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Pure Moroccan Argan Oil for Skin, Hair and Eyes-100% Organic Argan Oil-Rejuvenate Dry, Rough Skin and Hair; Great for Anti-Aging; NO Greasy or Sticky Residue! Excellent Value: 2 Oz. Goes a LONG Way!

Follow in Charlize’s Footsteps? Celebrities from Katy Perry, to Madonna, to Charlize Theron swear by Pure Moroccan Argan Oil–and their beautiful skin and hair show why. Following in their footsteps is a smart idea… but! Have you been fooled by lesser products? Charlize knows: Pure Argan Oil has a unique nutty-tangy scent. If your oil does not, it could be because: -It’s not Argan Oil at all (yes, sadly, there ARE fakes out there), -Modern, high-heat processing methods have destroyed the very elements that make Argan Oil so effective, -It’s been diluted with lesser oils and chemicals. Naked Beauty Cosmetics’ Pure Moroccan Argan Oil is made only from the highest-quality nuts from Morocco’s Argan trees. It’s cold-pressed, so its awesome qualities remain intact. Our Pure Argan Oil is Absolutely Organic, Absolutely Cruelty-Free, and Absolutely Great for hair, skin and nails. Just a Little Bit Like love, a little Pure Moroccan Argan Oil does a lot of good. It absorbs quickly, so it never feels greasy. Just a few drops to a few droppers-full daily, and you’ll soon proudly display your beautiful hair, skin and nails.

Key features

  • BEST HAIR OIL EVER! Got frizzy, tangly or and fly-away hair? Our 100% Pure, Virgin Moroccan Argan oil smooths all these, and reduces damage from perming, coloring and blow-drying.
  • UNBEATABLE SKIN OIL! Our users report that NBC Argan oil soothes, moisturizes and hydrates your skin WITHOUT clogging your pores or leaving any sticky or greasy residue!
  • “RE-YOUTHENS” SKIN! Circles under your eyes? With regular use, our Pure, Organic Argan oil erases under-eye circles and reduces old scars and blemishes–and it’s great for damaged nails and cuticles, too!
  • ECONOMICAL! Just 3 or 4 drops of NBC’s Pure, Virgin Moroccan Argan oil is all you need to moisturize your whole face–and a few drops (daily) to a few droppers-full (after shampooing) will leave your hair, smooth, shiny and beautiful!
  • GUARANTEED! Order our Pure, Organic Argan oil today, and know you’re protected by Naked Beauty Cosmetics’ 1 YEAR, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, money-back guarantee and world-class customer service!

Honest reviews


Next “wave” for your hair

Brought out the wave in my hair that was missing. Doesn’t make my hair look oily but does make it shine. Feels fuller, looks cleaner, and works for a long time. Even after a wash I can still tell the benefit of the last application. I will update when I have used longer but from everything I have read this product structurally enhances air instead of masking damage like so many cosmetic products. Really happy with this purchase and hope it gets more attention. The third party I ordered from was great with fast prime shipping and follow emails on tips for first time users of argan oil and best timing and cycles for applcation.

Kathryn Charmco, WV

love it

Argan oils are wonderful, and this one specifically is not exception. Recommend for your facial hair if you are a guy. It really helps soften it. I rate this product 5 stars.

Lorrie North Branch, MN

Luxury in a bottle!

I have tried at least ten different Argan oils and most were great,because Argan oil when authentic is great. This stuff is at the top of the totem pole though.It is everything you could want from an argan oil. It’s top notch. It absorbs fast.It has a strong hard to describe argan scent which assures you that it is argan oil andit isn’t diluted or over processed. It is golden in color as well.There isn’t a oily feel after it absorbs either. I can’t explain it fully but it just felta little more luxurious than some of the others. Definitely one of my favs.Unfortunately, my sweet but clutsy husband knocked it over twice, yep twice,and I only have a tiny bit left. I’m so sad..Figures always the favorites.

Maryellen Branch, MI

Good Stuff!

This is real Argan Oil, I could feel the difference in my skin after applying it. Moisturizes and smells very well. Haven’t tried it on my hair or nails yet but I can imagine it would be beneficial to them too.The best part about Argan Oil is that it’s all natural.

Glenna Miami, IN

Your skin will love you!

I have been using argan oil for a few weeks and have found my new obsession. There isn’t a part of my body that hasn’t benefited from the joy of this oil. My hair? Smooth and so shiny. My face? Softer, no dry spots and the small wrinkles around my eyes are less noticeable. I’m hooked!

Erika Kendall, MI