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Pure Cold Pressed Rosehip Seed Oil

Rosehip Seed Oil (30 mililiters – 1 fl.oz) is used to help dry, irritated, and weathered skin. \”Extra Virgin\” means that the oil is of the highest quality and is produced as a result a single, simple pressing. Our product contains a naturally high amount of vitamin E (no extra vitamin added), and essential fatty acids that are highly beneficial to the skin. Rosehip oil improves the appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks and eczema scars. This super-fine oil absorbs instantly, allowing the skin to breathe while it goes to work to promote a soft, beautiful skin. Ideal for normal, dry, mature, sun-damaged, scarred and sensitive skin.. Apply just a few drops before sleeping. Rosehip oil is becoming popular with massage therapists for its skin softening properties, typically in dilution (10 percent recommended). External use only

Key features

  • Pure rosehip seed oil cosmetic oil
  • Fast-absorbing – Excellent skin enhancement oil rich in natural Oleic, Palmitic, Linoleic and Linolenic Acids
  • No preservatives or additives; just pure oil
  • European-style glass dropper amber glass bottle
  • Please note: no rose flower aroma because this oil is extracted from seeds, not flowers

Honest reviews


Great for Afro textured hair.

I orginally bought this product to help remove the acne scars on my face, after hearing how it removes scars well. But It made my active acne worst so I started using it on my hair. This product made my hair soft and more moisturized than it has ever been. I Have natural african american hair type 4a/4b, and use a little of this product after I am done washing and conditioning it. Its a small bottle but you dont need to use alot of the oil on your hair just a few drops. Its also USDA certified 100% rose hip seed oil.

Nelda Candia, NH

Rose Petal Complexion

I’ve read many good things about the benefits of rosehip oil for the complexion, and since I use many of NZ Fusion’s manuka skin care products, I was delighted to discover that they also had this rosehip oil available. So of course I ordered it. There are many other, more expensive brands available that I have not tried – and never will, because I am 100% happy with this one. First I tried it alone and thought it was just okay. But then I mixed it with my beloved Watts argan oil and spread it on my face under NZ Fusion’s Sun Creme during the day and under the Moon Creme at night. Just a couple drops each of rosehip and argan left my face literally feeling petal-soft and wonderfully moisturized. So often when I have PMS my skin curiously feels dry and tight while still breaking out. I still had some breakouts but kept them under control with the Skin Clear Creme while the rosehip and argan oils banished the dry, tight feeling. And my skin fairly glowed, did not look sallow and drawn as it usually does during my cycle. This rosehip oil is a worthy addition to my skin care regime. All these products are pure, clean and simple and the best value for the money; much, much better than drugstore or department store products. The prices are so reasonable that I fear they may be overlooked by those who are used to high-end products at a high cost. Both department store and drugstore products are too harsh for my skin and many have caused an allegic reaction. Rosehip oil, I know, is particularly good for sensitive skin. It is the only thing I can use under my eyes that does not irritate them and it softens my 49-year-old lines and brightens my skin overall. I cannot recommend it enough!

Margie Dixie, WV

Rosehip oil

The high quality of this product combined with the low price cannot be beat! I have searched for rosehip oils elsewhere and love this one. I am very satisfied with this purchase, and love buying from Koru Naturals.I use the rosehip oil to clear up hyperpigmentation, and it seems to be helping fade those marks. I will continue to use and will certainly repurchase from KN when I am out!

Isabella Pittsboro, NC

pure organic rosehip seed oil from Koru Naturals

i am VERY HAPPY to tell all I COULDNT BE MORE PLEASED WITH THIS SELLER(koru naturals) OR THE PRODUCT!! Product arrived super prompt,packaged perfectly&in PRISTINE CONDITION. Sadly alot of sellers show a picture of an item&this is what you believ you’ll recieve when you order from them but it ISNT what you get. KORU NATURALS SENT ME EXACTLY WHAT WAS IN THEIR PICTURE:A brand spankin’ new unopened boxed bottle of pure organic rosehip seed oil. I cant say enuf about how much it pleases me that a seller stands by their product picture. Thank YOU KORU NATURALS & Thank you Amazon!!

Meagan Knoxville, PA

Very high quality

This is very high quality essential oil. I would definitely reorder. The oil makes your skin smooth and helps with wrinkles.

Mildred Trona, CA

Use every day

I do not have anything to compare this to since this is my first rosehip seed oil but I will definitely purchase again. I have been doing a lot of things differently with my skin so hard to say what is really causing the most improvement but I do know my skin likes this oil. It does NOT smell good/fragrant but its not like you are walking around with a face smelling like fish either. I only use this in the mornings and we have pretty rough winters here but so far my skin has held up pretty well. I usually break out more and have flaky spots in the winter but now my skin seems to be more hydrated inside and out.

Twila Marietta, IL

Vanishes my wrinkle between eyebrows

I have waited to write a review to see the results it has on my face…..and I can tell you that this is really good. I have a wrinkle between my eyebrows and it helps vanishing it. Also the bottle has a dropper which helps in getting just a small amount of oil each time so it lasts a lot. I honestly recommend this oil instead of spending lots of money on expensive brand creams.

Shawn Speculator, NY

I love it!

It absorbs beautifully and works better than any processed product ever could. this one is much cheaper than some and seems to work just as good. Try it!

Katelyn Arcola, IL

This stuff is awesome.

The air is so dry in the winter. I use this in lieu of a moisturizer at night. It’s not oily. It makes your skin very soft. Just use a few drops.

Lacey Leonia, NJ

I am delightfully surprised!

I just turned 30! I have normal skin, no serious dryness, oiliness, or acne. I’ve been blessed. Since I don’t have many problems, I’ve always just used regular soap on my face. Well, it’s starting to show. I have fine lines and wrinkles, especially on my forehead and around my eyes. I also have two red dots that were pimples when I was pregnant, but somehow scarred. One is on my nose, and one on my chin. It’s like two permanent zits. I always try to conceal them with concealer, but not even mac covers them, because they’re so dark/bright. I was scheduled to do an IPL laser treatment to try to get rid of them, after all it’s been two years, but I thought I’d try this. Rose-hip seed oil is the only natural form of Retin-A. I know that Retin-A thins the skin, so I was hoping it might help these spots. I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks, not expecting much, but these spots have diminished in color by about 50%. I am thrilled! My pores look smaller and my wrinkles are less noticeable. I highly recommend this product. If you follow directions and apply to damp skin, it takes less time to absorb into the skin. I find that when I put it on dry, it takes a while (like 20 minutes) to fully absorb. It doesn’t really have a smell, and it’s not really oily. More like a serum. I keep mine in the refrigerator to extend its life. I’m really proud of how my skin is looking, it sort of glows. I almost went to the grocery store without make-up today, but I chickened out. Maybe in another week I’ll be make-up free!

Aida Hegins, PA