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Promensil Menopausal Relief Supplement Tablets, 60-Count Box

Natrol Promensil Menopausal Relief Tablets are a dietary supplement of plant estrogens extracted from red clover which provide natural relief for menopausal symptoms and more. Natrol Promensil products balance your hormones so you can stay in control. These tablets relieve hot flashes, night sweats, promote breast and heart health, and promote emotional well being. They are clinically proven & doctor recommended. Why do women around the world use Promensil? Clinical research has shown that in cultures consuming a diet abundant in isoflavones women have fewer and milder menopausal symptoms. Promensil’s active ingredients are Red Clover isoflavones, which complement the body’s declining estrogen levels, so relieving menopausal symptoms. Natrol makes this product in the U.S.A.!

Key features

  • Natural relief for menopausal symptoms with red clover extract
  • Relieves night sweats and hot flashes
  • Promotes breast health

Honest reviews



I don’t even know how to express how excited I am to have found this product. I was having flashes at least 6 times a day and night sweats as well as being a bit on the mean and moody side, but I am symptom free now and have been for at least a month now. I do use a progesterone (natural) creme too, but it never worked as well alone as it works with the promensil. The promensil my be just enough too, but I don’t dare change anything now that I am "me" again! Give this a shot, you will be quite happy!

Lou Hurricane, UT

no more hot flashes

I am very impressed with the results which happened after taking this just one week. After doing some research about safe methods to reduce hot flashes, I came upon this product. There are many studies done mostly in Europe, and they are very positive. I had 5 to 6 hot flashes every night, robbing me of a good night sleep. Now I have maybe 1 hot flash every 3-4 nights. This really worked for me. I will be taking this for a very long time. Studies also show that this supplement helps retain bone density, and helps with mood swings.

Carolyn Woodridge, IL

Been using for years.

This definitely stops hot flashes and makes me actually feel like I use to before menopause. I highly recommend this product.

Mattie Akaska, SD

Hasn’t changed my sweats one bit!

I can’t see any difference at all in my night sweats! I still wake up 3-4 times a night sweating and miserable! I’ve tried this several weeks with absolutely no change whatsoever !! I will continue til it’s gone and if by some remote chance it starts working I’ll update this review to me it’s just a joke!

Juliet White Haven, PA

Double the Effects

This product doubles the effects of your normal support tablets. It has natural way of dealing with menopause as it helps with a number of ailment. It even gives theMenopause Support- 3 Bottles/ 1 Month Supply. All-Natural Herbal Remedy for the Relief of Hot Flashes and Other Menopause Symptomsa run for its money. You might want to look into this product.

Eliza La Madera, NM