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Pureology Safeguard Your Color Purify Shampoo, 10.1 Ounces

Pureology Serious Colour Care Purify Shampoo 10.1 Ounces

Key features

  • Longer Colour Life Guaranteed!
  • Prevent Colour Oxidation
  • Don’t let your haircolour fade away because of buildup, sulfate shampoos, medication, colour-dulling chlorine and minerals from showers and pools.
  • Get rid of that stuff with this 100% vegan purifier
  • Watch the colour shine through with captivating brilliance and healthy condition.

Honest reviews


Worst $25 I ever spent, do not buy this shampoo!

I really tried to like this shampoo and waited until I used an entire bottle before posting this review but it was hopeless from the start. The most important thing when looking at reviews is to determine if the reviewer has similar hair to yours, the problem is most people don’t specify this in their reviews so I figured will all the good reviews I would take my chances but this shampoo is horrible and let’s not even get started on the price ($25 for a small bottle!).I have long straight hair but I have a lot of hair. I also apply a base color and highlight my hair. My scalp tends to be very oily with dry ends. From the first time I used this shampoo it made my hair (which is normally soft) feel dry and brittle but I figured that was part of the clarification process. No, it still feels like straw. The worst part about this shampoo is no matter how many times you apply and rinse it out, when you dry your hair it still looks oily and dirty and you can see the oil and feel it when running your fingers through it. Please refer to product photos to see photos of this. The purpose of a shampoo is to clean your hair, no one wants to look like they have dirty hair. After a full bottle, my hair looks no better than when I first started using the shampoo except now it looks oily all the time and feels like straw. I have drug store $5 shampoo that is much better than this one. Don’t throw away your money like I did. Skip this shampoo!

Karina Lane, OK


this shampoo is great for clarifying your hair every few days – product gets built up in your hair and this stuff cleans it out!

Lea Swarthmore, PA

great product

very good for oily hair, hair with product residue and dandruff. Nice smell, much like tea tree oil and good for highlighted hair

Charlene Lempster, NH

not for me

this shampoo smelled real nice but didn’t seem to keep my hair clean as long as i would have liked. i still had to wash my hair everyday

Vonda Branch, MI

Great product, great price

After using Kevin Murphy’s Maxi Wash, I wanted to find a similiar product that was less expensive. This fits the bill. It lathers well, a little goes a long way and it does the job of removing build up. Don’t let the coarse feel of your hair, post-shampoo, fool you. Once you apply conditioner and rinse, your hair will be soft and silky and free of build up.

Kim Spicer, MN

Happy Camper

The first time I used this clarifying Shampoo my hair immediately appeared much shinier, but I only use it when my hair needs major cleansing from styling products because this is not a moisturizing shampoo. I don’t think is intended to be used as a daily shampoo FYI.

Bessie Sartell, MN