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Pureology Precious Oil Versatile Caring Oil, 4.2 Ounce

A versatile, caring formula that helps to achieve maximum softness, shine and color protection. It equalizes porosity, restores manageability and replenishes the protective lipid layer to enhance color vibrancy.

Key features

  • Precious oil versatile caring oil was launched by the design house of Pureology
  • It is recommended for casual wear
  • 4.2 ounce oil

Honest reviews


Smooth hair

I received this in the mail as a complimentary gift and I was hesitant about using it since I always use 100% natural oils on my hair. I used it as a mask the first day I got it and left it on my hair overnight and took a shower the next day, and my hair never felt softer and smoother! I also used it when my hair was dry and it didn’t give my hair an oily look to it, it absorbs pretty quickly. I was surprised to read about how awful the smell is because I honestly do not know what the problem with the smell is, mine has a very sweet smell to it, it’s not repulsive at all, it smells like perfume. I guess if you do not like sweet smells this might not be great for you, but if you don’t put a lot of product on your hair you won’t smell it since it does not linger. It makes the hair feel really soft and it’s great if you put it on your dry ends, it really gets rid of the dry look. Overall, great product!! If you are hesitant about buying it buy the small bottle.

Lori Wentworth, SD

greasy, oily, dirty

so you wash your hair, you put that oil in for “conditioning” and when hair is dry you have oily, greasy, dirty looking hair worse than before you washed. What’s the point? It does nothing more than any other oil that you would normal wash off after applying. Not worth the money, does not live up to its hype. Oh sure it smells good, but who cares what your hair smells like when you look oily and dirty. I hate it.

Carmella Escalon, CA


Anyone who has seen my reviews on here know I think that the Pureology shampoos/conditioners are simply the bomb and I am a total convert.I wanted to try this product because the other Pureology products smell so good and work so well. Moroccan Oil works wonderfully for me, but the smell is a bit annoying.Ok, I thought MO smell was annoying until I smelled this stuff. And this is all you will smell all day long. Nasty.Not only that, instead of smoothing the hair, it leaves it in these weird stiff clumps.I have tried applying various amounts, various methods of distribution, various stages of wet/damp hair…it’s all terrible.SKIP this product.I wish I could get my money back.

Phoebe Flatwoods, WV

Five Stars

Nice product, and it’s Pureology…you’ll love it

Lelia Prairieville, LA

No more frizz

I like this product but one drop too much andmy hair was weighted down. There is a science to how much to use. But it does get rid of fizzes in this Florida humidity.

Lucile Tariff, WV