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PUEEN Nail Art Stamp Collection Set 24E – LOVE ELEMENTS – NEW Unique Set of 24 Nailart Polish Stamping Manicure Image Plates Accessories Kit

PUEEN Nail Art Collection 24E Love Elements The second set of image plates from the nail art experts at PUEEN! BONUS: FREE storage and display case/holder is included in each order! (color of case will be sent randomly) PUEEN Nail Art Stamping Image Plates #26-#49 were designed and created from the ground up to introduce exciting new designs to nail art stamping. There are very unique and no other nail art image plates look like them. Each plate measures about 1.8″ (5.5cm in diameter) with sanded edges for easy, comfortable handling and a protective nylon screen. All image plates are made from high grade stainless steel and are paper backed to prevent scratching during storage. This fantastic collection of plates comes with 24 plates ,each containing 6 designs per plate (total of 144 IMAGES!) . Use this variety pack to create show-stopping nails! This PUEEN collection will not disappoint you. Try it and we are so confident that you will like it!

Key features

  • Newest Unique Nail Art Image Plates Designed by PUEEN – Now comes with the storage case (color of case is sent randomly)!
  • Comes with 24 plates. There are 6 designs per plate (total of 144 IMAGES!)
  • Each plate measures about 1.8″ (5.5cm in diameter) with sanded edges for easy, comfortable handling and a protective nylon screen
  • Picture is showing our design in digital format and actual plates are made of high quality stainless steel with high polish finish
  • Please peel off the tight, protective, blue plastic film on top of each plate before using

Honest reviews


I’m pretty sure I already did a review of these.

check your records, I already reviewed this product. Check your records, please, this is getting a tad annoying. I did this already

Freda Saulsbury, TN

Nice and inexpensive but some will not stamp

I am not a nail expert but I am intelligent enough to figure this out with the help of a few tutorials. However some of these stamps do not work. I can get some of them without any problem but some work half the time and some do not work at all. I have some official Konad plates and they have never not worked for me so it is not my skill level that is the problem. I would also say that I got these to do my nieces nails and some friends and they were not thrilled with this set of stamps. They much preferred the little pictures to the full nail decorations and the pictures are the ones that I have the hardest time with.For the price this product is not bad but expect some not to work.

Kellie Taylor, TX

Love “love elements”.

When I saw these plates I had to have them. I really liked all the images and having bought the first set of Pueen plates I didn’t think there would be any issues with the quality. I was right :).The shipping time was reasonable, ordered on 8th May and received on 14th May. When the plates came, they came in a white plastic pueen envelope inside a bubble padded shipping envelope so they were well packaged to avoid damage. One of the plates the first one had a deep scrape across it (this had to have happened prior to shipping) but that was only on the plastic, the plate itself was undamaged.The case I got was white and it was perfectly fine no damage no discolouration and very cute. The little screw on the bottom was a bit loose but I understand that this can be tightened. The little plastic envelopes inside the case were quite flimsy, it felt like the slightest thing and they would tear but since I have something else to store my plates in that doesn’t matter to me.The plates are the standard plate size but they are ever so slightly thinner than a Konad plate The edges are rounded so its not sharp like some others. There are different sized full nail images all of which are way bigger than the images on my other plates (used Konad M057 to compare). Most of the images are wide enough to just cover my nails but I do have wider nail beds so it will be more than large enough for most people. The images were all really nice, in fact out of all the plates there are probably one of two IMAGES that I might not use. The images are sharp and clear.All in all good quality plates, pretty images and a nice case.

Mina Fernley, NV

Crap, not worth buying

None of the plates are deep enough to hold paint and stamp. Waisted my money on this one,don’t buy this product

Cornelia Clyde, MO

Better then Expected

So I have been doing this nail thing for 3 yrs now. I have just about every brand out there. So needless to say I have some good plates and So plates so badly done (image won’t stamp &/or sharp edges) I also know about a good price to pay for plates. When I first saw these plates I thought the price was a little high. But it comes in a “real” case. Not a paper box stating it was a case but a real leather case with each plate is inside its own sheet protector. The image is so deeply edged in you can feel it completely with just your fingers. I also got the 1st set of Pueen plates (1-25) The plates are not as deeply edges but if you use a higher end or stamping polish you wont even know. I got one in a orange case (my 2nd fav color) and the other one is white. Outside of #34 plate having a really deep and large scratch in it (can’t use 2 images) the plates are sweet. The images are great. I’m waiting for the Ankh (an Egyptain Cross) and the Triquetra (a Celtic Trinity Knot) to be the new images on next set of plates to come out. The price is a little high but you are paying for what you get. You get high quality plates and a protective case to hold your plates in. Good buy. There should be a frequent customer discount or lighten up on the price for the next sets.

Jaime Rives, MO


This was pleasing to the eyes for the fact that the presentation is so pretty. Different from the other plates I have collected which usually just come wrapped in plastic. The designs are very pretty on each and every plate. I wasn’t going to purchase any more plates but when I saw someone reviewing this collection on YouTube I caved in and got them. Didn’t have any problems with my order and I checked all the plates.

Ina Belle, WV

wonderful and unique

I have the first set of pueen plates as well. This manufacture has it figured out. This second set works great just like the first. Although this set is more feminine than the other one. The full nail designs are large but they do not have the moon shape at the bottom for French tips like their first set. Images transfer beautifully comparable to Konad. It also comes it a cute case. If you love nail art like me, it is a must for your collection. Check out my nail art slide show.;=youtube_gdata_player

Mildred El Reno, OK

Stamping addict

This was my first purchase of the Pueen plates at all, and I must say, I am SUPER IMPRESSED. The images are crisp, and etched a good depth. The thought process behind the design execution seems better than in other sets. (no super thin lines that don’t transfer, etc) The full nail bed plates seem to be a bit wider than the other sets I have purchased, which is helpful.I have tried out 3 different plates so far, and I have to say the quality is MUCH better than the Shany or Red Angel plates. Every transfer seems nice and clear. Cannot say enough good things, want to buy the rest of everything they have put out!!And the white leatherette case was a super nice touch, trying to figure out if I have a use for it, since I keep my plates in a plate holder book.

Jenny Springlake, TX

It is ok

It takes time and practice, some of the designs do not work, other are very small (like for your pinky nail) – after you master it, it is cool

Sonja Mereta, TX

Love them but sharp so be careful!!!

I have never had a Pueen plate before but, despite wanting one so bad I decided to wait. When I finally gathered enough courage to get it I had to wait,even further because only this set was available (and not the one I originally wanted) so once both of them were available (1-49) I jumped right one and I am happy that I did! This set was far beyond what I expected and the case it came in was so convenient. I had heard that persons said in other brands that some plates might not stamp well so I decided to test every last image and it stamped excellently! But, that still didn’t stop me from slicing my finger open. I didn’t know what it was that sharp but I am meticulous when it comes with cleaning the plates after use so that might have been my doing but, just a fair warning, be careful with the edges. Aside from that, I am pleasantly pleases with it and I use it every two weeks when I change my pedicure. The images are the biggest I have seen (I have the first generation Winstonia as well as Pueen Plate 1-25) and I was so happy because I have medium-long nails and, when I tested them out, they fit better than I expected (only tried Winstonia at the time). I highly recommend!

Imelda Willow Lake, SD

Beautiful Plates!

Very pleased with this order. I ordered this and the Pureen Buffet stamping set at the same time. I got them quickly. They seem to be etched well except for 1 image on 1 plate. From what I’ve seen of others who have used that image, they have had issues with etching on that one too. The details are so fine, I think it’s just hard to etch it deep enough without making it too deep.Overall, I am very pleased with the purchase. This was my first from Pureen and I will order from them again if/when they have more new plates.

Kerry Chatsworth, GA

Love these images!

I was a little skeptical about trying yet another stamping company, but these images are clear, easy to stamp, and there’s something for everyone in this set! The case that comes with the set takes a bit getting used to, I am used to having my plates displayed side-by-side, but it’s a great solution for travel, and keeping them in an easy, compact and organized place. I will try to upload a photo of my latest mani using one of these plates.

Clarissa Joyce, WA


I am super happy with my purchased. I really liked all the designs and they work really good. I have used them with the special nail stamping polish and regular nail polish and has work really good. I recommend this bundle of stamping plates

Ila Kirksey, KY

Great. Love the way they packaged these!

For the first time someone packaged some plates in a super cute leather like case where you can pull out each of the plates and show them before deciding which one you want to use. convenient and innovative. I wound up buying another case and there bigger case that houses I think 132 plates! in Hot Pink. Great Deal

Laurel Pierpont, OH


LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Love Elements stamp collection! GREAT assortment shipped in a wonderful little case, perfect for storage! Awesome number of designs! Each plate has unique images which go tiogether wonderfully. Both full-nail and single image designs included. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Katrina Pohnpei, FM

The plate with the stars is my favorite

I got this set specifically for one of the star designs, its hard to use the other plates in this set and my other plates I own because I just love the stars so much! But this set has very nice full nail designs, prettier than most. I have incorporated them into MANY designs, especially over gradients it looks incredible.The designs on this set are really nice, there’s lots of generic hearts you can use whenever not just Valentine’s Day which is great, I like hearts year round, right now my nails are stamped with one of the heart designs from this set and there are a few specifically for Valentine’s Day like they have words written into the design, the plates stamp decent, the designs are deep enough, they pick up well, etc. When I ordered it, mine even came with a free case which was really nice and better than what other companies offer. I would buy this brand again if there’s another set with designs I like.

Bridgette Young, AZ

Love this set

I love this set, the images are all so pretty and there doesn’t seem to be any defects/problems that actually affect the stamp (though there was some discoloration on a few plates). I haven’t tried out all of the images, but the ones that I have tried have all been easy to use and stamp.

Marcia Burlington, NJ

Beautiful designs, stamps well, A little busy

These image plates have a lot of beautiful designs, Their whimsy and romantic style is for far more than just Valentines day! For never having heard of the pueen brand I am really pleased with the quality, they are paper backed which helps keep down the sharp edges, etched well and have the typical blue sticker that covers the plates, these come off with great ease unlike some other brands I’ve seen. The designs are plenty wide and I like that most of the images are for full nails, There aren’t any french manicure designs and only a few of the tiny ones. My only complaint is that some of the designs are very busy and you don’t really realize just how busy they are until you have stamped them. I noticed this especially with one of the rose lace designs, the fish net style in the background made it a little hard to see exactly what it was once stamped.

Geneva Patterson, NC


This is a very cute collection comes with a great holding case at a great price many cute designs .

Rosalie Irvine, CA

Five Stars

Love the designs, and so far everything comes out very clear!

Fannie Kansas, IL

cute designs!

I love the variaty of designs in this set. The images come out crisp and clean everytime. I have this set as well as the first one and love them both!

Dianne Pulaski, TN

Beautiful Set!

Beautiful set of stamping plates! I am so glad that I purchased these! They stamp clear and transfer on to nails wonderfully.

Iva Goodwin, AR


I have ordered the pueen plates 1-25 and loves them so i wanted to get the love elements too! these have lots of lacey whimsical images. and a white holding case! this time there was paper at the end of the plastic so the leather didnt stain the plastic! (not like my other one) I got a white case of course, my favorite color! One of my places did have a scratch across it but thats okay because i didnt like those images anyway, also there was discoloration on one of my plates.. ill upload a pic.. Overall Amazing. This set is now added to my collection of Plates!

Cheri Northway, AK

Stamping Plates

Beautiful and the designs are awesome…i’m about to use my Plates by tomorrow. I know it’s gonna turn out great

Caitlin Mohall, ND

Love em

These were just as they seem. Nice prints and they worked very well. I will be buying more as soon as new ones are offered.

Dee Forest City, IL

PUEEN 2013 Nail Art Stamp Collection Set 24E – LOVE ELEMENTS

An amazing set for an affordable price… Delicate images that stamp flawlessly for everyday nail art… Thank you Pueen 🙂

Deena Fredericksburg, VA


The selection and case of Pueen plates are very nice. I like them better than Konad plate selection and at least Pueen gives you a storage case. Pueen images are large enough to cover your whole nail.

Guadalupe Deer Creek, MN

Great designs, but plates scratch easily

I absolutely loved my nail designs with these. They’re great designs. The plates scratch easily though. The plastic backing erodes off in one use with acetone, but the glue says on – yuck. The protective film coating removed easily – easier than other brands. I like the storage case. Nice.

Mina Pickens, AR

Nice set!

I am always looking for new plate sets, and this one is nice. It has a lot of different designs and most of them are nice.

Alissa Fertile, IA

Great set!

I love these plates. they stamp smoothly and the designs are very unique. I highly recommend these for anyone collecting stamping plates!

Clara Scammon, KS