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Protege Beauty Anti-Aging Daily Moisturizer-EmFACEize-Premium Day Cream with Antioxidant Protection, Firms Skin, Helps Reduce Wrinkles & Fine Lines, Collagen, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, 2 oz

Do you want to win the battle against aging? You have found the highest quality, most effective anti-aging day cream anywhere! emphasize has a unique formula, designed to firm your skin, reduce aging indicators, moisturize and protect against signs of aging . get a mini facelift : special anti-aging firming ingredients to quickly tighten your skin. Feel it working within minutes. Easier and safer than Botox! reduce fine lines and wrinkles: specially formulated with collagen, pomegranate seed oil and hyaluronic acid to diminish unwanted lines and bring back elasticity. Be beautiful at any age! eliminate dry skin instantly relieves dryness and locks in moisture to keep your skin supple all day. Set it and forget it! Protect against environmental damage , enriched with powerful antioxidants to fight free radicals , defend your skin’s youth! Emphasize helps you restore and maintain your youthful skin – when used daily, changes are visible within 4 weeks . – designed for all skin types . – no parabens, sulfates or phthalates . – made in USA . – no animal testing. put emphasis on your face today …And emphasize!! our supplies run out fast. Start to emphasize your skin and order a jar risk free of this amazing anti-aging daily moisturizer cream now.

Key features

  • Rapidly firms and tightens as it absorbs, you will feel emfaceize quickly tightening your skin
  • Smoother, more supple skin contains collagen and hyaluronic acid to improve skin’s elasticity and reduce wrinkles
  • Intensive hydration our daily moisturizer cream is infused with the premium emollients to deeply moisturize and nourish your skin
  • Advanced antioxidant protection emphasize is loaded with premium antioxidants that protect your skin from free radicals

Honest reviews



I have tried so many creams … I mean tons. I am 38 and I if i see it in a magazine I get it not caring about the price because skin is super important to me. Nothing had worked .. even those super expensive creams that promise the moon. Nothing had worked and I had just resigned myself that nothing will ever work. A friend of mine recommended Protege products and mentioned the Emfaceize. I got it only because she said it. I was skeptical but was soon proven wrong. This cream was light and was easily absorbed … I expected something super heavy .. but it was anything but. I loved that it contained three of the most powerful ingredients out there: vitamin E, collagen, and hyaluronic acid! Maybe it is this combination that makes it a miracle in a bottle. I have used it every day and in a week I noticed that my skin was so much softer, even tone, and some of my expression wrinkles had deminished. When I had my ear surgery I had a side effect that for a short period of time half of my face was paralyzed. I regained nerve function but some deep wrinkles remained on my forehead. I never thought this would ever improve but I started to notice that the depthness was reduced. I look refreshed … even with two kids and a little two year old keeping me up. I am so happy with this product. I have since bought the Collagen serum and can’t wait to try more. I am a true believer and I highly recommend this product.

Latoya Comanche, OK

Protege’s Emfaceize is an Excellent Compliment to their Vitamin C Serum!

I have been using Protege’s Vitamin C Serum for some time now. I absolutely love it so I thought I would try Emfaceize. What a powerful duo these two make! I’ve started to use both products together and the affect on my skin is amazing! I’m really seeing a difference- my skin is soft, smooth and firm. I can’t imagine how great it’s going to look after using these products over a longer period of time! I’m also ecstatic that all of Protege’s products have been gentle on my sensitive skin while still being effective at making me look and feel younger. I’m glad I found both Emfaceize and Vitamin C Serum by Protege so I can start to combat the signs of aging before they worsen. Thanks for the awesome products!

Gina Paulding, MS

Wife is loving this cream

Wife is loving this cream and so am I! I bought this for her because she has made comment’s on how old she is starting to look. After reading some review’s about this product I decided to order some. Boy did I do right. My wife talk’s about how she feel’s her face look’s more revitalized and tighter. So if she’s happy I’m happy.

Dina Ottawa, OH

Nice texture

It was good as a moisturizer but not the greatest at reducing fine lines and wrinkles

Nelda Hardwick, VT

Love it!

I started using this cream a few days ago. I was happy to read that they do not test on animals and that it is cruelty free. This cream is soft and has a pleasant scent. I have very sensitive skin and it doesn’t seem to irritated at all. The cream is slightly thick so you only have to use a little bit every day. It also comes in nice packaging.

Deena Cambridge, VT

Baby Smooth Skin

I love the way this makes my face feels. Even felt great in the morning. Good stuff good smell. Would get it again.

Amanda Severn, MD

Smooth, Smells great, Love how my face feels!

This is an amazing moisturizer~ I love it! My face feels smooth and clean and it isn’t heavy at all! I love how it smells and I can’t say enough great things about it! I have very sensitive skin and I have not broken out or had any burning or itching with this cream! I will certainly be telling my friends about this stuff and be coming back for more! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Hester Daisytown, PA

nice moisturizer

I like this cream. Not only does it moisturize but it also works to remove lines and discoloration. i use it with Protege Collage which have been lightening the sun spots on my face and my skin looks smoother. The face cream leaves my skin soft, absorbs quickly and well, my makeup goes on well over it. It seems to smooth out my lines right away. I have used every type of product and this combo is working to repair the damage of years and sun. The company stands behind their products 100%, respond quickly, and provide fast shipping.

Geneva Fruitland, IA

Very light face moisturizer, good for every day use.

This is the second product I have ordered from the Protégé line. They are both quality products and well packaged. This Emfacize cream is very light and doesn’t feel cakey on your face. It dries quickly and works well with my makeup and other beauty products. Essentially no smell.

Kristine Bonneau, SC


I’ve used several face products over the years and they were some what disappointing but this one works really well. So much so my husband says my face is glowing. It’s the best that I’ve used without going to get a chemical peel from a professional plus none of the after affects just great results. It works and for the price it’s a great buy. I recommend this to my friends and family.

Marisa Hester, LA

Another amazing Product

I have the eye cream and it works fabulous so I had to try out the moisturizer and of course was not dissapointed with this product either! During the summer my skin needs the extra attention and hydration because of the humidity, wind, and sun. This product delivers and I am very satisfied with this purcahse!

Corinne Waukau, WI

Excellent day cream!

I’ve been using EMFACEiZE every day for a couple of weeks now. It’s not a miracle cream, but it is a very high quality daily moisturizer with some unique qualities.My experience:EMFACiZE is scent-free.It’s absorbed quickly into skin.A little dab’ll do ya! It doesn’t take much.The list of ingredients leans towards the natural. There are jojoba and avocado oils; pomegranate has a presence, and the rest of the ingredients have pronounceable names.Though skin feels tight after application, the cream does not dry. The tightness takes a bit of getting used to, but it is visible which does make one look a bit younger.The consistency is not mayonnaise-y; this cream is much lighter, which makes it good for under makeup.There is no SPF protection, so you’ll either need a sunscreen in addition, or your makeup should have an SPF rating.I have cosmetic-sensitive skin and lots of skin treatments cause nasty little subdermal bumps. I’ve been using this product for two weeks and have yet to experience a reaction. It’s safe around eyes and mouth. Yay!I’m a big fan of Korean BBs. The EMFACEiZE is an excellent base for BBs–it keeps the BB from drying out skin and settling into wrinkles. In addition, there’s some ingredient in the EmFACEize that catches the light and makes skin look better than it actually is.EMFACEiZE is very good value for the money. It compares favorably with other creams I’ve used at many different price points like Clinique, Dr. Perricone (the gold standard), and Olay products.Since I’ve only been using the product for two weeks, I can’t address long-range benefits, but the short term benefits make this product well worth the purchase. While I was given a sample for review, I would not hesitate to purchase it.

Marci Almond, NY

Excellent Moisturizer

I have had this product for about a week and have had the opportunity to use it in conjunction with this company’s other product, Collage Multi-Action Cellular Repair Serum. What a difference this has made in the feel and appearance of my skin! With usage, my skin feels tightened and toned, yet also moisturized and soft. It has a great list of skin-loving ingredients. I prefer to use this at night, and I find that: 1) a small amount will go a LONG way (making this cream an excellent value for the price); and 2) it is easily absorbed into the skin without leaving a greasy feeling. If used judiciously, this product will probably last you around 3 months. Excellent value for a great price. I would definitely recommend this.

Jill Bee, NE

I Love What It Does To My Skin

It has a light consistency and it’s easy to apply on skin. It absorbs fast and dried up quickly. There is a skin tightening feeling after application, which is good because to me, it means it’s working. I like that it doesn’t leave an oily look; glowing, but not shiny. I have a moisturizer that I only use when I’m at home because it leaves my face looking shiny. I have oily skin and the extra shine is something I don’t need.The cream is not scented, which makes it a plus for those who use other products such as makeup or other creams. Different scents sometimes produce an unpleasant smell.I don’t wear makeup, so I asked my daughter to try it under makeup. She says it worked perfectly and didn’t make her skin look dry even after hours of application.It doesn’t take much to work on the entire face and neck area, so a little goes a long way for this. It contains all natural ingredients and was not tested on animals. The presence of essential oils that greatly benefit skin are enough to keep you convinced that this is a nice and gentle product.

Tamara New Sharon, IA

smooth as silk !!!

I have been using this product for a few days I honestly can say my face is softer then before using this product.The product is unscented and has natural ingredients. A little amount is needed to cover to face and neck. My face is smooth as silk !!!

Chandra Haworth, NJ

A wonderful and effective skin cream

I’m on a constant quest to find effective skin creams. I am so happy to have discovered this product.Why I love this product:
• It works. As I have gotten older, my skin has become drier. It’s hard to find a face cream that will moisturize without feeling really heavy and greasy. This product moisturizes, but is not heavy.
• It’s cost effective. You only need a small amount to work.
• No scent. One man’s pleasant scent is another’s bad scent, so I am happy that this product has no scent.
• No SPF. This is a skin cream and is a good one. I find when a product tries to be more than one thing, like a moisturizer and a sun screen, it does a haphazard job at both. I have to be extra careful of my skin, so I need to wear at least a 30 SPF sun screen every day. This way, I can moisturize my skin with this product and then protect my skin with a good sunscreen.
• The cute little pouch it comes in. I feel so pampered with this.I am finding this cream is especially effective when used in conjunction withResurFACE Luxurious Premium Quality Night Cream by Protege Beauty.I highly recommend this product for those looking for an effective facial moisturizer.

Geraldine Curtis, AR

Magnificent Facial Cream!

This is quite an amazing product after a week of use as claimed, many found it to smooth and make their skin softer. Just think if that is a week of use, than it is possible that longer the use the better the results our face will have.Well I came to this conclusion after my first few uses. I can see the changes in the hydration level on my skin, how smooth, soft and glowing my skin is looking. Most of the ingredients have so much power and potency to make you look as gorgeous as you deserve to be. Hyaluronic Acid is like the fountain of youth, it will create your face to be youthful and beautiful as it was years before. The Vitamin E is perfect for healing and keeping your skin protected, while the collagen is being rebuilt.The feeling of this product is smooth and absorbs with ease. It comes in a jar, which is filled with a medium thick cream that you only need to use a tiny bit. However, a small amount really does the job. This stuff is strong and will change the skin for the best, which is something we all want right!No more fears of any UV damaged skin or wrinkles, fine lines and even dry skin because this product is combined with so many nutritious ingredients to even out and fight any sign of aging from right now to the future ahead.I really love this product, and it’s the first time I ever got to try something so luxurious and magnificent for the face and neck. I would use this on my entire body if I could! My face never felt like this! The almond oil, jojoba oil and Hyaluronic Acid brings moisture and gives me a soft textured skin compared to dry and rough.Such a great product and so safe to use on every skin type, even those that are sensitive. Imagine you can have beautiful skin and the results are as fast as a week Guaranteed!

Sharlene Wamsutter, WY

Awesome, natural and A+ quality

Nice smooth feel, sinks into skin, I like the natural ingredient list, Loaded with lots of essential nutrients for skin aging. It comes in a lovely little felt bag, would be a cute gift too 🙂

Vicki Lamont, OK

worth a try.

Ordered once before and got wrong item..sent back..dared to order again..I like going to try the night cream..this doesnt have spf in it but I still like it.

Emma Morris, CT

New part of my daily routine

I have always believed that skin care is extremely important. I have never been huge on fancy makeup or even lots of hair products – but I have always taken care of my skin. I moisturize daily as I believe we all should. That being said, I have always used just a simple shea butter for my whole body – including my face. I was very intrigued and excited when I learned about EmFACEize by Protege. I have never tried a moisturizer specifically formulated for my face before. I have now been using this product for a week and I LOVE it! My face feels amazing! It is like a drink of water for my face every morning. I used to have a few small dry patches on my jaw line towards my ears and they are gone now! The Vitamin E that is in EmFACEize is helping with a couple small scars I have from my old eyebrow and nose piercings (I was cool before I was a mom! haha). Protege is an amazing company and they are here to help! If you have any issues with any of their products – please contact them and they will do everything they can to help you out! They are committed to customer service. They even offer a money back guarentee for 365 days! That is a YEAR y’all! If that does not prove that they stand behind their products, I don’t know what will! Overall, I am a huge fan of this facial moisturizer! My face feels amazing! I have added this to my daily routine and see it being a part of it for a very, very long time! I received this product free for testing purposes.

Kristen Hiawatha, IA

Really Nice Moisturizer.

This is a really nice moisturizer face cream. It is very light and applies very easily. My skin looks very refreshed and radiant after using this product. I use it morning and night. It does not have an SPF in it, so if you worry about the sun, you will need to apply a makeup with SPF. It only takes a little bit to cover my face and it really has helped with fade the wrinkles under my eyes. I am very happy with this product and will purchase again.

Latonya Franklin, MA