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Psssssst Instant Dry Spray Shampoo 5.3oz


Key features

  • Transforms Dull, Dirty Hair Without Washing
  • Eliminates Odor And Product Build-Up
  • Preserves Color And Builds Volume
  • Absorbs Excess Oil

Honest reviews


Pssssst dry shampoo

Pssst dry shampoo is my second favorite dry shampoo! It does what a dry shampoo needs to do; removes oil, odors, and leave your hair full of body. I have pretty thin hair so if I go without washing it then it gets very limp and flat, add oil to the mix and I look like a hot mess! haha But after using this my hair is full of body, free from oil, and does not smell bad at all! I love that it doesn’t really have a scent of it’s own, a lot of dry shampoos do and I typically do not like the scents they have. If you really want to you can always spray some body spray or perfume on your hair after you’re done. Or I find that after I used some hair spray it has a pleasant scent. The way I use it is; Section my hair off with my hands (it’s not an exact science) and spray it directly on the root, then I take my finger tips and massage it into the scalp. I then let it sit for a little bit (usually do my make up while waiting) and then take a brush and brush it through to the ends. Letting it sit is the key it gives it time to soak up the oils. I also do not recommend spraying it on your part line as sometimes it can leave a dull/grey look to the part line. Pssst dry shampoo has saved my hair many times!!!

Haley Oakdale, IL

Didn’t improve my hair for long

I have thick, oily hair and was incredibly excited to try this product, but underwhelmed with the results. The first time I got to try it I overslept and couldn’t shower so I sprayed this in, and my hair looked a little better, but nowhere near newly washed. Within a few hours my hair looked just as dirty as it would if I didn’t use the product. I’ve heard wonders about dry shampoo from my friends and have never had much luck with them so I think my hair is just too oily. I read the complaints about the leaky nozzle and sure enough the heard hissing of the spray coming out when I wasn’t pressing the nozzle down. I got around the problem by removing the nozzle after use and storing it in the bottle cap.

Beverly Girdwood, AK

Great, just don’t expect miracles

Don’t expect miracles with this product–as in your hair will not look like it is freshly washed because what can really replace a fresh wash and style? It will look less oily, however, which I feel is the best thing about this product. On the first day after I wash my hair, it really does add volume to my slept-on hair. On the second day after wash, I typically use it at my roots only to freshen up my pony-tailed hair. I was pleased with this product, however, I was not expecting my hair to appear just like I had washed it. The only way it will look like that is if it actually gets washed. I am willing to sacrifice that, use this and wear the pony tail if I can get some extra time in the morning instead of devoting it all to my hair. I have noticed that it works better if I spray it on the desired areas and let it set for 2-3 minutes and then brush it out. It seems like that gives it more time to work on the oily areas of my hair.

Carmella Winfield, IA

Used to be great….

I always kept Psssssst Instant Spray Shampoo on hand. At the gym, the dance studio, at work… guaranteed that you could always have clean-looking and fresher smelling hair in an instant. However, on a whim I decided to try it again. It doesn’t seem to be the same stuff. For certain, the packaging and spray mechanism is not the same.This is a big disappointment, because it had always been such a great product, but I guess the company just couldn’t resist and decided to “improve” it. Well, save your money and look for something else. NOT recommended.

Lea Harsens Island, MI

It’s ok

I’d never used Pssst! dry shampoo before & just decided to try it because it was a tiny bit cheaper than the Got2b dry shampoo, which I normally use & the can holds a little bit more. It’s ok, nothing awesome, but not bad either. My hair does look a little cleaner after using but I can’t see how it added any volume like the can says it would do. There was a light smell which reminded me of air freshener at first, which I didn’t really like but it didn’t last very long either. I would use this again if I couldn’t get Got2b but otherwise, probably not.

Lana Uniontown, AR

Love it!!!

I do not always wash my hair everyday therefore it is very handy to have on hand something that I can use to freshen up.

Judith Rossiter, PA

awesome stuff

I love this dry shampoo! I usually use it if I want to go an extra day without washing my hair, it also keeps my hairdo in place. The only thing I was surprised about was that it was empty after about 2 months and I only used about once a week. Maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be, but it caught me off-guard.

Sharlene Golden Valley, ND


I think this product works on specific types of hair. It did absolutely nothing for my fine hair. In fact I think it made it look more oily.

Marcella Natalbany, LA

First Dry Shampoo I Tried

This is the first dry shampoo I ever tried. It was recommended in a magazine (I think it was InStyle?) and I decided to try it. I really liked it but I absolutely hated the smell. It takes a while for it to go away so I used a spritz or two of perfume to cover it up.The first several times I used it, I accidentally used too much. This is hard as heck to get out of your hair if you use too much on accident! I have to hold the can as far away as my arm will stretch in order to not spray too much!I love the extra volume I get when I use this and I can go ages without having to wash my hair. This stuff is great if you can get past the smell and learning curve.

Claudia Wellsburg, IA

Best dry shampoo

I discovered psssssst dry shampoo in a buzzfeed article. I had tried dry shampoos in the past and was never pleased. After seeing that this is the original dry shampoo, I thought I would give it a try. SO GLAD I DID! I have thin hair and this dry shampoo gives a lift without overwhelming my fair hair.

Elinor Wilcox, NE


If you want to refresh your hair quickly or simply have a just washed look for one day, use Psssssst Instant Spray Shampoo.

Sharon Glen Campbell, PA

PSSST – I’ve got a secret, it’s not that great.

PSST made a small improvement, but no where near what I was used to with Tresemme’s dry shampoo line. Tresemme Dry Shampoo is MUCH better. Tresemme made my thin oily hair ACTUALLY look just washed.I don’t understand the 5-star reviews saying this PSST stuff is "great" even though it doesn’t make your hair look washed. That’s the point of dry shampoo – to make your hair look washed! If it doesn’t do its job, don’t give it 5 stars!2 stars for effort, and because I got a $2 coupon and only had to pay 4.99. If I had paid 7$ I’d be angry.

Elsa Commerce City, CO


I have tried many dry shampoos. They are all the same $5-$25. But as far as dry shampoos come this one is alright. Does not seem to get the oil out as I thought it would.

Kristy Bartley, WV

Works well, scent is too much

I have very oily hair which must be washed every day. After trying a number of different dry shampoos, I found that Pssssssst works just as well as Not your mother’s or Suave. It absorbs the grease well, doesn’t leave any residue (I have black hair, I wouldn’t be able to miss it) or turn my hair white.However, I felt that the scent was a bit too strong and too sweet for me. For those of you who like sweet smells, this smells like mango.

Althea Middlesboro, KY