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Pureology Pure Volume Shampoo 10.1 oz

Pureology Serious Colour Care Pure Volume Shampoo 10.1 Ounces

Key features

  • Longer Lasting Hair Colour Guaranteed!
  • This unique moisture-rich formula is free of harsh colour-stripping sulfates and salts.  It pumps up your fine, limp hair and keeps the colour fresh
  • Our potent AntiFade Complex protects against color fade.
  • Not tested on animal

Honest reviews


Gentle and natural, yet very effective and efficient

Pureology is hailed as one of the more high-end hair product lines available. It has so many good aspects, it’s no surprise it’s so popular, despite the higher price tag. A bottle of Pureology shampoo or conditioner will cost about $25 each in store; however, on Amazon it’s almost a steal!What’s so great about it? The Pureology product line is natural, with no sulfates, and is 100% vegan. For those of you who aren’t concerned with such matters, it’s also highly-effective product. The Pure Volume shampoo works well enough to clean your hair without stripping it of the moisture that color-treated hair so often requires. It’s made for color-treated hair, but works on all hair types. It smells great – almost like aromatherapy – and works great too! Best of all, it doesn’t take much, so you use less product than you would with other brands. (A quarter-sized amount of shampoo is plenty for shoulder-length hair.) A set of shampoo and conditioner will last me close to 3 months, unlike other brands I’ve purchased in the past. Conditioner comes in a slightly smaller bottle than the shampoo because you use less of it. Be sure to try the conditioner too!Pureology Serious Colour Care Antifade Complex Pure Volume Hair Condition, 8.5-Ounce

Carlene Thida, AR

Smells like a old man. But works like a woman!

The reviewer that said it ‘smells like an old man’ was right on the money, but once I used the matching conditioner (which smells nice) the stink was gone. And what was left was gorgeous hair, fluffy, non frizzy hair….and it does appear much thicker! Great stuff….with a bad smell. I will buy again

Keisha Scarville, IA

Only use a dab!

This shampoo really does help your hair color last but beware-only use a tiny, tiny amount or else your hair will be flat and feel like it needs to be washed again. Once I got the small amount down (it’s hard not to use more when one is so used to lathering it on) and don’t use a conditioner, only a bit of thickening leave-in, then my hair is full and bouncy, shiny and healthy. It did take me about a week or two to get it right, though.

Polly O Fallon, MO

Wonderful Shampoo

I have long baby fine colored treated hair. My hair stylist recommended Pureology hair products as to not strip my color. This shampoo is wonderful. Leaves my hair full of volume and shine. The scent if awesome.

Monique Melrose, WI

Good shampoo

I have used this shampoo for years as recommended by my stylist. However, recently the price in her salon has doubled. Who can spend thirty dollars for a bottle of shampoo. I was so happy to find this product on Amazon and at half the price.

Trina Anderson, AL

Pureology Convert

Based these reviews I decided to give this a try. The shampoo is very thick and squeezes out in a ribbon. I read not to use too much but forgot the first time and my hair foamed into a big poofy mass of thick, rich lather (lesson learned). I love the way my hair looks, feels and moves. The price is ridiculous but I am a believer and while I can afford to get things like manicures and pedicures I will also be buying this little luxury.My hair is in good condition, color treated, straight and fine but full. I use this is combination with the Pureology volume conditioner or hydrate conditioner and top it all off with Bain de Terre Recovery Complex.

Evangelina Boynton, PA


My stylist uses this on my hair (fine, jaw length and highlighted twice a year) and it’s a very nice shampoo.

Jenny Rutland, SD

Also disappionted !

I tried this with the conditioner after reading tons of reveiws, I gave it three tries! Some reveiws said use very little, so I tried a few times, what I got was tons of static & dry unmanagable hair! Worst hair day ever! I did buy it at a local salon & thank goodness I could return it. I do however love the leave in repair conditioner by Pureolgy!

Genevieve Wolcott, VT