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ProLab Caffeine Maximum Potency 200mg Tablets – 200 Count

Be invincible. Exergetix.

Key features

  • Provides the energizing effects of caffeine without added sugar or calories to support your training needs without compromising your dietary goals
  • Boosts your metabolism for faster fat loss
  • Pre workout boost and energizer
  • Made in U.S.A

Honest reviews


Studying or Working Out … Don’t Do It!

I used to think it was "cool" to take these so I could study. I had crazy studying habits. But those were my younger years. Trust me, if you’re thinking about taking these for any enhancing purposes, your judgment is impaired and you probably know it! So just listen to me and don’t get this. Also, try to get some good influences in your life.

Madelyn Hillsboro, MD

More Like Decaf tablets….

What a waste of money! This product did nothing for me! I swear, it was so sub par that I could take 3 pills and fall asleep with no problem afterwards. What a waste…

Kate Fitzwilliam, NH

gives me a high

For me, for example I used one pill one hour before my driving exam. I was feeling nervous and sick. After the pill I was on fire. I started hitting on the girls awaiting for the car to arrive. One of them said, she used to drive a truck at age 13. It made me laugh. I felt great during the driving exam and began chatting up with the examiner. She fell for it. She kept talking and this gave me some leeway on the exam.Seriously, if your nervous about too much caffeine, just buy it and use it on special occasions when coffee is not around or you don’t have enough time to drink it.To avoid shaking and uncomfortable, take half a pill await an hour or so and take the second half if needed. Drink plenty of water during the day to take caffeine out of the system.Also, for some people 200mg tablet might not be enough. Try not to take 2 tablets. Take it instead with a cup of coffee and something sweet. This works really well during morning time after no sleep.P.S.Just a tip for those who overnight before an exam. Take some time and do something physical in strong sunlight. This really wakes you up.

Linda Jeanerette, LA

Rejuvenating, even euphoric

I don’t have enough good things to say about this product. Must enter a little history about myself so this review can be understood in context. I suffer major, major anxiety and depression. I was apprehensive since heart palpitations and anxiety don’t mix well together, but I have been extraordinarily surprised. Apart from the mood issues (or due to depression specifically) I experience great lethargy. So much so, that on days I don’t HAVE to be somewhere, I cocoon myself at home and become a hermit crab. I used to be really active, even with sports… but for whatever reason, my body just couldn’t keep up with me anymore. I often feel fatigued and completely sleepy.This product has saved my life. I never anticipated the euphoria I gain when taking just one pill. Unlike energy drinks or coffee, it doesn’t hurt my stomach like they did. Granted, sitting completely still is difficult when taking these. I can understand how one could experience minor palpitations. When having to drive, I have noticed in the past that I will go faster than usual without even realizing it. Therefore, I’ve made sure to be responsible and put cruise control on my desired speed limit. While in the car and on this, I LOVE blasting music. Overall great mood enhancer.As far as concentration, I haven’t yet had the chance to take this while on the dreaded yet inevitable college all-nighters. However, due to what I’ve already experienced, this is NOTHING like the energy drinks I’d consume that made me completely jittery and made my stomach hurt.Another thing is how useful these are for fantastic workouts! 😉 that’s when these are the absooooolute best!!!Oh, and they hit me personally after 45-60 minutes…. no less… very first time I thought nothing was happening but I’ve realized they take an hour to kick in for me.LOVE these. So useful.————-Update a year later:I have realized that I have some sort of narcoleptic tendencies, then again I get up very early (4:00am) to go to work, and need to be up to par. I always have a cup of coffee in the mornings and something sweet. However, coffee truly does absolutely nothing for me as of lately except give me a little boost. It never fails that upon getting to work, after about 20 minutes my eyes feel incredibly heavy and like they can’t help but close.I’d been experiencing terrible moods due to feeling my body heavy and having to deal with this all day until getting home.I have cut these little caffeine supplements in half with a scissor (break easy and perfect), and that boost is all I need for hours. It doesn’t make me the least bit jittery when I am feeling excessive fatigue in the mornings.

Manuela Bassett, WI

Totally works, I take 3 a day.

It didn’t occur to me until recently why I seemed to have more money the last 3 months, then I realized it’s because I’m not wasting it on energy drinks and coffee. I’m sick of both, and now I just want to feel awake and drink some orange juice. I work 8-12 hours a day, and taking a pill every few hours helps during the sleepy hours. I’ve bought this bottle twice now and I’ll buy it again.

Susan Frontier, MI

mega crash

We bought this hoping to come slowly off our addiction to energy shooters. This is a scary product to me. The caffeine high was amazing… but especially if you combine even a cup of coffee with this, the crash was huge. I couldn’t get up for 3 hours after the caffeine wore off. Would not recommend this if you have anything to do during the day.

Diane Junction City, OH

$6 for energy = amazing

I had been considering taking caffeine for a while before I ordered this product. I am extremely happy with the results. When I started dieting, I had to cut sodas. This left me with very little caffeine intake. I usually take these when I am feeling groggy or need a motivation to work out. They haven’t made me feel jittery, just extremely productive. This is a good product for anyone looking for a boost.

Marian Princeton, MO

saves time

I no longer have to douse myself in coffee or tea anymore just pop one of these in the morning and in a few minutes I’m going strong. Most of the time I only need a half of one. I suggest these for any time hungry morning person.

Gena Plymouth, IL

Boost of energy!

It is caffeine. That’s it. Take only one every four hours to keep the energy going and make sure to cycle off of it every 21 days for a week off the tablets so you do not get addicted and so your body does not get used to the pills. I have went through one bottle and am on my second and it still works. If you use it as directed you should notice a burst of stable energy not like the crash of an energy drink (energy drinks have usually more than caffeine) and also caffeine is known to boost your metabolism. I can say this is true since I went from 172 to 162 in a month and a half with no exercise. Please use caution and common sense with this product and enjoy.——————Update 10/12/2013——————The item is still working as described and the effects of the caffeine are good as long as you stay hydrated.If you have any questions please feel free to ask.I have also added product photos for you to see.If this review helped you please give it a thumbs up. Thank you.

Adeline Tabiona, UT

Don’t use if you have a sensitive stomach

These pills made me feel really sick, so be careful. I didn’t realize how much of a sensitive stomach I had until I tried these. They made me feel extremely tired, which never happens if I drink coffee, and then I became so sick that I had to leave work early. I think my system is just allergic to caffeine pills, and it might not be only this particular brand. I am not going to try caffeine pills ever again. So if you have a sensitive stomach like mine, beware.

Silvia Lamar, PA

High Quality

I have tried others and this one is the best by far. No jitters either. Price is cheaper overall vs other brands too.

Merle Kanona, NY

Caffeine (without the calories) is a cheap alternative to prescription drug.

I was taking Provigil to help me with my problem of sleeping 22 hours a day. Then my insurance quit paying for it and the pharmacy wanted$1,700 a month for the drug!!!!! I can’t drink coffee or tea without severe bladder pain. Cola causes moderate bladder pain, so I can’t get caffeine the usual ways. I thought I’d just have to go back to sleeping all day but ran across these on Amazon. I took one with breakfast and one with lunch today and I’m happy to say that I didn’t nap all day. I haven’t been jittery at all and now that it’s around 10p.m., I’m starting to get sleepy (like a normal person). This does have a great deal of caffeine in each pill, so I’d definitely recommend that it NOT be abused. I, ONE TIME, took too much NoDoze to cram for an exam in graduate school and had the mother of all asthma attacks.

Fannie Medway, OH


Sadly I could not take these pills, the heart burn out weighed any benefit I may have gotten from them.

Estella Oaklyn, NJ

Solid energy

Good clean energy lasted 4-5 hours, no jitters. Stack this caffeine with green tea extract pills and lose some weight.

Erna Jonesburg, MO

Quick wake up

These are so good. I work horrible hours and my sleep schedule is ever changing so I find myself often having to wake up much earlier than I should. When ever I am dragging arse and having a hard time keeping my eyes open, these caffiene pills keep me awake and feeling energized for my 8 hour shifts.

Ann Waynesboro, TN

Great for getting a good workout at the gym!

Not all caffeine pill are created equal.. This is my favorite by far (tried No-doze, vivarin), and is great 20 minutes before you head to the gym (for a good / intense workout!)

Connie Worthington Springs, FL

Works as expected

Caffeine works as good as a cup of coffee without the acid, smell, and stains on teeth. Bottle can be made smaller though.

Imogene Stantonville, TN

kinda bad side affects

wow these really make you go poo after hours of taking them …. i guess those are the side affect :/ good to get you hyper tho

Sonya Omak, WA


Works as all caffeine products. Available in bulk for a very reasonable price. Bottle is recyclable. Bubble packages are not for me.

Samantha Homer, OH

Good Buy

This is the same dosage as stores sell, but it costs FAR less. Tablets are small enough to be comfortable to swallow.

Kayla Devol, OK

Nice little boost

I don’t drink coffee and barely have any soda and don’t touch energy drinks but needed something to give me a little pick me up in the morning. These caffeine pills did the trick. Equivalent to a Starbucks coffee caffeine content which I wouldn’t be able to meet with soda at home, nor would I want to. My husband works graveyard and tried them out since he can only drink so much coffee and wouldn’t you know it, he took the bottle to work. So I’m back to buy another bottle to stay at home. 🙂

Maryellen Davenport Center, NY

It doesn’t make me feel as alert as a cup of coffee would, unless taken on an empty stomach with very little water…

I have tried to take this at different times and 1 tablet (200 mg) doesn’t seem to be enough. I have to take two to get any kind of a "kick".I don’t drink coffee regularly, maybe once a week, and I hate the taste of coffee, so I bought this to avoid having to drink the real thing. It says on the bottle that each tablet has 200 mgs of caffeine. I looked up the caffeine content in the average coffee drink and it is similar or even less. Based on that, I’m not sure why this product doesn’t help me, but it just doesn’t.The only way it works is if I take 2 on an empty stomach, with half a glass (4 oz) of water.

Lorrie Kimberling City, MO


I am not a coffee drinker so in order to get going in the morning it is easy for me just to take one tablet which is equal to one cup of coffee.

Kristie Poplar Grove, AR

Good Product

It does what I expected. Shipped fast and I definitely felt the caffeineI use this before I work out instead of expensive pre-workouts every once in a while.Be cautious if you are sensitive to caffeine.

Jeri Kansas City, MO


I really could not tell the difference in my energy level with these. However, I have not used them that long, so give it some time….

Winifred Challenge, CA

Super Energizers

Prolab caffeine tablets are perfect replacement for afternoon coffee breaks. They keep you going and are inexpensive and much more convenient.

Kaitlin Lachine, MI

Get the job done

I’m Busymom. When you need a little extra caffeine, these puppies sure do the job! They are effective, and the advertised strength seems right – each pill is like about two cups of coffee.

Arlene Cape Elizabeth, ME

Really works, and a great price.

For about $2 a bottle, plus shipping, this stuff is great. You can feel the caffeine within 25 minutes. I haven’t experienced any crashes or anything bad. I’ve taken these on an empty stomach with just water and I had no discomfort at all. Great for getting your caffeine fix without added sugar, sweeteners, or calories. Will repurchase!

Sue Madisonville, TX

Does the trick

I sometime need a quick pick me up and these will do for me. All I take is 1 and it wakes me up. I do not over use it because of the jitters after words when you use to many.

Viola Lamont, CA

Perfect for the coffee hates, or just for people who don’t have that much time for coffee

A couple of years ago I found that I can’t drink coffee (any coffee, even when it’s basically mocha) without recoiling in disgust about 30 minutes later (I am not making this up, not even the number. It’s THAT extreme). It’s not that it’s really disgusting, my body kind of.. Can’t take the flavor, I guess. Anyway, after years of sluggishness, drinking tons of water to wake myself up, black tea, apples, you name it — I found this guy online, and thought: "Eh, what the heck, I might as well give it a whirl". I really love this stuff. I really, really love this stuff.And it’s not only good for coffee-hating weirdos like me; these are good for people who are short on time (since you just gulp a pill with some water instead of sipping on coffee), or.. I don’t know, I’ll let the advertisers figure who it’s for. I do know that it’s perfect for me.You need to be careful not to take too many at once, though. Might make you feel a bit queasy afterwards.I highly recommend it, even if you are a coffee drinker. Sometimes, this might just come in handy, who knows?

Allison West Union, MN