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*Promotion* USpicy MACARON USND-3603 UV Gel Lamp / Light / Nail Dryer


Key features

  • Four efficient 9W UV bulbs can greatly reduces drying time for u/v top coat and gel applications
  • Suitable for both professional and personal finger nail + toe nail care uses
  • The bottom can be pulled out, easy to clean
  • Auto timer control: 120s, 180s, up to infinite
  • Work with all kinds of nail polish having a wavelength of 365nm, no brand requirements though.

Honest reviews


Five Stars

Works Great!

Nadine Farmington, MO

Quit working after only 2 months

I purchased this item late in November and it worked great until the end of January. It seems that the timer has broken. The light will go on but it goes off again in about 30 seconds. I have only used this for myself so in two months it has only been used about 5 – 6 times. I sure expected this to last a lot longer than this!! I would not recommend this product, spend a little more and get a better unit.

Claudia Glen, MT

Best investment ever!

What a great light. It’s simple, works well, and was super cheap! I was able to use my Gelish nail polish with this and it turned out awesome. This is going to save me a lot of money!! BUY THIS LIGHT if you’re thinking about it! All I did was have clean nails, used a UV Base and cured it for about a minute, painted the color, cured for two minutes, added a top coat, cured for two minutes, and then wiped off the tacky top with 91% alcohol. LOVE!

Iris Winston, GA


So I’ve used this for over a year without a problem. I never have to use extra time or anything! It has saved me so much money! I am going to get a LED one once this one quits working just because you don’t have to cure it for as long. But this is a great and fairly inexpensive product!

Jenna Fruitdale, AL

great deal

I bought this a few years back and it is still working. It works great for shellac polish. It has a 60 and 120 second setting, very easy to use and sturdy. I would highly recommend.

Lakesha Holt, MI


Nice kit, however the motored burned out after using it for less than 8 months. Only used it once every 2 weeks.

Flossie Beaver, AR


This lamp is the perfect lamp! The timer on this lamp is an added plus! Bummer was there were no instructions inside the package. Large size will definitely allow for pedicures!

Bernice Beverly Shores, IN

So far so good…

My only issue with this product is that it didn’t come with any instructions on how to install the bulbs, but it was nothing too hard to figure out. But instructions on the different settings & just basic directions would be helpful. This lamp seems to be able to do the job with the Gelish Soak Off Nails system. Well worth the price and it pays for itself compared to one trip to a nail salon.

Luz Woodlyn, PA

It’s Big

What’s not to like, it does what it’s supposed to do and fair priced. I ordered this from a beauty nail supply store and tried to order spare bulbs for later which were out of stock. So, I decided to just put 2 bulbs in my unit and save the other two for later. This is working just fine for me and saving money at the same time. It is bigger than I had thought it would be, but that’s neither here nor there really. A good product.

Lana Greensboro, MD

works great. good price. shipped quickly.

Have had this for over two years and still works just fine. Price was great when compared to comparable products. You can only do one hand at a time.

Edythe Elmer City, WA

Works with Gelish!

Just got my UV lamp in the other night and I opened it immediately. No damage in the shipping, boxed and wrapped nicely. I used it to do my own Gelish gel nail polish manicure at home. It worked perfectly. It has a timer with a switch 120 seconds or 180 seconds. That makes it easy because for Gelish the top coat and dark polish colors need two minute cure times, so that was really convenient. I paid about $30 for this lamp and now I can do my own gel nails at home. It would normally cost $30 per visit to get it done at the salon. Now I have perfect salon quality gel nails and I don’t have to make appointments. I love my nails, and now I love this lamp.

Bianca Woodsboro, MD

does the job

After getting a couple of gel manis in nail salons, I decided to invest the money on the equipment and do them at home. Boy, am I glad I did so. So easy! This lamp arrived with four bulbs packed along in the box, two of them which I carelessly dropped immediately upon opening the package, so be careful!The lamp works well, but I wish it came with instructions. It’s supposed to have two timers, but I haven’t figured out how to. I have managed to operate the two-minute timer, but not the other one.All in all, the lamp feels heavy and very delicate, so I’ll be extra careful handling it, and always store it back in its padded box.

Michael Stratford, WI

nail dryer for gel nails

not a problem at all with mine. Use it almost weekly for my gel nails. Great price for this product.

Penelope Walloon Lake, MI

So much nicer than going to a salon

I used gelish products with this lamp and it’s perfect. They last around 14 days. It takes just a little time and I can do them when I want rather than have to make an appointment and pay way more than necessary. I have had this for about a year now and it’s great.

Augusta Mexico, MO

came perfect

I read some reviews that some people got it with broken bulbs or that it only worked once. Mine arrived in great condition and was wrapped with care. The bulbs were individually wrapped and it was boxes in boxes in boxes. I appreciate that. Mine is still working in great condition. The salon I work at now uses the same one too, so this is good quality.

Millie Monroe Center, IL

Smaller the expected

the unit seems much smaller the I expected it, or as you see it in the salon. My nails are in very good condition, I followed all steps necessary to apply the gelish nail polish, but every time for the first 3 seconds I feel this burning sensation as soon as i put my nails in the uv lamp timer.I also find the timing buttons not to be working to good. But I guess it just takes some getting used to.Next time I probably would order a slightly more expensive unit.Anyone having any feedback about the burning and also it seems way to long , even with a thin layer of foundation gelish , the 2 min max. time to dry seems not enough.I did contact the seller, who was very willing to issue a refund as the unit indeed seemed to have been not functioning 100% . The correspondance was quick and efficient.Overall just an investment (together with learning and willing to experiment on how to apply the gel nails yourself) that I would adivse for you to make sure you have the time for.

Cindy Windom, TX


At first it was kinda complicated to open and put the lights in. Took me a while but I figured it out after watching some youtube videos. This is my first and my only uv lap so i don’t know if there’s better out there but i like it

Rosie Riggins, ID


Easy to assemble that was a plus but not real good when it comes to drying. After that it is big and bulky.

Leola Fort Hunter, NY

Great UV nail Lamp!

I use this UV nail lamp all the time…it is a “must have” if you like to paint your nails with “Gel Polish”. It was easy to assemble, it has a timer on it but it also has an option to keep the light on without shutting off. I priced several lamps online and in local beauty supply’s and found this one to be worth every penny! There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a UV lamp to dry your nail polish…I say buy this one. I’ve been using mine 6 months already with no problems!

Leticia Topawa, AZ

Can fit two hands

Works well and I transport it around all the time. Can put two hands in there. I use with the Gelish nail system.

Taylor Star, NC


I love my curing lamp. This works very well. It was very easy to assemble and I compared it to all the other lamps out on the market and for the price that I paid, I’m very satisfied!

Lula Hogansburg, NY