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These are 4oz. bottles each. 1. shampoo hair using a ph acid balanced shampoo. towel dry. 2. empty desired amount into a plastic bowl (1/2 bottle for short hair- full bottle for long hair.) apply evenly with a tint brush. 3. do not apply to scalp, but 1/2 inch from scalp. saturate hair thoroughly. comb evenly through the hair until it becomes frothy. 4. leave on hair about 25 minutes. 5. rinse hair thoroughly, wash away from the faace. works best on hair pre- lightened to a very light blonde. fades gradually with each shampoo

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  • Manic Panic Purple Haze Semi Permanent Vegan Hair Dye, 4FL OZ

Honest reviews


way better then beyond the zone

I have had my hair every color you could think of and only used beyond the zone, but I would get frustrated when the color would fade soo quickly. I just decided one day to use this manic panic purple haze, and oh my what a difference! I only redo it once a month and it stays super purple!Tips: Bleach your hair!! I have natural black hair, I beached it twice. First I would bleach then put in a leave in conditioner then bleach a week later.Shampoo really good before you are going to put manic panic in your hair. DO NOT USE CONDITIONER!!!!!!Blow dry hair. BONE DRY!!I let mine sit for 30 mins and rinsed it out until water was completely clear.Wash hair with COLD COLD COLD water.

Rachael Benson, VT

Manic Panic on Natural African-American Hair

I used this color on pre-lightened highlights that I have in my hair. They were dark brown at first but they over time, it lightened a couple of shades. The length of my hair is BSL (bra strap length) and it is also thick so I used two jars of this on my hair.1. I washed my hair with a non-sulfate shampoo and let it air dry.
• make sure your hair is detangled. it’ll make things easier once you start to apply the color.2. Divided my hair into four sections and applied the color section by section. (it took almost 2 hrs. :/)
• use vaseline around the edges of your hair and on the back of your neck to prevent staining.
• 3. after the color process, i let it sit on my hair with a plastic cap on top for 2-3 hours so that it will be seen not only on the darkest parts of my hair (which is very dark brown/black), but also on the lighter areas. i used the heat from my blow dryer for about 5 minutes every hour to help it work more.4. rinse hair in cold water.5. style as wanted.I wash my hair every two weeks so i haven’t really had to worry about it fading too much. it does bleed a bit when i use water based products on my hair but its not a whole lot. when i washed my hair, the color did wash out some but thats just the nature of semi-permanent dye. the color is more noticeable in sunlight and depending on the light indoors, it can look black or you can see color of the hair.Overall this product is a good option for those with natural african-american hair that want to color their hair without damage.

Krystal Tiona, PA

Beautiful reddish purple

Beautiful color and easy to remove when you’re done :] The color came out so pretty even on my uneven hair (thanks to my usual brand of veg dye) >:| Also unlike my usual brand when I was done with the color I was able to lift it out nicely to redye over. I’ll definitely purchase more manic panic because of this. Also, this brand is cruelty free!

Maggie Grambling, LA

Purple Manic Panic

So I decided, after my adventures with blue hair, to go purple. I dyed purple straight over my Atomic Turquoise hair, and I WOULD NOT SUGGEST anyone else do that. The purple turned out much too dark for me; I have naturally dark brown hair, and the purple blends in perfectly unless I’m in the sunlight. Other than that, the product worked exactly as it should. Just be careful when mixing colors, especially if you’re like me and don’t know what you’re doing!

Gwen Orkney Springs, VA

My Daughters hair is Purple!!!

This is a quality product it definitely works. But my Daughter has beautiful curly blonde hair and now it is purple……kids…..

Darla Keansburg, NJ

It was just alright

It’s alright. I used it without the bleach, and I have medium brown hair and it only showed a small accent. It also washed out very quickly! Good for someone with lighter hair I imagine.

Clare Melmore, OH

Good god, do NOT waste your money.

I bleached my hair twice to get it to a nice pale blonde shade. Then I applied Manic Panic’s purple Haze to second day hair and left it in for 12 hours with heat from my hair dryer on and off.I was expecting a nice clean shade of light purple, but what I got was a weird pink-orange streaky MESS. I’ve been coloring my own hair with other Manic Panic colors for years and never have I had a problem like this.Please, do NOT waste your money. If I could give it 0 stars I would.

Ruth Biscoe, NC

Love it!

I love this dye because I was able to use it on the ends of my hair and the jar looks like I barely used it! Looks like brand new! Also the color comes on very strong. The only thing is it didn’t show up on my natural dark hair but it did show up on my ombre ends. Love this!

Meagan Smithfield, PA

great for lavender hair

A little bit of this with a large amount of conditioner gave me some seriously beautiful lavender hair. Big thumbs up.

Jacqueline Riverbank, CA

Love this color

This is my go to hair color. This lasts long (maybe because of the redish/pinkish tinge it has to it) on my hair, and looks great. It fades out really nice as well. If you are someone, like me, who wants colored hair but doesn’t want to worry about touching it up every week, I’d go with this color, or a dark red. These look great at first, and actually look really nice when they are fading out.

Araceli Saint Georges, DE


This is one of the best purple dyes ive used. It has a rich conditioning texture and it stays in very dark katy perryish purple and fades (after about 6 washes) to a love it or hate it grey lavender. Overall ill be buying it again soon.

Sophia Galva, IA

you’ll need to bleach your hair for sure

I had dyed my hair about a month or two prior to using this product and the color didn’t stick. my hair was light brown with blonde highlights. i had one little strand of purple hair. it was cute, i just wish all of my hair was purple!!!!!! i love manic panic products though. they never dry out my hair and normally the color is amazing

Lora Waterloo, IL

definitely would recommend this product

I did my daughters tips purple. it came out great. I loved it she loved it. it was deff awesome

Roxie Alexandria, OH