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Pureology Instant Repair Leave-In Hair Condition 8.5 oz

Fragrance Notes – Pure Sulfate And Carcinogen Free Ingredients Derived From Natural Ingredients, Specifically For Color Treated Hair, Only Certified Organic Botanicals Multi-Protein Complexes And Aromatherapy Essential Oils, 100% Vegan And Not Tested On Animals

Key features

  • Zero Sulfates
  • Perfect for all hair types.

Honest reviews


Repairs-but not instantly

I have tried many leave in conditioners with varying levels of satisfaction. Some promise heat protection, splint end repair, color preservation, or softness-it is difficult to find a product that helps with all of them. Pureology Instant Repair surprisingly helps with most of them.Although my hair is not color treated, and rarely exposed to heated styling tools-it is still exposed to the weather elements which can hurt it and break it. After using Pureology along side a laundry list of other products-my hair is shedding less, easier to detangle, less frizzy and shiny. This did not happen over night, I have to use Pureology consistently or my hair starts shedding again. I believe this is one of the biggest contributing products because it offers UV protection and seems to spread very evenly over hair.The product is clear and feels more like a hair gel as opposed to a creamy leave in conditioner. It has a more “masculine” scent, but I enjoy this and it doesn’t stay in hair for long. I apply when my hair is wet and have no trouble spreading it through to every strand.Hair Type: Wavy to curly, fine stranded, damaged dry ends with split ends, frizzy, greasy roots (occasionally), lightened (blonde)

Jodi Bruneau, ID

Great for what I needed! However, not an exceptional moisturizer.

I use Just For Men, Real Black hair color treatment. I noticed that the color would begin to fade in a week. This product protects the color for weeks when used properly. It actually coats your hair with a protective substance. I even noticed that after applying it, if I don’t quickly wash my hands, the palms of my hands become sticky within 30 seconds. I sometimes clasp my hands together just to note how quickly the product is drying and coating the palms of my hands. When i wash my hands I can see the additional suds build up from removing this product.I said all of that to say when the product dries each hair has a transparent shield around it that works exceptionally well at protecting the individual hairs. I am impressed. This coating apparently seals in stuff AND shields out toxins, pollution, and sun damage. Thus my hair retains its color three times longer than before which is what I have been looking for. Although my hair isn’t damaged, I theorize that the coating not only protects each hair but it may also act as a transparent splint that prevents ends from splitting and weak hairs from breaking off (except at the root). As a guy the worse thing I do that may damage my hair is use Just For Men hair color every few weeks. I don’t use hair dryers or perms and such. Most ladies (and some men) have a lot more to deal with than me. This product may be of some benefit to you as well.CONS:Fly-aways galore. Once this product dries each hair appears to be in its own universe. Not quite frizzy but more like some hairs refuse to bow before me (lol). So after about fifteen to twenty minutes to allow this product to dry I apply my absolute favorite conditioner in the known universe, Shea Moisture Leave-in Conditioner!!!! This is the best product life has to offer for my hair and scalp. I LOVE Shea Moisture Leave-in Conditioner. I put it in twice a day. It does a great job at grabbing the fly-aways and making them obey my commands. It also moisterizes my scalp. Oh what a product! Anyway, by using these together my color treatment lasts much longer and my hair and scalp love me in return.

Juana Ayden, NC

Generally love Pureology, but Redken does the same for less $$

I became a huge Pureology fan about 10 years ago when on a trip out west I’d forgotten to pack my shampoo & conditioner. I used my friend’s products, which were Pureology. I haven’t looked back since (at least in their shampoo and conditioner line of products). I have extremely thick, tends-to-frizz, wavy to curly heavy hair, coarse without the right products. I don’t blow-dry my hair. I let it dry natural (or flat-iron it if I want to wear it straight), put in curl products, scrunch it with my hands and go about my business. I though I’d give this leave-in conditioner a try and was surprised that, at nearly twice the cost, it didn’t do as much for my hair as Redken’s much-cheaper leave-in conditioner did. Everyone’s “mileage may vary” since no two hair types are alike, but probably like most women, I’ve tried every product on the market at one time or another. And while I love Pureology’s shampoos and conditioners, I find personally that Redken’s leave-in conditioners and curl-enhancing products work better, at half the cost.

Camilla Galva, IL

Great product

I have dry, brittle hair – sort of like a Brillo pad permanently attached to my head – and I’m always trying new products that can give my hair a boost.After trying literally dozens of products, Pureology is one of the few I’d recommend unconditionally. It goes on cleanly, doesn’t have an overpowering fragrance and leaves my hair softer, smoother and generally healthier looking than without. Whether I let my hair air dry or use the blow dryer, it definitely gives me better feeling and looking hair…definitely worth a try!

Therese Ellsworth, IL

Great product

To maintain my hair color I try to only wash my hair every other day so when I do wash I use this after my shower and it helps to keep my hair soft for the two days. It does not leave a greasy residue, is lightweight, and you don’t need to use much.

Deidre Vanceboro, NC

LOVE this! Wish it wasn’t so expensive

I really love this leave in conditioner. I use one every day. I bought this because I always use leave in conditioner and I love Pureology products. Normally I would not spend that much money on a leave-in product, but I received a gift card as a gift and decided to splurge. It really is my favorite leave in conditioner, but I can’t justify spending that much on it. It lasts for a really long time, too!

Sadie Brownville, ME

Hair Rescue

This is a 5 star rating because it has a lot to offer people with hair needs. It’s my pick for beautiful hair because it works to repair damaged hair. It was also advertised in a magazine as a really good product.

Ernestine Broughton, IL

Just Not Good Enough

I’m so saddened that I was so dissapointed with this leave-in from Pureology mainly due to its packaging. However, I haven’t seen great improvement with my dry hair either using it just the same. I wished it would have come in a spraying bottle to dispense the product more evenly through out my hair, but with a pump it’s difficult to apply it evenly on my hair and it bugs me having it all over my hands when applying it. I think spraying bottles for this type of leave-in products are much more efficient and less wasteful than using pumps.

Shauna New Point, VA