙂

Lina Boxholm, IA


Very strong fake scent, and for some reason made my hair stiff as a board. Too many chemicals…..back to plain coconut oil for me.

Estelle Phillipsburg, OH

Love this product

I love this product. It is not greasy and quickly absorbs. It smells so good smells like baby oil to me. This product left my hair very soft and moisturized. I will be buying again!

Karyn Paden, OK

Priceless For Keratin Treatment Hair…

This oil is not greasy and will be absorbed well into keratin treated (Brazilian Blowout) hair… otherwise, it works better heated up a bit (soak a small amount in a bowl of hot water).

Lidia Santa Fe, NM


Be careful when you warm this up it will burn your scalp so let it cool off very well before using, I really couldn’t tell a difference after using it.

Dominique Firebaugh, CA