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Pumpkin Peel Enzyme 2oz. Jar 30% Glycolic Acid, 30% TCA & 10% Lactic Acid

Pumpkin peels use the enzyme of the pumpkin to exfoliate and introduce vitamins and nutrients into the skin. In many cases, pumpkin peels result in immediate clarity and smoothness in the skin. It is full of beta carotene and vitamin A, which help to stimulate circulation and promote healing. Contains : Vitamin A,beta – carotene,Iron,Vitamin E,calcium,Protein – from pumpkin also contains 30% Glycolic Acid & 30% TCA, and 10% lactic acid *refrigerate after use* Flaking or peeling may occur – this is normal. Frothing may occur but will go away within 20 minutes. Skin frothing does not mean your skin will peel deeper. Some skin froths, some skin turns red…all is normal. As a reminder, refrigerate this product after opening. Discoloration of the pumpkin is completely normal, this is due to the TCA and Glycolic reacting. Stir before each use. Peel will burn the skin, causing it to peel revealing fresh new skin. This is all normal. Do not pick or pull the skin. Damaged skin may scab, any scabbing will fall off and should not be removed. Use with caution. Epidermal Peel is not responsible for misuse of product.

Key features

  • accelerates collagen production in the skin to reduce wrinkles
  • pumpkin enzymes eat away dead skin cells
  • all 3 acids peels the skin, revealing fresh new skin
  • repairs sun damage and acne scars
  • treats acne and other skin conditions

Honest reviews


Not so much

I use 50 % glycolic rx strength peels up to 5 min home I built up to over 2 years and this peel did nothing on firsrt use for 2 min.I felt no sting nothing. Second time I used it 5 min 26 seconds on stop watch and did not burn or Peel my skin in any way. Of course my skin has gone through any and all old sxkin shedding from stronger peels this I guess ill use 2 x week for a glow of clarity.I also use AHA soufflé 12% bought here and its night formula that I Swear by , they are super worker.I had 3 rather deep furrow lines in my forehead I got Botox for over 5 years and stopped 2 yrs ago getting Botox because I bought home microdermison kit, Nu brilliance I love.i ALSO bought the home Rx strength glycolic peels that are serious STUFF.I started at 30% and now built to 50 % ..I could do 60 % but have no spots or ANY REASON TO USE STRONGER NOW.My skin looks Great to me and we are our owm worse critique.I dont use /need makeup and people say I have flawless skin LOLtHEY don’t know I have worked hard to get this way plus I drink LOTS OF water a day plus coffee my vice lol.For light eye wrinkles I SWEAR BY and will NEVER BE WITHOUT the SMOOTHIES wrinkle PATCHES SOLD here ,along with other collagen eye patches ON HERE, made for forehead lines and eye WRINKLE lines to wear over night .I literally wake after 3 wks use with ZERO fore head wrinkles any more!I immediately do a ice plunge , (fill clean bath sink with ice and cold water and stick my face in it for off and on 5 minutes. COLDD…BUT…TAKES ANY EYE FACE ETC Swelling from sleep away asap and your FACE IS SO TIGHT YOUNG FRESH.When skin still damp I apply straight 40% glycolic dots of liquif peel on any wrinkles I can see and use AHA face Soufflé, 12% over it and entire face , followed by SPF 45 mixed into my PurE ARGAN oil 3 dropsIt makes my face glow and NO MAKEUP NEEDED, I NO LONGER BREAK OUT, NO SCARS, no visible pores, no skin discoloration, BUT I owe that to 2 yrs of RX strength home glycolic peels now at 50 % …I had to start at 30 % work up to it and had peeling.I bought the Nu brilliance home microbrasion system …to suck off extra flaking skin and make collagen rev up again and I’ve done that 2 yrs ,worked so well I stopped all Botox in 2012.I tried this , reading how it was harsh peeling skin etc , it did not do that to me,But then again my skin is already abraded and no dead skin.I bough AHA 2 mos ago in 12% soufflé here and night formula and they r AMAZINGTHE 2 WRINKLES On forehead I DID HAVE I HAVE BEEN USING smoothie EYE PATCHES AND FORHEAD PATCHES OVERNIGHT AND WRINKLES R GONE!mY LEFT EYE id squish as i slept head fell to left… used new no wrinkle face pillow celebs use, bought here, patches AND GLYCOLIC acid peels.. now I HAVE nO MORE EYE WRINKLEs either.I USED TO…. BUT THIS FCAE PROGRAM I FOLLOW TOOK CARE OF IT ALL.SO IVE HAD NO NEED FOR BOTOX IN OVER 2 YRs!!tHE PILLOW, FACE SMOOTHIES, HOME GLYCOLIC PEELS ARE THE MAIN IRREPLACABLE ITEMS ILL NEVER BE W/OUT.THEN I ADD TO 45 SPF PURE ARGAN OIL 3 DROPS TO IT AND MY FACE ABSORBS IT AND EVERYONE SAYS I HAVE FLAWLESS SKIN ASKING HTHIN I use Pure Argan oil 3 drops mixed into?I was the FORMER GIRL WHO HAD ACNE FOR YEARS but no one would ever know it nowMy PLAsTIC SURGEON DOESNT SEE ANY SKIN DISCOLORATION, BUMPS UNDER SKIN , NO BLACKHEADS AND I WAS QUEEEN OF BAD SKIN TILL I STARTED WITH DR PEELS AT OFFICE yrs ago.I CAN SAY IVE now FOUND MY YOUTH CODE PROGRAM , IN WHAT I USE, ill never change it

Natalia Nanty Glo, PA

This is great!

I highly recommend this peel. My skin is anything but sensitive, and even i could barely leave it on for 10 minutes, because it burns really bad, but thats what we want right? It gives me a decent peel when i use it 3 days in a row (about 10 minutes each time). The peel lasts for over a week. I only did it twice so its too soon to talk about results. Also i apply it for two mins twice a week and really like it, my face feels so fresh and smooth. This small jar will last for ever too, you only need a little bit each time you use it.

Kristi Greenville, NC

This stuff WORKS!!!

I did not expect this tiny little jar to pack such a punch. I applied a thin layer and left it for 5 minutes when I first got it. The next day my skin felt a little dry so I sprayed some Hyaluronic acid and went my way. The day after this….MAJOR peeling. My face looked like I was shedding from a spa facial. I was annoyed at first but then impressed. I only use it every two weeks now due to this but, it leaves your skin feeling and looking awesome. I will continue to buy..Remember not to scrub or wipe your face harshly for a few days after a peel or you will damage your skin.

Stacey Gaylord, MN

Waste of money!!

Very disappointed in this product and I would not order it again. Very harsh and not buffered, poor visual results.

Danielle Ft Mitchell, KY

This is a good peel.

I really like this peel. I only leave it on for about 10 mins. Be careful because it is strong , and it will make your face peel. It does leave your skin soft, after your skin peels. I use it every 2 weeks. It smells just like pumpkin.

Loraine Greenville, NH

love it!

I worked in high end spas for years in atlanta and had a lot of peels. New to amazon I had no idea I could get spa strength peels without a professional. I was thrilled to find one that had both pumpkin and glycolic together. The feeling of the peel was just the same as the spa peels I’ve received in the past. My pores are smaller and the dead gunk is gone. My face hurts now but it is my own fault. I left it on longer then I should have for the first time use. Argan oil helped out with the burn. The consistency is good since it is not too liquidy and stays where I apply it. It smells great too. I will purchase peels from this company again.

Ines Washington, CA