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Q-tips Cotton Swabs, 500 Count

More Cotton At The Tip* Than Any Other Swab.

Q-tips® Cotton Swabs are made with 100% pure cotton and have more soft cotton at the tip* than any other swab.  The firm paper stick gives gently under pressure, while a special adhesive secures the cotton to the stick.

Ideal for the whole family, and not just for ears.  Apply and remove makeup or touch up a manicure.  Gentle enough to care for newborn babies.

Q-tips® Cotton Swabs are made with 100% natural materials, unlike some other cotton swab brands, and are biodegradable when composted.  Please support recycling in your community.

Q-tips Cotton Swabs are ideal if the task requires a soft touch.  There is no softer or safer swab.

Handy Snap Lock Opening.

*From the end of the stick to the top of the swab.

Made in the USA

Key features

  • 100% pure cotton tip; firm paper stick
  • More cotton at the tip than any other swab
  • Made with 100 percent natural materials; biodegradable
  • For newborn baby care; applying and removing makeup; touching up manicures
  • Please read all label information upon delivery

Honest reviews


Q-Tips, you’ve changed…

I recently bought some more Q-tips. I use them every day. You known when you’re all dry from the shower but your ears are still wet? Well, these are the only things that will do the job. So, as I said, I recently bought some more. And may I say that I hate the generic versions of Q-tips: the CVS brand or Target version of Q-tips are weak. They bend when you apply any pressure to them. I like Q-tips because they are much stiffer and hold up perfectly when used.~Q-Tips, you have let me down.~My recent purchase has led me to discover that Q-tips have changed their formula: The shafts are now much weaker than before and are identical to those knock-off brands I mentioned earlier. This is a travesty. It’s obvious that they are trying to save money by using less paper in the design of these things, but it’s terrible. They don’t hold up like they used to and it’s driving me nuts. I now HATE Q-tips and will be buying the cheaper knock-off brands since they are now equal in quality.~Q-Tips, shame on you.

Miranda Okahumpka, FL

Not Sure Why So Many People Hate These!

I’ve been using Q-tips for years, the condensed cotton makes it much more easy to clean without coming apart – which I hate about other brands. I don’t think I would use any other brand.

Rae Rayle, GA

Great product for a zillion years…

There’s a reason why these guys have been around for years. Their quality and price have made them the best value there is for cotton swabs. They do the job, however interesting that that may be, and come back for more. They’re indispensable if you have a baby or young children, but they grow with you into adulthood as well. There’s some things you shouldn’t buy the generic and this is one of them. They’ve been around for years and for good reason – they’re great!

Rosalinda Assumption, IL


The best tips, the softest by far and worth the money. I use these for everything from art projects to removing eye makeup gently.

Casandra Freedom, ME


The cotton on these unravels every single time I use them! I didn’t have any troubles with the stick bending etc, but the cotton issue is terrible!! I bought these since they were on sale so cheap – 2 bucks – but now I regret it.I usually buy generic ones at the Dollar Tree, for a dollar of course, and those work perfectly well and NEVER unravel on me. I figured for the price, I’d buy these QTip brand, but boy was that a mistake. I can’t even believe these things are so poor in quality, but yet the price is premium. Ripoff.

Lorena Isle Saint George, OH


I am somewhat disappointed with these swabs. So far I’ve pulled out several swabs that had hardly any cotton on the tip. I didn’t notice until I went to clear the water out of my ear and I ended up scratching the inside of my ear with the hard stick part. Whenever I’ve purchased q-tips brand from the store I haven’t had this problem, so maybe it’s just the stock that Amazon is getting…

Ruthie Bolinas, CA

Greta q tips!

These are very nice, a little too skinny on the top (I would prefer more cotton), but otherwise these are nice. They never band when I use them. I am sure if pressed significantly, they will bend, depends on the purpose of usage.

Karina Stollings, WV

Nothing but Qtips by Brand …

Early in my married days we were living, well let’s call it, a low-income life. With a baby on the way I picked up another (lower-cost) brand. The sticks were harder and the cotton wasn’t nearly as puffy and soft.All I can say is that on this item you CAN tell the difference!So in my house we always carry the Q-tips brand of cotton swabs and I must admit we also use a decent (and soft) toilet paper as well.Some things just aren’t worth skimping on no matter how tight your budget.

Dee Gilmore, AR

Qtips Are The Best

We have tried the store bands and the "off" brands and find this product, while not perfect is the best of all of them. For us the swabs stayed intact and firm and did not unravel as was noted with other reviewers. In fact that was what the store brands did. The only reason that we did nto give a five star rating is that soem of the swabs were packed so tightly on the ends they did not absorb much.

Evangelina Rosie, AR

Great for cleaning them ears out (even though you’re apparently not supposed to)

I’m sure I’m not the only one but I use these to clean my ears with, even though the labeling tells you not to. Just be careful!

Charlotte Palos Heights, IL

Work best

These work great and are not the kind that are flimsy.. Good quality and durable.. I use daily and they are soft and the cotton is tight rolled and dont come unraveled in your ear like some cheaper versions!

Pam Bowers, PA

Best brand of Q-Tips!

Sometimes, it’s not whether this brand is so great but how every other brand kinda disappoints. Q-Tips are the number 1 brand for Q-tips :)! I have used every other brand, found in countless hotel rooms and even resorts. I love the softness and fullness of the cotton swabs, and this was a pretty good value on Amazon. It is wonderful not to have to go to Target or somewhere else with Amazon offering these types of products online. Thank you!

Joni Bryantsville, KY


Have bought these q-tips for years. I have noticed they aren’t as fluffy as they used to be. The quality of a lot of products have suffered over the years, just a sign of the times I suppose. We do use these a lot though. Besides ears they get used for make up and even little craft projects. Not really much you can say about q-tips.

Patrica Mc Dougal, AR

Better than generics.

It’s kind of silly that I’m reviewing Q-tips online, but this is the only kind that I will buy anymore. I tried generics, but found that the cotton tips are more compact and not as effective. These are 100x better 🙂

Corrine Trenton, SC

premium quality cotton swabs.

premium quality cotton swabs. dispenser not particularly handy.the cotton ends hold up. substitutes are cheaper in price and quality.

Kasey Salem, KY

Nothing beats Q-tips

I have tried other brands in the past but nothing is better than Q-tip. Softer yet stronger, there is nothing better. A product with a thousand uses. This 500 count can be found elsewhere cheaper.

Leslie Price, UT

good price for product

There is not much to say about cotton swaps – they work. You can do lots of things with them! The price for these is good.

Benita Pinecliffe, CO

Perfect…Hey it’s Q-Tips, what more can I say

Fits my needs, does its job, always use Q-Tips and always will as long as the quality continues. Good buy

Jesse Weiner, AR

Not as good as they used to be…

like others have said, the quality of the cardboard piece in the middle has cheapened…it’s a bit more flexible and less durable. That said, they are still 10 times better than any generic brand q-tip, so there is no way I’ll be switching for now.

Jeanette Burlingame, KS

best cotton swabs you can get on a stick

You know how they say the only thing you should stick in your ear is your elbow? Well, I have never followed that advice. 🙂 I use Q-tips to get water out of my ears when I get out of the shower. Other cotton swabs don’t have the cotton as tightly wound and cheaper discount brands have left little strands of the stuff behind – whether in my ears or when using for a craft project or other purpose.Also very handy for cleaning the grooves in your outer ear, Q-tips brand are the most comfortable. I have used other brands, but they feel like you’re dragging a tree branch around your outer-ear, not smooth cotton.Good for cleaning your dog’s or cat’s ears as well (just don’t put them in too far!) – and just a good product for about a million uses. I’ve even used them to get shoe polish into hard-to-reach groves in dress shoes – and Q-tips brand doesn’t leave fiber strands behind like the others do!

Alexis Brentwood, NY


My wife and I have used the Q-tips swabs for many years. There has never been any problem with the way that they work. They do not come apart or unravel under normal usage and this includes using this item as a small paint brush or a cleaning tool for small objects. The Q-tips swab has always worked just fine as they should.

Louisa East Carondelet, IL