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Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash, 12-Ounce Pump Bottles

Clean, pure, soap-free Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash removes dirt, oil, and make-up without stripping or drying your skin like soap can. And it won’t sting your eyes, so it’s ideal for removing eye make-up products available in 6.0 Fl. Oz. and 12.0 Fl. Oz. Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed.

Key features

  • Gently cleanses without drying or irritating
  • Removes dirt, oil and make-up without stripping skin like soap can
  • Ideal for all skin types, even sensitive skin care
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Won’t Clog Pores

Honest reviews


The product is good but HORRIBLE PACKAGING FROM AMAZON!!!!

I really do love this product because it does what it suppose to do. I have oily acne skin but it doesn’t break me out. However, the packing from amazon was HORRIBLE beyond reason, the pump came entirely off when i first tried to use it not to mention that soap spilled all over the packaging bag. If they wouldn’t charge me for return shipping cost, I would totally return this product. I hate amazon packing. Beware

Mavis Wahoo, NE

Gentle enough for my acne-prone skin

I have a combination type of facial skin. The kind of pimples I get when I break out is the cystic type. I tired Proactive, Clinique, drugstore products and two dermatologist-prescribed regimens but none of them gave me a long-term good results. Somehow, I feel that either they are too harsh for my skin or that they don’t work for my skin type. So I did my research. I found which was the answer to my problem. My skin cleared up, but it was time to buy soap again. I did not want to purchase the whole set because I want to save some money and for me, what I really need is their Benzoyl Peroxide. That was the key to’s regimen. They listed some alternative products. This is one of the recommended alternative soap by the founder of the regimen. Purpose has a very, very faint scent to almost none, lathers up quickly, and cleanses my skin without leaving my skin feeling tight and dry. Immediately after washing my face with this soap, I moisturize using Olay with SPF 15 (gentle formula). I have been using this soap for more than a year now and I don’t plan to switch to other "gentle" soaps. By the way, I haven’t used Benzoyl Peroxide daily, only spot treatment, for more than six months now and my skin is still great. Within this one year period of using Pupose, I tried to use Neutrogena’s bar soap for oily skin which initially was fine until I started to break out after two or three days of twice-a-day use. I switched back to this soap and used BP, then my skin cleared up again. One day, I went out of town to visit and stay with a friend for the weekend. I forgot to bring this soap (Purpose), but my friend offered to give me Ivory which is "gentle" for skin. So I tried the soap that she offered (Ivory), which did not cause my face to break out, however, it did make my skin dry that weekend. When I came back home, I started using this soap again, then my skin felt better. Because of the results of this trial and error search process in finding the right soap (and regiment) for my type of skin, I resolved to use only this soap until J&J would no longer produce this product (which I hope will happen). In my experience, I highly recommend this soap, specially for sensitive and/or acne-prone skin.

Elisabeth Hillsgrove, PA

It’s great stuff

I have very acne prone skin & it’s quite oily. I’ve tried everything from Murad to Pro Active and nothing worked. I tried this product b/c an actress w/ amazing skin swears by it. Even though I knew I wouldn’t get that type of skin from this product, I wanted something better than I’ve tried…And I found it. It’s very gentle. If you get in your eyes it won’t make them burn or red up. It lathers well and removes most of my make up w/ out overdrying. And while my break outs are not completely gone they are better than ever. I rare break out and when I do it’s something small and manageable, not painful anymore. I would recommend this for anyone who has tried just about everything and has not seen results for their acne. It’s not a miracle product but it does greatly improve your skin. I’m sold for life.

Gretchen Worcester, VT

doesn’t sub for Cetaphil

I tried this as a less expensive substitute for the Cetaphil cleanser; unfortunately it doesn’t work as well for me. The big bottle of Cetaphil only lasted me a month, which is painful. I did use it all over tho, not just for the face. Purpose cleansing wash is half the price and acts more soap-like in that it actually lathers up and a little spreads much further over the skin than Cetaphil. However, it’s harsher on my skin, causing my face to break out more and slightly irritating sensitive areas. I’d also prefer it if the product was unscented; as it is, it’s rather strong. I’ll finish this bottle but will have to buy Cetaphil again and just use it more judiciously.

Noemi Bethany Beach, DE

not for my acne prone skin

Like with many products I really believe it depends on your skin, I am in my 4oth , and suffer from mild adult acne and my skin is normal to dry.I was looking for a natural product and unfortunately this product did break me out severally.I had ordered it together with Rose Water and Rose Hip oil. I tried it out seperately to figure out if I could pin point it to one product as all 3 got good reviews from others, but the breakouts just got worse.I ordered 2 of Lemongrass and Tea Tree Oil Soap Bar 5 Ounces instead, also from amazon along with argon oil in the purple glass bottle. Amazing products , you can see my reviews under the items.Like I said some products are not for everyone, give them a try. With amazons amazing easy return policy you have nothing to loose.Good luck

Josefa Diamondville, WY

Awesome Cleanser

The GOOD:-Very gentle-Does not dry skin-Effectively prevents breakouts-Clean smell-Rinses off wellThe BAD:-Tough to find in my areaI’ve had problem skin since my early teens and have only recently gotten it under control. Proactive, Noxema, Clearasil… you name it, I’ve tried it. I had been using Cetaphil Daily Cleanser for the past year, but finally got sick of the medicinal smell and rising cost. After reading loads of reviews online, I found this J&J; Purpose Gentle Cleanser and have fallen in love with it. It’s super gentle and doesn’t dry out my skin, but removes loads of dirt and oil. A little cleanser goes a long way (I only use about half a pump per wash). My only complaint is that it’s hard to find near my home. I’ve seen it in a few Krogers and Giant Eagles, but not where I live. I will continue to buy from Amazon until I find it in grocery stores. Love this stuff.Recommended: Yep

Angie Grottoes, VA

Quality, gentle face wash

Great face wash. I use it daily. It does not dry out my skin and it is very gentle. Highly recommend it.

Kristie De Soto, IL

Best kept secret!

This is the best cleanser ever! It will wash off everything with out being harsh to your skin. I have used this for years! My kids are growing up and getting them to wash their faces was a challenge because of the fear of getting soap in the eyes especially some of these cleansers with such harsh ingredients burn like FIRE if it gets in your eyes. This stuff will not burn them at all! One of my kids was showing signs of acne, so I had her use this. She would wash her face with this by using it on the corner of a clean wash cloth and just gently message it for one minute before rinsing it off and she has never had any issues with her skin. An occasional pimple but nothing more than that. The doctors office that I work for now recommends this to everyone to wash with since it is so gentle but also effective. Patients are more compliant with treatments it they don’t cause them pain. We do facial cosmetic procedures and peels in our office and this is what is used and recommended for use after procedures.

Beatriz Benton Harbor, MI

Love the 12 oz option

Really gentle, nice foam up, gets my face feeling clean without drying it out or irritating my eyes. I used to be a neutrogena girl, but it was drying out my skin, so I thought I’d try something new. I’m hooked and I love the giant size so I don’t have to keep buying little bottles for every day cleaning.

Rosemarie Lincoln, WA

Good so far

I’ve had this product for a few days so far and it seems to be doing great things for my skin. It seems more even in color & cleaner. I have bad acne, and it’s been clearing up. I’ve been mixing it withNeutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash, 6-Ounce Pump Bottle. 1 part Purpose 1 part Neutrogena, and it’s AMAZING! It eliminates the drying effect of the Neutrogena but you still get the clearing results. This is a great face was for people without acne and for people with, but for that extra help I’d recommend mixing it with the Oil Free wash from Neutrogena.

Ursula Cairnbrook, PA

The only face wash I use!

I’ve been using this product for a couple of years, and it is so gentle yet effective. Huge fan! You really can’t beat the pricing here on Amazon…fantastic value!

Chris Boulder Junction, WI

Its my go to product.

It is very light feeling, won’t ever feel harsh on your skin, but it also feels like you are getting clean as well.

Teresa Petroleum, WV

My favorite face wash

I’ve used this face wash for over 8 years. I love that it’s soap-free so doesn’t dry my skin. I have skin allergies and this is one of the few products I can use on my face. You get two large bottles and this was the best price I could find anywhere. Good product, good price.Note on 3/31/11: I am bummed to see that these size bottles are no longer available from Amazon with free shipping.

Mellisa Granada Hills, CA

Love it

This has been my product of choice for over a year now and I will continue to buy it. Very nice and gentle on my sensitive skin and no tightness like many soaps out there. My skin feels clean and and soft using it.

Lynda Sunflower, MS

Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash, 12-Ounce Pump Bottle

I started using this product about a year ago. I found it in a discount store in a smaller size. When my daughter found that was selling the larger size AND it was offered in the Subscribe & Save program, I was sold. I use this product 2 to 3 times a day. I have a bottle in my office at work, and in my gym bag used while showing after workouts. It is the first cleansing wash that I have been able to use on my face without having to moisturize immediate after washing. I find this product; does not dry my skin, tightens my pores, does not irritate my sensitive skin, does not irritate the areas around my eyes, and my face feels clean after use.I highly recommend this product and am happy to be able to purchase it in the Subscribe & Save program.

Joanne Washington, PA


If you have sensitive skin and also suffer from breakouts which are worse during fall/winter, this is the face wash for you. It is so gentle you can use it multiple times per day, and combine it with other acne solutions without risking overdrying or irritation. This works for any skin type, and I refuse to use anything else since I discovered this.

Lea Crocketville, SC

gentle, does not remove makeup

This works well with my Clarisonic face brush. By itself, however, it doesn’t really do its job – it doesn’t remove makeup or leave your skin feeling clean.

Justine Lettsworth, LA

Great wash, weird pumping mechanism

I’ve tried Purpose before because I know many dermatologists recommend it, and I remember liking it in the past. My mainstay is Dermalogica Clay Cleanser ( I have combination skin that has become markedly less oily in the past few years), and I’ve recently tried Obaji, but now that I’m running out of both, I decided to try Purpose again to save a little $. I have to say, I’ve just washed my face for the first time with this new bottle, and cannot get over how clean, but non-dried out Purpose makes my skin feel. It really is a lovely smelling, feeling, effective product!! That being said, I had to take one star off b/c the pump doesn’t work:I cannot get it to twist or pop up. I know I can easily go to the store to get a replacement, but I shouldn’t have to!

Sue Grand Chenier, LA

Loving this so far

I recently started using this and it’s great. I started getting mild-moderate acne after having two kids. Even started getting a cyst here and there that required treatment at the dermatologist. Been using Epiduo topical medication on my face, which works great but is terribly drying. I was left with oily but peeling skin. This cleaner does not leave my skin feeling tight at all. Removes makeup and leaves my skin soft. Does not have a strong odor. I combined it with a Clarisonic Mia, Epiduo and the Purpose moisterizer at night. My skin is now healing very nicely.ETA: 6/13 – Just wanted to update. The awesome affects did not last. My skin got used to it and started breaking out more. I’d still recommend it though.

Jamie Odessa, DE

In search of the best cleanser

• Lightweight and goes on clear, but does not remove makeup at the same time
• It’s very gentle to use, but still searching for the perfect cleanser
• Liked the Lancome Milk Cleanser and Skinceuticals Cleanser as well as the
• Skineffects Redness Control and Cetaphil Cleansers worked fine as well
• Heard the Platinum Cleanser from Avon works great as well as the one from Glam Nation…too many choices!

Ruby Mystic, IA

Made my sebderm worse!!!

I have seborrheic dermatitis for over a year now and I ordered this face wash, thinking that it might help alleviate my debilitating condition somehow. I would say my case is mild-moderate since I have days when my skin looks totally fine and days when it looks quite awful (very dry and lots of red patches). This cleanser made my skin dry and tight the first time I used it. My skin turned red and blotchy just minutes after using it. This cleanser doesn’t wash off easily and the fragrance s overpowering; I hate it. Persons with sensitive and troubled skin should think twice before purchasing this cleanser.

Zelda Ridgecrest, NC

Doesn’t work for me.

I bought this based on reviews but i broke out a lot after switching to this product. I dont think that this product makes me break out it just doesn’t do anything in terms of stopping break outs. I think i realize why, this is just face wash, so it cleans your faces. however its not acne wash, meaning not medicated. So for cleaning face it will do the job, but if you want to help clear up acne than i would not recommend it. However there are cheaper options for just washing.

Marie Shawnee, CO

Great for Sensitive Skin

I use this every day and have for years. It is perfect for my super-sensitive breakout-prone skin. It keeps my skin clean, and doesn’t dry it out. I love it!

Earline Oysterville, WA


This cleansing wash is used on my face as an alternative or in conjunction with the cleansing bar. It takes a little longer to rinse off.

Chris Paskenta, CA

gentle and effective cleanser

I have been using this cleanser for years. I have sensitive skin and rosacea and it cleans very well and has never irritated my skin. It works as well or better than many other expensive beauty cleansers I have tried.It is a great value for its price and I highly recommend it.

Amanda Union, WV

Not for removing make up

I would use this cleanser in the morning time or when you are wearing just a light make up.It says it is ideal for removing eye make up but, it does not work.This cleanser is really gentle though. I would definitely recommend this to people with sensitive skin who do not wear much make up.I wear make up every day and use this cleanser after I use my make up remover.

Jenna Lisbon, ME

This is the best!!!

I have been using this for few years.It’s very easy on skin, does not dry it just cleans it.No harsh chemicals, PH balanced, No soap and it wont clog pores. Tried and tested!!I use it regularly to keep my face clean and keep acne away.

Jodi Byars, OK