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Pur Minerals 4-In-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup, Light Tan, 0.28 Ounce

Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup SPF 15 combines all of the benefits of a concealer, powder, foundation and sun protection to perfect and protect your complexion

Key features

  • Formulated with vitamin E
  • nourishes and hydrates to promote healthy skin and a long-lasting
  • Silica absorbs excess oil while organic sheaf butter conditions to soften and smooth

Honest reviews


great concealer

This mineral powder makes a great concealer. I feel it’s too heavy to apply over my whole face but I use it for the dark areas between the inside corner of my eyes and nose. I also brush it on my nose in the area where my glasses set. It keeps them from slidding on hot days! The BLUSH MEDIUM color is light and really brightens up that under eye area. If you do use it as a concealer, then use a “concealer brush” to appy it. The type of brush you use really does make a difference.

Clarissa Rexmont, PA


This make up I feel performs better than bareminerals or bareescentuals. You can’t beat the price either for the quality. I am a black woman and the shade, Dark, matched my skin perfectly, even though the pictorial representation of it on Amazon is a bit exaggerated.

Sonya Alexandria, AL

Mineral Makeup without the mess

I love mineral makeup-I like that you can “choose” your coverage and that it gives you an airbrushed look wihtout being too done. My only problem was that when I apply mineral makeup I get it all over-the bathroom, my clothes when doing touch-ups, etc. Pur Minerals has taken mineral makeup and made it pressed into a compact. It’s still mineral makeup, just not as messy.Honestly, I would buy Pur Minerals just for the less mess factor but the shade actually more closely matches my skin tone than Bare Minerals. I’ve found that Bare Minerals shades were a little too orangey to match mine. Light matches my skin perfectly. The coverage though is the same as Bare Minerals for me.

Fay Atglen, PA

Great coverage!

Made the switch from Bare Minerals loose to Pure Minerals pressed and it has way better coverage which is what I needed! I love itand highly recommend it to anyone with uneven skin tones or acne!Very good product and the BEST part? CRUELTY FREE- NO ANIMAL TESTING!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

Noreen North Metro, GA

Great over all.

The coverage for this product is light and not loose like bare minerals (which tends to make a mess most of the time). I have fair skin, and my skin isnt really sensitive but I like the lightness of powder over an actual liquid.

Shanna Pulaski, GA

Could this be the Holy Grail foundation?

I was at Ulta, trying, again, to find “the” foundation that will offer me excellent coverage, light feel, ease of application, and good value. A salesperson gave me a make-over using Pur Minerals foundation, blush, and lipstick. She used Light on my not-quite-porcelain skin, and it looked amazing! So easy to apply, I have found, that my foundation application time has been slashed. Not messy at all, so I don’t find it on my counter, clothes, or in my sink. My skin even looks better when I don’t have make-up on…more even-toned and smoother. I hardly ever have to touch this foundation up. It lasts all day with a primer. If you seem to be on an eternal search for a great foundation, this just might be it.

Lizzie Ogunquit, ME


I recently finished up my Bare Minerals face powder, and set off to the makeup store (my trusty Ulta) on the hunt. I started a chat with a salesgirl and explained my needs for a new powder. She led me to Pur Minerals, a brand I had not yet heard of. I took a look at the 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation, and decided to give it a chance. I really have the salesgirl to thank- as she was pretty convincing- and I’m glad. I love this stuff! The foundation is lightweight, makes my skin look instantly better, and even has a SPF-15, which I really try to look for in my face makeup. I also did a shade darker so it gives me a little color when I’m pale in the winter – no tanning beds here! The coverage stays on all day, and I never have to worry about sticking it in my bag when I go out at night. I found a winner!

Jamie Boelus, NE

My all time favorite

I just ran out of the Pur minerals foundation I got in the starter kit, and I was really happy to see this compact has nearly twice as much makeup. (.28 oz in this versus .15 oz in the starter kit foundation compact.) I love the coverage this gives, especially how well is covers redness and skims over my fine lines. I have sensitive, acne prone skin and it has improved considerably since I started using this foundation regularly. I use the Pur minerals chisel brush to apply and I never have a line around my chin where you can tell the foundation stops, but still get a great finished look to my skin. And I can put this on much faster than any liquid foundation and without the mess of a loose powder mineral foundation. The pigment is very finely milled so it doesn’t look powdery and cakey. (Be sure to moisturize or use a primer first to get the smoothest results.) I was worried about ordering the Blush Medium because the picture looks so dark for some reason, but it’s a perfect cool undertone foundation for my moderately fair skin.I like this so much better than Bare Essenctuals, and better than the best drug store brands too. Definitely worth the price.

Rosa Portland, OR