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PUEEN Nail Art Stamp Collection Set 24B – STAMPING BUFFET – NEW INVENTION Set of 24 All You Can Stamp Full Size Stamping Image Plates Manicure DIY

PUEEN Nail Art Collection 24B Stamping Buffet We call this STAMPING BUFFET as you may stamp where ever you like! We call this ALL YOU CAN STAMP as you will create infinite designs with your imagination! This set brings a totally new concept of the stamping nail arts. While each plate is fully etched, the idea of Stamping Buffet is coming from where you may stamp where ever on the plate as you like. This will allow our plates to create infinite designs with your imaginations. BONUS: FREE storage case is included in each order! (color of case will be sent randomly) PUEEN Nail Art Stamping Image Plates #50-#73 are designed and created from the ground up to introduce exciting new designing concepts to the nail art stamping world. There are very unique and no other nail art image plates look like them. Each plate measures about 1.8″ (5.5cm in diameter) with sanded edges for easy, comfortable handling and a protective nylon screen. All image plates are made from high grade stainless steel and are paper backed to prevent scratching during storage. This amazing collection of plates comes with 24 plates ,each is fully etched so there is no limitation on your nails’ width and length any more. Use this variety pack to create show-stopping nails! This PUEEN collection will not disappoint you. Try it and we are so confident that you will like it! Please checkout all other stamping plates collection sets from PUEEN!

Key features

  • Nail Art Image Stamping Plates Designed by PUEEN
  • Comes with 24 fully etched stamping plates
  • We call this STAMPING BUFFET as you may stamp where ever you like
  • We call this ALL YOU CAN STAMP as you will create infinite designs with your imagination
  • All of our plates are made of high quality stainless steel with high polish finish

Honest reviews


Need improvement

I have been taying many stamping plates over time and I was very exited to try this collection. After closely viewing it and testing it I came up with my opinion that there is much more improvement to be done. I have some what long nails and I found it very hard to place a single flower. There are few images I could actually use. I would not recommended for people with short nails. Unless you want to only use a couple of plates. Other than that they will stamp really good.

Luella Odell, NE

Excellent quality & variety, iffy sizes

Pueen makes my favorite stamping plates because of the fantastic quality and this set is just as good; the images are detailed and crisp, they are just a breeze to work with. This set is unique in that the patterns are all combined so that the entire plate is full of images, so there’s a big boost in variety without the limitations of being too ‘themed’ as I think the MoYou plates are.But I have to drop a star because many of the patterns and images are so big you can’t get the effect if you have average to smaller nails, like I do. Almost all the images or patterns with flowers are so big that I can’t use them and still be able to tell what the image is once it’s on the nail. Conversely, Plate 52 has a bunch of fantastic geometric shapes, but there are so many on the plate, there isn’t enough room to get a lift of any of the individual patterns to cover the whole nail, what whatever you can lift is so enlarged you can’t see the pattern once it’s on the nail anyway.I think the makers of stamping plates are hearing customers complaints and are finally giving us larger images, but they’re cheating. Instead of giving more pattern they’re just making them bigger, and there is a significant difference. I’ve seen this same problem with the Cisi & Sisi sets as well).

Queen Pampa, TX


Love these! If you have longer nails these are amazing, they will cover the whole nail. Hoping for more designs like this. Love that the images offer a variety of combinations and images can cover long nails without having to stamp a nail twice to cover the whole nail when using an XL stamper. I hope Pueen and other companies continue to do nail art stamps like this because its a good buy.

Araceli Quinter, KS

If you like the Konad Cherry Blossom Plate you will probably like this set

This set is very similar to the Konad M66 plate. I really like that plate because of the fact I can take images from pretty much anywhere on the plate and make an entire scene on my manicure and it goes well over bright ombre nails (especially if your like me and are proficient at everything else but doing ombre style blending I use a full nail design to hide over my lack of blending skills and it looks super professional) and it covers like a full nail design not individual images, but cherry blossoms are very limited to only a few weeks of the year so I was kind of excited to see another company offer a set similar to it with new designs, and I have had Pueen plates in the past and I really liked them so being familar I was excited to buy them. When I got them out I tried them out right away, I did many manicures to test them out plus my other plates, my boyfriend was like "are you painting your nails again!?" I even tried doing it when he was sleeping one morning because he made me feel ashamed that I couldn’t decide on a manicure. I liked how some of the images on this plate were negative images (where you would typically be used to seeing blank space it would be where the polish was designed to go.) My only gripes are I wish the designs were more varied, it looks like some of the design elements were repeated from plate to plate and tweaked a little to make them different, I like my designs more varied. And I never thought I would ever be able to say this about a nail plate company ever but I am saying it now, some of the images were actually too big! Like the bird it was really cute, but there’s no way I could fit it on my nail! And the 3 flower plates were cute too, but on two of the plates there weren’t enough sizes to choose from, some smaller ones would have been nice. If Pueen made another nail buffet set I would possibly buy it, but I would like to see more variety.

Marlene Wrights, IL

plates are great except one

I was so excited to receive my stamps today but when I opened it the smell was very overwhelming. Though the smell on the storage case kind of settled down now, Im hoping it goes away completely in time. The case is cute but it also stained the plastic on the inside, which I don’t really mind since the plates are not stained. I love that the shipping was really fast, the plates were already in the storage case and everything but plate 69 was in good condition. The bird image on plate 69 has a slight flaw where it looks like there’s a little arrow on its head after stamping (???)…..anyway besides that, all the images are beautiful, stamps well and comes out clear with regular nail polish. With that being said, I think this collection is still a great buy. Im really happy with this set.

Eloise Herscher, IL


This is my third set of Pueen plates and I love these!!! I have long nails so it is hard for me to find an image that fits my entire nail. With these plates they fit them perfectly! The only downside, for me, (and this is a personal issue cause I am slightly OCD when it comes to my nail designs and such) is I can’t document the designs for viewing purposes (normally I stamp each design on a sheet of paper and store it so I can decide which design I want to wear without going through each collection plate individually) because they are so big. But that my issue and it has nothing to do with these plates, which I love, so I HIGHLY recommend them.

Jerri Thayer, IA

Better than “standard” plates, but not as great as I’d hoped

These plates are definitely better for being able to stamp your entire nail in 1 swoop, but the way the designs are laid out, you are hard pressed to be able to get the same design on your entire nail. So basically saying, with the "standard" plates, you rarely can fit the entire design on your thumb – these plates, you can cover your whole thumb, but it probably won’t have the same design on it – they are sorta positioned in triangle shapes, if that makes sense.Anyway, if you want something easy to use, and don’t care about a "mosaic" of sorts on your nail, then these are definitely better than the old/smaller designed plates. But if you want a consistent design on your entire finger, you might want to keep this in mind.

Luz Guadalupita, NM

great set

very god set. etched very well with great the idea of these plates. Love the ability to be able to select a few images in one stamp. My only complaint is that some of the images(plate 50, 53) are to big and dont fit the nail appropriately. wish the images were a bit smaller 🙁 and then they would be perfect.

Jaclyn Richland, IA

Pueens best collection so far

Out of all the Pueen plate collections this is my favorite some images are too large for a nail but if you have a silicone stamper you can make the image smaller to fit.

Leeann Georgetown, DE

I love Pueen and their plates and cases

This set is just as fabulous as everything else Pueen has set out to serve us. Fabulosity at its best.

Gayla Elsinore, UT

Gorgeous! High quality plates

I have several different sets of nail stamping plates from different manufacturers. I really love the other Pueen plates,but these exceed it every set I own by far! I would even recommend these over Konad brand. These plates are more similar to the Moyou collection in that the entire Plate is one continuous image. You will not be disappointed! Check out my nail art slide show on YouTube […]

Juliette New Windsor, IL

My favorite things

I love doing my nails, and these plates are currently my favorites. With most of them the areas of a given design are large enough to allow you to pick different parts of it, giving you matching nails that aren’t cookie cutter identical. The one exception is the plates where the designs are in narrow bands or arches. Still trying to figure out how I should use those.

Nelly Paradise, MT

Love this set but I was missing 3 plates and …

Love this set but I was missing 3 plates and was refunded some of my purchase price. I don’t like doing business this way and as much as I want the love elements 24B set I think I’m going to wait awhile. The plates themselves are amazing…I was just missing those 3 and one of them was a favorite.

Maureen Webster, ND

Awesome and unique plates!

Very special plates! I love the way they are designed. I used some plates already and they stamped beautifully!

Katie Silver Lake, IN

Great Item

It was in great shape when I received it! And it was exactly what i needed for my collection. Thank you!

Gracie Littcarr, KY

Really great…

First of all, whomever named this buffet, what a great name. Too funny. Anyway, great designs. Love the fact that I can choose sections and it’s perfect for my clients with super long nails!!

Brandie Madison, IL

this is AMAZING!!!!!!

Please please please release more like this!Pueen is by far my most favorite stamping brand because of the quality of the designs, so I couldn’t hit the order button fast enough when I saw this awesome "buffet" collection. I have long nails and I love full coverage designs. These are definitely more "grown up" designs, which I absolutely love!

Willa Morris, OK


I am in love with this set!! I’ve been stamping for a few years, and I have a lot of stamping plates: Dashica, Moyou, Konad, Mash, Bundle Monster, Red Angel, Cici & Sisi. These rank right up with Dashica as the easiest plates I ever used, and they rank with Moyou for the most interesting and innovative designs. I’m so very impressed!

Cleo Natoma, KS

So many options!

Love these plates. There are so many options on them. The designs are so intricate you can use the same design but have it look different. 4 images per plate quadruples the value.

Meredith Boones Mill, VA


I had been lusting after this set for some time so when I got it I was super excited. The items arrived early in a super cute storage case. Great set!!! Love how all the designs just blend into one another. So many choices and so many creative designs. I’ll never tire of this buffet. I use nail striping polish for stamping? It’s inexpensive ($1 LA Colors) and shows up great!! Metallic/foil type polishes work great too.

Lee Rural Valley, PA

Love these stamping plates

I love these stamping plates. There are a lot of different designs to choose from. Really am enjoying how the images blend together so nicely.

Lucille Nicholson, GA

Nice set!

Very pretty plates. I like half of them a lot, and the rest I don’t care so much but I think that for the price they are a good buy. Very good quality and if you are just starting your collection this set would be a great one to start with. Also great for people with long-wide nails. I hope they make more like these!!

Angelia Cranberry Twp, PA

Perfect Stamping Plates for Large Nail Beds

I have large nail beds so I’m always looking for stamping plates that have large images. I have plates from monster bundle, moyou, etc. This is by far my favorite. The images are varied and etched well. I have no problem picking up a nice clean image that covers my full nail. I love this set. Hopefully, Pueen will make more like it.

Melba Woodstock, OH


Well etched, quick shipping and so much fun to work with. I highly recommend these plates to ladies who love stamping and have longer nails.

Araceli Sumerduck, VA

Finally for Big Nail Girl

They are crisp sharp images and are clearly visable when stamped on the nail. There are many combinations you can put together so you don’t get the image on each nail. I have purchase sets from them in the past and this is the best one by far. Finally, they fit wide & long nails and the roses are my favorites.

Shana Pleasanton, TX

Love stamping!!!!

These plates are awesome!! The designs are really cool and pretty. Easy to grasp with the stamper. Love the Pueen products.

Virgie Crawley, WV