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Purple Prairie SunStuff SPF 30 100% Natural Sunscreen, 9.5 oz

SunStuff mineral lotion offers protection from UVA and UVB rays with 20% micronized zinc oxide, which equates to SPF 30. Organic shea and cocoa butters moisturize and are included for purported natural sun protection properties. Unscented, 100% natural, biodegradable and environmentally safe. SunStuff meets the rigid standards for sunscreen allowed in the protected coral reef lagoons of Mexico. Top marks from the EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database!

Key features

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • 20% zinc oxide = 30 SPF
  • Top safety marks in the EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database
  • Non-whitening UVA/UVB protection
  • Large 9.5-ounce bottle

Honest reviews


Not a great product and bad company policy

I really, really wanted to like this product. It had great reviews from EWG and is all natural. Unfortunately, I found it to be super thick and pasty. It was very hard to rub in, especially on my peach fuzz arms. In fact, it didn’t rub in at all on my arms but rather clumped up in my arm hairs! I ended up scrubbing it off with soap and putting on Badger that day. When I rinsed it off my face, the water just ran white so I really don’t think this is water resistant at all, which could explain how the other reviewer got burned so badly while swimming all day even though he reapplied.I purchased mine directly from the Purple Prairie website and mailed it back for a refund. Even worse than this product is the company’s return policy. *** BUYER BEWARE WARNING if you buy from Purple Prairie directly *** They claim that shipping is free for orders over $40, but that’s only if you keep the product! If you return it, they deduct the shipping charges from your refund! They took $10 from me because I didn’t like their product and returned it. That is just a rotten way to treat your customers. It makes me think they must get a lot of returns if they needed to make a policy like that. Because of this, I won’t be buying anything else from them because if I don’t like it and return it, they will punish me for it.

Justina Neosho, WI

Safe Product

Over the past few years I’ve become a safe product junkie. The EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics Database is my primary resource for information regarding products and their ingredients. It is through EWG that I came upon Purple Prairie’s SunStuff SPF 30. This product is safe (it received a 1 rating from EWG, 0 being best) and works at protecting my very fair skin. I use it daily on my face and chest. I have yet to receive a sunburn, even during my long runs in the outdoors. The product is not greasy and has a mild scent (it smells like what you would expect a sunscreen to smell like). However, I don’t know how well this product would work for darker complected people. It does leave a ghostly hue on the skin if not rubbed in well, but I found that mixing a few drops of argan oil into the sunscreen works very well at making it easier to apply.

Elisabeth Crescent Mills, CA

Good Stuff!

This is good sunscreen. Not chalky white on the skin. Good coverage. No overwhelming smell. You get a lot for your money too unlike other sunscreens that cost a fortune and come in small bottles.

Angeline New Laguna, NM

Great safe natural sunscreen

While I haven’t used this at the beach or in the water, this has worked very well in the instances in which my family and I used it. (It probably does work in the water – I just haven’t had the opportunity to try it out.) It isn’t any more difficult to apply than any natural sunscreen. It doesn’t really have a scent, which is good. I didn’t find that it made anyone in my family look like a white ghost. I am pleased with it and will buy another bottle once mine runs out. 🙂

Selina Barnstable, MA

It smells lovely

This doesn’t actually have an SPF on the package, though on Amazon it’s listed as SPF 30. It seems to work more or less okay for my husband and daughter, though it comes off pretty easily in the water, which has resulted in some burns. It goes on white and suggests on the package, "for more effective sun protection, don’t rub the product in" or something very similar. This makes sense, as a lot of its sun protection is from Zinc, which coats the skin and creates a barrier to the sun.It’s very skin softening and if it weren’t so expensive, I’d happily use it as a hand and body lotion. It smells softly of lavender and goes on like a body butter. I wouldn’t trust my fair skin in the sun with nothing but this product.

Thelma Briggs, TX