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Queen Helene Cholesterol Cream 15 oz. Jar


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Thickens thin hair!

I have thin, fine shoulder length hair. I started using this about 9- 10 months ago and have seen a dramatic difference in my hair. It is softer AND stronger, I have much less breakage, and have seen a good amount of growth from it. I’m not sure it makes hair grow faster but it definitely helps you retain what you are growing. Anyway, the best side effect of this product is that it makes hair super thick. I started using it 2x a week last month, and have seen a huge increase in thickness. In the big scheme of all things hair, I’ll take thick, healthy shoulder length over longer, anorexic strands any day! If you’ve got fine, thin, see- through hair, you NEED to use this brand of cholesterol! I can tell an immediate difference when I don’t use it and I keep running back to it everytime. Plus it is really cheap and WORKS.

Brittany Lexington, SC

Is this a perm?

After hearing many great things about this product, I decided to give it a go. It was cheap — a dollar cheaper than what I usually use — which was a pro for me. I took it home, opened it up, and…wow. The smell was awful. It is very medicinal. However, I decided that maybe the scent would wear off once I rinsed and my hair dried. I shampooed, and on my newly clean hair I applied this. My scalp began to tingle. I looked on the label, but could not find anything that I recognized to be medicinal. The tingling continued, until it began to feel like a perm that was in too long. I rinsed it out.After rinsing, my hair texture did change some. To its credit, my hair was a bit frizzy from another product I used, and this greatly reduced the frizz and smoothed out my curls. However, the tingling got WORSE. I went to bed and the scent was still there, and on day two, I still smell vaguely like mothballs. My scalp itches and is still somewhat tender.This is definitely not for sensitive scalps. Will not be using again.

Gertrude Carlock, IL

I used it and I am pleased with the results

I was reluctant to buy this product with so many complaints about the texture and strange smell, but I was pleasantly surprised. The texture is thick like body cream or body butter, and the smell is not bad. It doesn’t smell like mayonnaise or olive oil, it has a strong musky smell, like cocoa butter. I didn’t find it unpleasant at all, it is strong but it just reminded me of sweet musky perfume. The first time I used it, I followed the directions to a T, and the results were disappointing. The second time I used it, I did it my way and it worked wonderfully. What I did was, the day before I planned to wash my hair, I dampened my hair a little with my hands and put in the produce,t not too thick, maybe 1 tbsp of it throughout my whole hair. After a few hours, I dampened my hair again and put a little more product in my hair. I went about my day at home and went to bed with the product in my hair, uncovered. Over the course of the day, most of it absorbed into my hair so it wasn’t a wet, sticky mess, it just felt like slightly oily hair. In the morning I washed my hair with shampoo, and then I used theTIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Reconstructor Conditioner, 6.76 Ounce. My hair was completely transformed into soft touchable hair, not the straw-like stiff and brittle mess it was before. My theory is that because my hair was so dry it needed time to absorb the conditioner and let it work for longer than an hour. I wash my hair every other day using this method, and my hair actually is looking more and more healthy with every treatment that I do. Before anyone mentions that it could be the Bed Head conditioner that did the trick, let me tell you that I tried Bed Head without the cholesterol and the results were not great. That’s why I thought of combining the products. Even if you don’t want to buy the Bed Head product, you should still try to leave the cholesterol in your hair overnight.

Amy Lewisville, OH

It works

I almost didn’t get this because it’s just so dang cheap and I didn’t think it would work well. But I found it works just as well as expensive conditioners. The fact that is so cheap means I can use a lot of it any time I want. The one downside: it doesn’t have a flowery perfume scent, but the smell of cocoa butter is not terrible.If you have dry, course hair (no matter what race you are) you may find this to be worthwhile. It’s just too strong to use on my roots, so I avoid that area. It does take a time commitment if you leave it on for a long time, and it does take awhile to fully rinse out. But after regular use my hair is breaking less and less and it just feels smooth.

Lidia Queen Creek, AZ

Cream mask for damaged hair

This cream is an intensive deep moisturizing conditioner for damaged hair. My hair used to be very dry, brittle and just not strong and healthy i used this a few times and it made my hair stronger. I also changed my hair regime which helped and started eating more fruits and veg. All in all i love this product its amazing and its a great price. I love this brand in general and use the face masks often!!!

Rosalind Vernon, VT

Wonderful for frizzy caucasion hair

I have fine, dry, curly hair that frizzes even in dry weather. The problem with curly hair is that it can look unkempt and messy if you don’t use a good product to get rid of frizz and soften the hair. I use Cholesterol once a week. I apply liberally and work it into my hair, and massage it into my scalp. Then I run a wide-toothed comb through it, to make sure all strands are covered, put a plastic cap over my hair and put a warming cap ob and leave it on for about half an hour. WOW! what a difference it makes. No frizz, just beautiful shiny curls that I am actually happy with.A bonus feature is that it soothes my dry, itchy scalp. No more embarassing head scratching.

Ashleigh Twisp, WA

Hmmm did not really work for me

Did not see much improvement at all. I got it bc I have bleached hair, and naturally it needs a good treatment. This one did not really do anything and did not perform nearly as good as some other ones- such as Hair Mayonnaise by Ors, for example. To be honest, don’t waste your money on this one, just do the good ole egg recipy – put raw egg on your hair, massage, wrap in plastic bag or cap, wait 1-2 hours and then wash off – the smell may be not nice but at least you will see results – the ones that I never saw using this Cholesterol thing.

Kayla May, TX

Don’t let the first time fool you!

Keep in mind my hair is white, not from age, but from toning and bleaching.The first time I used this product, I did not heat the product first, I tried the recommended way. My hair before bed felt slightly waxy, and I wasn’t pleased. But to my surprise, when I woke up that morning I had NO fly away hair, and my hair still slightly waxy, but very soft. Three days later, I heated my hair in the sink with VERY hot water, put the amount I was using (about two tablespoons) in the microwave for thirty seconds, and wrapped my hair in a tight towel after I applied it. I kept it in for 45mins, and it was amazing! My hair now feels as healthy as before I started bleaching! Wonderful product, I just wish it didn’t need to be heated so much. 🙂

Claudia Mills, PA


One of best hair conditioning creams I have ever used. It really helps revive my dry hair, bringing life to it. I suggest to those having very dry hair to keep the conditioning cream on their hair for 3-5 hours under a hair cap after comping it with a detangling comp. For severe cases, you might use it before and after shampooing. Highly recommend it.

Tiffany Franklin, TX

My favoritee

I love this stuff. I’m relaxed and I deep condition with this, castor oil, olive oil, and an egg. I can air dry with no leave in and my hair comes out smooth, soft, and shiny. Even my “tired, through, and delayed” (ha) ends are given some life.

Tasha Topping, VA

Wanted to love it

This cholesterol is really good on my hair, it leaves awesome slip and intense moisture to my relaxed hair. The only problem is that it burns my scalp. I don’t know if I’m allergic or it’s old. I really wish I didn’t have that problem because left my hair feeling sooooooo good, I tried it about 3 times then through it away. Hope it works for you 😉

Melinda Monroe, OR

One of the best!

I have been using this stuff off and on for years. It is one of the best deep conditioners out there and its cheap. It leaves my hair feeling soft and in much better condition.

Anastasia Bradford, IA

Used on Dog

I use this to help repair damaged doggy hair, and it works awesome! Just let it set in and the frizzy frayed fur is gone.

Ramona Subiaco, AR

Did not like it

with newly natural african american hair, it made my hair very dry, i didn’t like it at all, will not be ordering again.

Wilma Latty, OH

A miracle product!

I’ve got fine, dry, curly/wavy hair and this stuff is a godsend for me. I normally can’t do leave-in products but this one does’t make my hair greasy or weigh it down somehow. I can smooth this over the ends and top of my hair to control flyaways and it still looks freshly washed. I’ve primarily been using it as a hair masque; I apply it to my hair and leave on for an hour or two, then wash out. It is very moisturizing and smoothing but not heavy at all. If you’re like me and got grossed out by the idea of putting cholesterol cream in your hair, rest assured that this is only slightly thicker than a wash-out conditioner and isn’t greasy at all. The smell is a soft, lotiony smell, kind of smells like aloe vera gel to me. This huge jar will last me forever and the price was right. I think I’ve finally found my Holy Grail conditioning product!

Elva Smyrna, NY

This conditioner works wonders

I put this in my kids hair and it smooths out there hair leaving it shiny and moisturized. I also love the scent.

Gena Brightwaters, NY

Wonderful Product but Cheaper Locally

I love this conditioner! I am a bottle blonde & this was recommended to me by quite a few people, including cosmetologists. I use this as a pretreatment to prep my hair for coloring & I also use it on my ends during coloring. I bought this yesterday at Sally’s for $3.49, so I would suggest purchasing this locally.

Belinda Fedhaven, FL

does not condition my hair very well

I thought that the high ratings meant that it would help condition my dry, overprocessed hair. I tried it on my hair with a large professional plastic processing cap for 20 minutes and it still did not condition my long hair very well. Regular conditioners make my hair silkier than this cream does. I did receive the product quickly.

Doris Center, NE

haven’t noticed anything

I haven’t really noticed anything diffrent other than my hair gets a greasy texture, It states i’ll help damaged hair NOT YET!

Kayla Lane, IL


I deep conditioned my hair once so far but it felt GREAT!Will continue to use product and recommend to others.

Lawanda Lamartine, PA

recommend it

helped with my hair, My hair is over processed but this is helping my hair go back to it’s natural way. Also helping thicken my hair.

Alfreda Canadian, OK

I’m enjoying this

I use this once a week with my homemade dryer cap for 25 minutes and after I wash it out my hair feels soft and hydrated

Leann Gretna, LA

Maybe I’m using it wrong?

I have tried this, followed directions .. and I’d have to say, it’s "okay".Not much to brag about. Smells very nice. However, I was expecting a real transformation on the feel of my hair.Really not much different than using my daily conditioner.

Anastasia Hardy, NE