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Q-Redew Hand-held Hair Steamer

The Q-Redew TM hand held hair steamer is a new, patented hair styling/treatment tool. The Q-Redew applies warm mist/steam to moisturize, reshape, enhance volume and texture,detangle, stretch and deep condition – in minutes. The Q-Redew is a perfect solution for caring for natural and curly hair. Whether you have loose curls, waves, or kinky coils, the Q-Redew will be a welcome addition to your styling routine. How does it work? The steam temporarily lifts the cuticle of the hair strand allowing moisture to penetrate the strands. It is when the hair is soft, warm, and moisturized that the hair can safely be manipulated to detangle, stretch, reshape and restyle. Unlike wetting your hair with spray bottle water, in which the water just sits on the surface and takes time to dry, the Q-Redew steam warms and softens the hair allowing you to manipulate the hair’s shape and style while leaving it dry to the touch. The Q-Redew is ideal for a quick and easy steam treatment to add moisture back into hair between cleansings and conditioning treatments. No need for long sessions under a hooded steamer. You direct the steam where needed. The Q-Redew is easy to use just fill Q-Redew’s reservoir with water, plug in and heat in seconds, pull trigger to apply mist/steam when and where you need it. * The Q-Redew is 120 voltage and 650 watts it should not be used with power adaptors or convertors.

Key features

  • Original Q-Redew handheld hair steamer
  • Use steam to moisturize, reshape, detangle, restyle, stretch, hydrate, deep condition
  • Add moisture and restyle day hair in minutes
  • Uses water to create warm mist/steam
  • Q-Redew is 120 voltage 650 watts *it may not be converted or adapted

Honest reviews


Jury still out on this! pros and cons 4b-4c CurleyGirl

Used to go to high priced natural salon whose focus was encouraging women to stop relaxing and hair health but focus was flat iron styles gorgeous cuts and one of the hair treatments was the steamer. After washing a light conditioner was applied then sit under the steamer followed by cool rinse. I think this same sequence should be used with this handheld steamer. I have 4b -4c hair and after watching a few you tube reviews I purchased this. One comment on you tube review is that this is still heat so a heat protectant should probably be used, after using this I agree.- I used it before a braid out and to loosen and help detangling a puff and stretching hair for a bun.Positives: I like that hair is steamed uniformly and not saturated. Great result and did not take a long to dry as wet hair.Made detangling a breeze. easy to do bun on stretched hair.Negatives: Steam is very hot. Cuticle must have opened due to extreme heat and hair felt rough even though it made combing through a breeze. Receptacle a little small so I had to refill it 3-4 Times in one session. In one of my refills I apparently did not let it heat up all the way and scalding water dropped out and burned my shoulder. Not enough to leave a mark but enough to shock me and make me pay more attention to indicator light.Conclusion: Will use infrequently possibly not comb through feature. Will use a heat protectant and follow by cool spritz to close cubicles and a leave in conditioner w slip and coconut oil Shea butter

Ruth Saratoga Springs, NY

Love it!

This gently keeps my hair moisturized and curly. It’s just the right temperature and pressure not to cause frizz but it makes curls spring into shape. Great customer service and a very helpful tool.

Sheryl Shushan, NY

Good but has it’s limitations.

Background -I noticed this steamer a while ago but did not purchase it for a long time because frankly the cost made me hesitate (I would rather spend my hair money on product or salon time). It looks like a modified portable clothing steamer and I could not see spending that much for something that had mixed reviews. But I investigated and found out that Q-Redew sends out coupon codes so I signed up for the Q-Redew mailing list. When I got the Black Friday deal I decided to purchase the Q-Redew.How it works -The Q-Redew has a detachable water reservoir. You detach the reservoir, fill it with water (in the instructions they suggest distilled water), insert the water filled reservoir, plug the Q-Redew in, let it heat up then depress the trigger and out comes steam.Things to consider before purchasing the Q-Redew:1) How does your hair respond to steam?I am African-American with long 3b/c hair completely natural (no relaxers) for ten years. My hair loves steam and before I got the Q-Redew I would run the shower just to steam my hair. If your hair responds well to steam this will work. If your hair gets frizzy and looks horrible after exposure to steam skip this one. If you are not sure how your hair responds to steam try closing the bathroom door and window and using the shower to steam your hair and see what happens…2) How do you expect to use this?This is a handheld product with a small water reservoir not a hood steamer with a large water reservoir. It will not replace a salon style hood steamer. You may be able to use it to dampen your entire head of hair if you have thin/fine hair, very short hair (chin length) or are in the TWA stage. But if you have short (neck length) to long (shoulder length or longer) hair or thick hair this will not dampen your whole head without multiple refills and you will probably get very frustrated.I use it to style the parts of my hair that get flat or need to be reshaped on non wash days. The Q-Redew refreshes my steam loving hair that has been styled and has product in it from the second day to day five when I rewash; I rarely need to add additional product.My one frustration is the size of the water reservoir is small so if I am steaming a small spot I am fine but if I have to steam more than a small section I usually have to refill the water.I can see this being good for air travel because I would not have to pack a lot of product.Room for improvement-The best way to improve this product would be a bigger water reservoir so I would not have to take this apart to refill during use. This is my one frustration with using the Q-Redew; super-sizing the water reservoir would be a dramatic improvement.That would make the Q-Redew a five star product.If the manufacturer is in the process of designing a super-size reservoir please consider a design that can be retrofit to devices in consumer hands now. I would pay extra for a reservoir that saves me time and frustration.Conclusions -It costs a lot for what you get at full price but if you find a good deal it is a good option. It is not designed to replace a hood steamer and dampen your whole head and works best on second day + hair when hair has been styled and has product. Think of this as more of a spot or section touch-up steamer. If you are comfortable with these limitations this is a good choice.

Erica Richwood, MN

Not so much

I am newly natural and have a twa and was very excited to get this product based on the reviews but have only used it twice. It really doesn’t do much for my hair at this length so it’s tucked away in a drawer. Spray bottle revives my curls better. Maybe when I get more length I will revisit

Maureen Tuscarora, MD

It is a must for naturals….but

I loved this thing so much i used it for facials to steam my hair , to deep condition i used it everyday. I encouraged every natural girl she needed to get one. It even worked on refreshing and renewing curly wigs. wow, then one day a few short weeks later nothing. Puffs of hot air. The company said i could clean it with vinegar and water to see if it would open back still nothing all i get now is hot air and an occasional burst of steam very fustrating considering what i paid for it.

Candace Moline, IL


if your hair gets frizzy in humid weather, this is not the styling tool for you. it did give me really nice full curls, but unfortunately it included a layer of frizz. no problem returning it either. as long as it’s within 30 days.

Rowena Waco, NE

Dry Denver needed

The steam makes it easy to detangle my hair. I saw it demonstrated on a youtube video and decided to buy it. Great for detangling 4c hair.

Kara Kenton, KY

It Dew and it Don’t

-Black woman with 3c/ 4a long hair (no chemicals to alter texture or color; use heat once in a blue)-Right out the box, this was going to change my hair care routine! Nourishing moist heat to stretch and detangle hair, revive an old style, allows conditioning products to better penetrate the shaft for DEEP conditioning—a great product. However, on my 4th or 5th use, the steam wouldn’t come out. So I pressed the button, and just noise and a little steam. WHAT? So I added more water. Well, it seems to only work when full or near full and then it peters out when a little over half full. I don’t have hard water, however, I haven’t tried to clean it with vinegar yet. After each use I empty the reservoir and wipe off the comb part and where the steam comes out to remove product build up and hair. I’m not sure why it’s so testy. Perhaps mine is defective. I think so. SAD-FACE.UPDATE: I contacted the company and they troubleshooted with me over the phone. It was decided that the connection between the reservoir and pump wasn’t a good one, so they would send out a new reservoir and we’ll take it from there. Fair enough. Cross fingers.

Lenora Corning, IA