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Pure Lanolin Pharmaceutical Grade – Set of Four 2 oz Pots

Fragrance-free pure lanolin from Australia pharmaceutical grade. Fours pots of 2 oz each -Total 8 oz Same product as the Koru Naturals LA08 Pure Lanolin but shipped by Amazon. Pure Lanolin is ideal for use as a protective barrier and rejuvenating balm for skin damaged by extremes of climate, detergents, gardening, etc. Ideal for protecting and nourishing split heels, tender skin and scar tissue. Lanolin for our products is harvested from happy sheep that graze in pesticide-free fields, purified to pharmaceutical-grade, and imported to the U.S. If you do comparison shopping, please make sure you compare products of similar purity because purification to pharmaceutical-grade is the most expensive step in the process.

Key features

  • 100% Pure Anhydrous Pharmaceutical grade
  • For single pots please see Koru Naturals catalog number LA08
  • Fragrance and preservatives-free
  • Safe for nursing moms and babies, and people with skin conditions
  • Pure lanolin is a wax that melts at 98°F (body temperature). If it feels too hard to use please use a hair dryer in low to soften. If it is too soft, refrigerate for one hour. Suitable for the entire body, including lips. Always use a small amount. For severely damaged hands or feet apply more and wear gloves or socks for 3-4 hours.

Honest reviews


Excellent quality.

Works very well on rough, dry skin. Also used it on my dog as she has dry, scabby skin.

Tabitha Deer Park, TX


I love this lanolin. It takes very little and protects all day. I love it on my lip and on the upper lip area. Also on my heels.

Jeannine Deal Island, MD

sticky but great

Product really is great for chapped lips – chapstick just didnt work for me anymore but this lanolin oil is great!

Bertie Mason, TN

I’m gonna be only using this to moisturize from now on.

This is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It is really thick texture but no worries when you apply, it absorbs really well and then your skin feels like it’s moisture all by itself.And this is 100% pure lanolin, which i feel really comfortable using.I applied to my feet and ankle, and they are baby soft the next day.SO WORTH IT! I’m going to purchase more for my family.

Barbara Buffalo, OH

My favorite new discovery! A little goes a very long way.

I have been using this lanolin for almost one month and it has been working beautifully. It even keeps my hands moisturized between washes. I opted for the pharmaceutical grade quality since I was worried about possible chemical contaminants which might cause my skin undue irritation or harm.I have very sensitive, very dry and eczema prone skin and I have sensitivity to most cosmetic brands. I have therefore been relying primarily on pure unrefined shea butter to keep my skin moisturized however I was still not completely satisfied since I have to keep re-applying the shea butter throughout the day to keep my hands, especially my knuckles, properly moisturized.I like my products to have multi-purposes uses so I have also been using it:i) on my bikini and underarm areas (in conjunction with aloe vera gel & castor oil) after epilating to prevent/reduce ingrown hairs;ii) as a night time facial cream (in conjunction with non-comedogenic neem seed oil & shea butter);iii) as a lip balm to prevent dry chapped lipsCON:It is a very sticky wax so a lanolin cream would probably be more suitable if you wish to use it over large areas of skin.

Charity Noble, IL

Saved me from winter parchment

I’ve used this to mix with skin cream, to make hair oil conditioning treatments and for lip balm concoctions. I gave a container to a relative who has found similar uses for it. Great product.

Alexandra North Billerica, MA