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Pureology Essential Repair Shampoo and Conditioner Duo

Advanced Repairing Micro-Emulsion Technology, Enriched with Soymilk and Biotin, Restorative Plant Extracts of Chamomile and Olive Oil

Key features

  • Pureology Essential Repair Shampoo and Conditioner Duo (8.5 oz each)

Honest reviews


Great at moisturizing hair

I tried the hydrate shampoo first by Purelogoy and was disappointed by the results and decided to try this product and was thrilled with the results. It leaves my hair soft and bouncy without any oil, as well as I can skip a day of washing my hair and it will still fresh and smell fresh the next day. I highly recommend this product if you are on the fence between the hydrate and the essential repair. Well worth the money.

Latasha Newark, IL

Works great

I’m wary about not buying this from the salon, but for the price difference I though I’d give it a try. The first order came and the quality was fine, but it could have been tampered with for all I know. I did come back to reorder when I ran out, but the second order came with Pureology branded tape sealing the lids shut, which made me feel like it was definitely the real stuff. I switched to their volumizing formula for the summer, but I will probably come back to get more of the green repair when winter comes (my hair gets really dry in the cold weather).

Marian Mad River, CA

Did wonders for my hair!

I have horrible hair. I am only 22, yet I was losing it almost in chunks and it was feeling like straw no matter how much conditioner I used. Pureology is definitely worth the investment. My hair hardly falls out anymore, and I use 90% less product and my hair is soft and full. Last week I ran out, and within two days of using my old product, my hair was in awful condition. I definitely recommend this!

Dena Blair, WI

Favorite Repair Shampoo

This is not only my favorite reparative shampoo, but also my favorite product in the Pureology line. It does an incredible job eliminating breakage- but amazingly, also cleanses your hair, unlike so many other sulfate-free products out there that have no cleansing ability. My hair was badly damaged after a salon dye job, and this shampoo was wonderful in helping stop the breakage and loss. I used it with the Pureology Moisturizing conditioner. I am also a huge fan of the Living Proof line repair shampoo, but I think that this both performs and smells a bit better.

Liza Winnsboro, LA

The best

I have been using the Purelogy Essential Repair duo for almost two years. It does a wonderful job keeping my hair healthy and prolonging the life of my color. The added bonus is that the shampoo is sulfate free.

Rosalinda Corriganville, MD