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Pure Moisture Conditioner By ABBA for Unisex, 33.8 Ounce

Pure Moisture Conditioner by ABBA for Unisex – 33.8 oz Conditioner

Key features

  • Pure Moisture Conditioner by ABBA for Unisex – 33.8 oz Conditioner
  • Pure Moisture Conditioner by ABBA for Unisex

Honest reviews


FAVE conditioner

I am a beauty product addict. Price doesnt matter to me, Ill try anything, and have tried an insane number of all things potion and lotion. My fave hair serum is $5. My fave face cream is $200. I mention this only because I want to be clear that I am not attracted to only higher end lines.That said, I tend to have frizzy hair on the top layer. But as a mom who doesnt enjoy spending hours getting ready in the morning, and one who simply cant even spend more than 45 minutes weekdays (if Im lucky), I always struggle with this. I also dont want to use a flat iron every day, because my hair is starting to get fried from it and hair color.I stumbled on this shampoo and conditioner searching for products with a more natural lean, although I know some people have issues with some ingredients here. My hair is basically frizz free right as it dries thanks to this, and a little bit of my fave hair serum, and its almost perfect (its only ever “perfect” when I flat iron!). Soemtimes I dont even use the serum, and its still great.The conditioner also has really helped with damaged ends.

Latonya Vona, CO

My favorite conditioner

This is the only conditioner I have used for many years. Has made a HUGE difference in the overall feel and look of my hair. Highly recommend.

Vonda Pyote, TX

best hair products!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Abba moisture hair products line. Leaves my hair smelling wonderful for days, I also get compliments on how soft my hair feels!My favorite thing about this conditioner is the tingly feeling my head has after I wash it! Not to mention this is the best deal on this product I have found!

Erna Veradale, WA

Super Minty scent, Scalp Tingling, and turns hair to Silk!

I’m a male 35 male with normal hair that has thinned a bit as I’ve aged, but I’ not balding or anything. My hair isn’t real thick anymore though. I got a sample of this conditioner (the older product Moisture Scentsation. I liked it so much I had to buy this 33 ounce big bottle of conditioner and shampoo! The conditioner is slightly less potent than the previous product it replaced Moisture Scentsation, but with all the extra amount you get for the cheaper price, you can still get the same effect by using a bit more conditioner.It smells super minty and makes your head tingle, love it. The best part is when you dry your hair it falls perfectly with no residue on it. Other conditioners made my hair feel and look weighed down like it was coated too heavily, but not this stuff. It is awesome and worth every penny!I would have given this a 5 star review if it were just as good as potent as the conditioner it replaced, the abba Moisture Scentsation, but it is still great.Biolage used to be my favorite shampoo and conditioner until I got the abba Moisture shampoo and conditioner. Especially for normal or fine hair, if you use the shampoo and conditioner, your hair will come out like silk and lay perfect (with no weighed down residue feeling) after a blow dry!One note I will make is that this is a new replacement product for the smaller more potent (and expensive) abba Moisture Scentsation shampoo. It is only a little less potent. You may have to use a bit more to get the same effect, but its worth the cost savings if you’re not rich. If you are rich, get the older slightly better products here before they are gone. They got discontinued from what I understand due to this product replacing it.;=UTF8&qid;=1361383065&sr;=1-1-fkmr0&keywords;=abba+mint+scentsation+shampoo

Heidi Ardmore, TN

Great to Relieve a Dry Scalp

I have been using this conditioner for years as my hair and scalp are very dry. It is more expensive but worth it as it is not tested on animals and contains great moisturizers, not soapy fillers. It contains mint which is great for calming a dry, itchy scalp. I tend to use it just on my scalp and use another moisturizer on the legnth of my hair but you can use it as an all-over conditioner.

Tori Bantam, CT

Hands down, Best Shampoo ever made!!

My mom is over 65 and she has thinning hair and very sensitive scalp. This is the only shampoo that has worked for her to prevent dryness and irritated itchy scalp feeling. I,m 31 and have baby thin hair so my hair is sensitive and many shampoos cause dandruff and dryness. This shampoo works wonders for me as well. Though you have to rinse for a good while because it leaves this waxy oily feeling on my roots and ends but other than that, the results are great.

Mabel Squirrel Island, ME