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Provon Medicated Lotion Soap with Chloroxylenol – 4 oz

A mild liquid antimicrobial/germicidal soap for cleaning body piercings. Body piercings need to be cleaned once or twice daily, every day, for the entire initial healing time. Most people clean morning and/or night, in the shower. Recommended by the Association of Professional Piercers. This is a new formulation of Provon with a more pleasant scent.

Key features

  • Anti-Microbial
  • Recommended by the Association of Professional Piercers
  • Germicidal Medicated Soap

Honest reviews


Great stuff

I use it to wash my ears after stretching or if I have any infection in my skin. It works really quickly, also the bottle lasts a really long time.

Leeann Walton, OR

A Must Have For New Tattoo After Care

Provon is one of the best products you can use for after care of a new Tattoo. It’s effective, anti-microbial, soothing and helps to prevent an excessive loss of ink. it’s the number one recommended anti microbial soap to use by renowned tattoo artists world wide.Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to find anymore and although I see many reviewers complaining of the cost to me it’s a steal. Products like Dial and Neosporin are known to ruin tattoos.Considering the average cost for a good Tattoo artist is between $150 – $400 per hour and even a quarter sleeve can take an average of 20-25 hours your investment in your tattoo is enormous.And not just in dollars. In time and patience, in detail work, touch up, fill in and correction you pay an incredible price for good work and a product like Provone protects that investment from the get go until your finished healing.Considering this little bottle for under $8 is enough to last for months it’s an absolute bargain.Although I like to mix up care products, I’m especially fond of the Tattoo Goo line and A&D; ointment – Provon is always part of the after care regime.There’s nothing quite like it. My bottle came perfectly wrapped an protected with care. Delivery by USPS takes less than a week and costs under $2.00Great product and great seller.

Helene Gambell, AK

Must Have For New Piercings or Tattoos

I recently had my lip & my septum pierced after doing lots of research. I kept hearing about Provon Antimicrobial Soap to keep them clean & moisturized for proper healing. It is very soothing and doesn’t dry out the pierced areas like most soaps do. Combine this with H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray & you’re doing the right thing. Both of my piercings are healing up nicely and I know it’s due to this great soap! It’s also good for tattoos, scrapes & scratches & other things that require healing. It smells nice, too.

Rowena Riverton, IA

Works Well

I used this to clean my face and around my Monroe piercing this really works well for both I would recommend.

Sharon Cornell, WI

Great for healing piercings

I was recommended this soap by a few friends and my piercer when I got my belly button done. Its a smaller bottle but theres a ton of product. I’ve had it for at least a month now and use it every day in the shower to clean my belly button ring. The only thing I have noticed is the skin in my belly button has become dry to the a combination of the soap and the sea salt spray I use to keep my piercing clean. But my belly ring has not got infected yet

Cherie Bayou Goula, LA

Never infected

This product protected my piercings from bacteria and was easy to use. They never got infected and they healed flat with no scar tissue. Worth it for sure but order it before you have a piercing so you have it the first day.

Rebecca Burton, MI

Great for piercings!

My soap came fast, and leak free. This is the best for freshly pierced or stretched piercings. A little goes a looooong way, and even washing two times daily, this bottle could last you over a year. It smells like a hospital- lol- but does the job of cleaning & killing germs 😉 highly recommend this product.

Pearlie Berlin, NJ

Belly Piercing

Perfect for my belly piercing. keeps it clean and healthy and it only takes a drop to clean it. I’ve had my piercing for 4 moths now and it’s healing properly. The soap helps and is working great.

Barbra Strasburg, ND

The only thing that works for an infected piercing

I have been using this product for years. I have 3 holes in each ear and the one that is highest up gets infected sometimes. When I have a flare-up this seems to be the only thing that will get rid of the infection. Washing the piercing 2-3 times a day for a week or 2 always does the trick.

Lucille Davenport, WA

Perfect for cleaning piercings

I got a rook piercing about a year and half ago. The piercer at the tattoo parlor recommended Provon to me for keeping the piercing clean. I didn’t order it at first and instead used clear antibacterial liquid soap. My piercing did not get infected but (an sorry if this grosses you out) I had a fair amount of discharge. Eventually I broke down and ordered Provon. I used it as part of my showering routine each night. I would rub a small amount in and around the piercing. Within a week or so I was no longer seeing discharge and the piercing healed perfectly. I still use it periodically just to make sure it stays nice and clean but Provon made all the difference in the world for me.

Sondra Rattan, OK

Saved my piercings

Both tragus piercings were infected and developed keliods, they were painfully ugly. I used the soap for about two weeks, twice daily, for the infection and keliods. I still wash once daily to prevent any issues

Opal Millhousen, IN

Good ole Provon!

This is a small, concentrated product. I use to clean piercings. It is not too drying or too moisturizing. It lathers well and smells nice. Medical grade.

Alyssa Saltillo, TN