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PUEEN Professional 12 Piece Makeup Brush Set in Vegan Leather Case Holder – High Quality Synthetic Hair Bristles-BH000001

Create Various Looks The PUEEN Professional 12 Piece Brush Set is the ideal assortment of cosmetic brushes for beginners to professionals. This deluxe collection includes 12 unique brushes with high quality synthetic hair bristles that are essential for creating a multitude of looks. Easy Clean Up and Convenient Storage Clean up of all of these brushes is easy and effortless. Simply soak bristles in warm water then swirl them in the palm of your hand along with your favorite shampoo or brush cleanser and rinse thoroughly. You may then add brush guards and allow them to air-dry. We strongly recommend washing cosmetic brushes prior to use. Washing not only cleans the brushes, but also helps remove any loose bristles and particles that may have come into contact with them during manufacturing. An initial washing will help condition and soften your brushes, preparing them to perform better over time. Storing and carrying this great collection is no problem with the travel friendly and also daily use friendly vegan leather case/holder. You may use this durable pink case as the storing case on the go or simply storing them. You may also use it as the brush holder for handy daily makeup use. This set contains the following makeup brushes: 1. Powder Buffer 2. Duo Buffer 3. Angle Blush 4. Foundation 5. Concealer 6. Dome Shadow 7. Large Shadow 8. Detail Shadow 9. Angled Shadow 10. Multipurpose Pencil 11. Angled Liner 12. Lip And a lovely pink vegan leather case which can also be used as a brush holder.

Key features

  • 12 piece professional quality makeup brush set
  • This set includes all the brushes you need for daily makeup use
  • Durable unique packing case can well protect your makeup brushes
  • All are stored in a lovely and compact pink travel case which can be converted to a handy brush holder

Honest reviews


2 thumbs up

the smell of the brushes is strong . but it does go away so deal with it…mostly these are face brushes not really for the eyes, my opinion . there super soft .. and like anything else u have to use them a couple times for them to work perfect.. and thats for all makeup brushes .. they work good.. sigma obviously lil better… but no complaints here..

Caitlin Winchester, MA

too cute

Exactly what I expected. Not too big or too small. Great solid case is goood protection for home and especially b travel. Brushes are soft and handles are nice and thick. Cute with pueen liable on brush handles. Good purchase and worth the cash. Great too add to collection.

Saundra Mount Carmel, SC

so soft!

I love these brushes. 1 its a great starter kit for a young girl who is just starting in makeup. The fibers are very soft for synthetic fibers. They are really easy to clean and the case they some in is just adorable. They really do the job quite well.

Anna Wrens, GA

Very good brush set at great price point.

Very good set of brushes on a budget. Great variety, you get all you need, very soft, apply everything smoothly. Great buy. The only thing I wish that the case holder was little wider.

Miriam Etta, MS


It took 5 days for the brushes to come in. I was extremely excited for them to come, BUT the size was a little smaller than I thought. I can deal with that, the case still looks cute. Yet when I opened it, the brushes smelled a bit foul and when I was picking some up, a tip broke off. Checking all of the brushes, FIVE out of TWELVE tips broke off so I had to superglue it back on. Washing it got rid of the smell too. Yes, the brushes are surprisingly softer than I had thought it would be, and it does not look cheap or plastic. BUT I don’t think I should have paid $20.

Ophelia Snydertown, PA

Decent Quality

Good basic or first starter brush kit to learn how to apply the makeup.Love the storage cup it comes along with,no warping or misshapen area’s on it.Love the eye brushes the kit includes,they pack on the color superbly and blend very well.One con is the powder brush doesn’t let go of the powder like it sucks up all of the makeup.Just worried with the face brushes won’t work as well as the eye brushes.

Daphne Idamay, WV

Great Travel Set

I needed a travel brush set and this was perfect!!! The tube allows you to pack the brushes up with ease and the case also helps keep the brushes free of dust when they are not being used.

Silvia Bridal Veil, OR


Like it:) really soft and cute. Does a great job, I like how it blends!!!! And looks great on my vanity table:)

Susanna Pope Valley, CA

Great for Travel and Display

Adorable, high-quality, and convenient to carry around. They are not my favorite brushes, but they are close! I am an avid makeup collector, and I know a GREAT deal when I see one.

Mattie Alton, NY

Pueen brushes

These brushes are very good. As stated in previous reviews, they do have a slight smell when u just open it up. But that can be taken care of with a wash, or even conditioner. The hair fibers are really soft and apply the make up and shadows very well. Would recommend.

Rae Henrieville, UT