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Quantum Classic Extra Body Acid Perm

Product Description Color: Extra Body Quantum Extra Body Firm Acid Perm defines curls with extra body. For normal to moderately porous, tinted or hightlighted hair. Ideal for clients who frequently shampoo and style, with easy-to-maintain air dry styles

Key features

  • Dependable curls and healthy looking easy-to-style hair
  • Improved fragrance eliminates perm odor
  • Ideal for short hair or first-time clients

Honest reviews


Excellent perm. It went beyond my expectations.

It was the first time I used this Quantum Perm, but my congratulations to the brand, it has a pre-treatment that protects the hair and after being done, my hair was looking so healthy and well done that I was truly amazing. Definitely, I will buy it again and recommend to whoever needs it. I was using Izo 2 but this resulted being by far much better, you just have to follow the instructions, very easy to use.

Evelyn French Lick, IN

This perm holds for me

Most perms I can watch my hair going straight before it dries. This one holds well and I’m happy with it.

Myrna Warsaw, OH

Curls don’t relax

I was assuming this perm would relax in time – it didn’t. I will use bigger rods next time, but the perm worked as advertised – believe it!

Mandy Chanute, KS

Good experience for my first time giving a perm

Of course it stinks and takes forever, but so far, the perm has lasted for a couple of months on my daughter’s very long hair. I’m impressed.

Julianne Mission Viejo, CA

Great, reliable perm!

Yes, it smells like a perm–but it works, it really works! I was able to do great 30s hairdo perm with this despite having issues with aging hair and chemicals residues. Took like magic!

Michelle Spruce, MI

Always loved this.

Always loved Quantum. My hair frizzes easily. I have a few light streaks as well. This is the only one tat makes for soft waves if used correctly.. and gets rid of my cowlick.

Marlene Leonia, NJ

Works great for fine hair

This is the longest lasting, most gentle perm that we’ve tried. It appears to be pretty easy on the scalp as well. Best around!

Tracy Camden Point, MO