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Pureology PureVolume Shampoo, 10.1oz & Conditioner, 8.5 oz deal

Longer Lasting Hair Colour Guaranteed! This unique moisture-rich formula is free of harsh colour-stripping sulfates and salts. It pumps up your fine, limp hair and keeps the colour fresh Our potent AntiFade Complex protects against color fade. Not tested on animal

Key features

  • 10.1oz PureVolume Shampoo
  • 8.5 oz PureVolume Conditioner

Honest reviews


My new shampoo and conditioner……

I bought this shampoo and conditioner a month ago or so. I couldent beleive what a good price I got for the shampoo and the conditioner, and it was in excellent condition and smelled wonderful!! I will be always buying my hair products thru and through the person that I bought the shampoo and conditioner from. She had it here in a timely fashion wrapped good and it was soo easy, and I love easy!! So a big thankyou to her and for the great product!! Teresa

Earlene Sauk Centre, MN

What happened to this???

I have been buying this for years – perhaps buying it "not at a salon" is the problem? Or did they reformulate it? I’m not sure what happened to this – but for the price – I feel like it was a huge waste of money. Made my hair feel like straw/hay – just a horrible shampoo all around. Save your $$ – I’ve used Suave products that were better than this!

Tamra Hicksville, NY

I hate the new formula

I started using Pureology after my hairstylist said it would keep my colored hair from fading so fast, and I loved how healthy it made my hair feel. Now that they have changed the formula, I hate it.I have to use a lot more of both the shampoo and conditioner when before a little went a long way, and even after shampooing twice, my hair still feels oily after drying it. I’ve never had a shampoo do that before, and my hair never feels clean anymore. It is gross. It also dries my hair out really bad, despite the oiliness around the roots. I also miss the mint smell of the conditioner. It smells like really sweet candy now.For such an expensive shampoo and conditioner (it was $44 when I ordered it), it should work better than something that you could pick up at a drugstore. I will not buy any products from Pureology again. I have no idea why they had to change a really good formula to a terrible one.

Lorraine Anderson, IN


I tried this based on my hairdresser’s recommendation and was disappointed in that it wasn’t any better than WEN. Their both very expensive and if I had to say, WEN did leave my hair softer than Pureology but it felt a bit heavier too.People are correct in that the shampoo is very concentrated. I have long hair down to the middle of my back. I used a pea size amount and my hair lathered into a thick foam.I bought this particular Purology for volume because I live in Houston, Tx and it’s very, very humid (90-99% humidity) but it didn’t make a difference at all. I know it’s high expectations but I was hoping that for the price Purology would be the miracle I was looking for.

Lea Kihei, HI

Love the shampoo but they aren’t advertising right

I love this shampoo. But the description says 10.5 ounces of shampoo and 8.5 ounces of conditioner. They lied.. its 8.5 ounces of both. If you would just advertise correctly your customers wouldn’t be so upset. It smells like the right stuff. But I guess there is never a guarantee unless you buy from a professional beauty supplier.I gave this review 4 stars only because I love this product.

Carrie Floyd, NM

Same as salon

I’m usually nervous to buy salon products online, probably due to the advertising that warns against it. But I do know that there is a decent business in counterfitting products that have such a relatively high sticker price. Anyway, I’ve ordered this shampoo and conditioner twice and each time it was the same smell, consistency, and results I got from the bottles I got in the salon and paid twice as much. So buyer beware, but in this particularly listing it does seem legit.

Camilla Overbrook, OK

Very good shampoo and conditioner

My stylist introduced me to Pureology. It works well and is concentrated enough that you only have to use a small amount to get the expected suds and results.

Luann Fishers Island, NY

Not so great for the volumizing

For how expensive this line of shampoo and conditioner is as far as the volumizing – it made my hair too dry and tangled even after the conditioner. I do like the smell, that’s about it. I would get another type of this b/c I know it works well. Maybe the color care line, but not volumizing ever again.

Jackie Gardiner, OR