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Project E Beauty D’arsonval High frequency direct for Home Use – skin tightening, Wrinkles, Fine lines, Puffy Eyes

Strengthen cell metabolism*Help remove spot*Diminish inflammation*Sterilize bacteria*Accelerate healing of wounds*Reduce visible skin pores*Improve secretion and PH value*Promote hair growth

Key features

  • Sterilize skin
  • Accelerate blood circulation
  • Remove the injurant of skin
  • Strengthen lymph activity
  • Improve skin nutrition

Honest reviews



I received my product and it came early. I was so excited to open it. As soon as I did I realized I had someone’s return or worse yet someones old return. It looks at least a year old with stains on the wand and the box is crushed and soiled with a few scratches. Gross! I won’t be using it and will return it pronto. Remember…you get what you pay for and some of the 5 stars type in broken english so who do you think is behind that? Fooled once, shame on them- fool me twice, shame on me. RETURN to sender? Wonder how much that’s going to cost?

Veronica Junction City, OH

Love it

I have beeen complimented beyond my expections! My pores WEERE GIGANTIC, NO MORE! I Microdrem w/ Neutrogeno microdermabrasion 2x a week and use this every night with my moisturizer. I have to admit that when used w/ moisturizer, the next morning my face is still mosit. I also use this if I have a big thing to go to. I use the sparkle method 3 x a week. and small lines have gone away! My Aunt whom does not give out compliments asked what are you using and I did it on her face, she loves it and wants one! I am now on the highest strength. The pieces that come wih it are kind of commo sense.1. The small electron is for small areas like below eyes2. The big piece round if for larger areas such as theh face3.Then the comb, obvious reasons.If you have pimples take peroxide and then use this machine. I do not use gause I just use it all over my face! enjoy it really is an awesome product and you will see a difference. Example, use the sparkle method (which is lifting the wand just 1 half in above the face) along any lines you wish to have gone. May take a ew but it works. I also use Glycolic acid 50% 2 x a week on the same areas w/ lines so combined the 3 products work in harmony!

Stacie Royal Oak, MI

another line of defense cant hurt lol

At this time Im going to give this product 5 stars for delivery &contents..any; review of the product itself would be premature ,since Ive only had it for 2 daysThe product came in a padded box with individual slots for storage.there are 4 electrobes included so there isnt any need to purchase the ones a reviewer below suggested.i have used it on one side of my face and i like the results .i dont have severly bad skin, apparent aging or wrinkles.however i do have a small crease in my forehead and indents by my cheeks that i would like to smooth out.i am a person of color age 40.ill update this and rerate should i find this product not living up to my expectations .good day

Enid Cherokee, OK

I guess it does what it’s suppose to….

I have to admit, I’d like to think that this high frequency machine is doing it’s job, however, for wrinkles or hyper-pigmentation it’s only the placebo effect. Now for a zit-zapper it is great. Drys them right up. So In my opinion, I would not purchase this for any other reason than for a clearer skin especially if you have acne. I did have one of the metal bottoms come off of the glass wand, but easily glued it back on with super glue. These machines are also about twenty bucks cheaper on e-bay, but I’m sure you won’t get a replacement if it fails on you like you would with Amazon.

Alicia Raleigh, WV

I love this little baby

OMG… i really love how this makes my skin look and feel. my skin is so bright, it looks like i have light bulbs under there lol. it does the job just as well as the unit at the spa. i had a huge zit on my face and another one forming on my chin. the next day after zapping them, the big zit was so small, you couldn’t even see it and the one on my chin never grew out. i’ve been using it for 2 fays now and i already see a major difference :-).

Michell Oakland, IA

It provides an instant brow lift and tightens pores.

I’m using the tear drop wand most of the time with Olay serum and it really tightens up my skin and pores. It’s a bit scary to insert and remove the glass tubes. Videos suggest using a towel in case they break. So far min have been OK and have stayed in tact.But you have to take great care in storing them so they don’t break.A friend remarked that I looked "refreshed" when I started using it.

Luella Otter, MT

Love this

I wish there were more instructions but you can find more info. on the net about it, I use it a couple times a week, and I can say that I can see progress. I’m not expecting miracles. You have to keep up and take care of what you have but this is all part of that maintenance. I’ll keep it up!**Have been using this pretty consistently and I believe it’s really helped with the puffy under eyes, so I’ll continue on and be very happy I found a great deal on this unit. It won’t work girls if you don’t use it.

Sadie Martinsville, IN


This product is wonderful.. 11 r gone and my puffy eyes.. My husbandoves it as well.. I am pleased with my purchase

Sheri Columbiaville, NY

Dont know how to Use??

Its a little scary with foreign directions. I contacted seller but answers did not help me feel confident to use it so I never have??

Loraine Silverstreet, SC


meh…. used it religiously for a month (brushing my hair every night for 10 minutes, weekly facials. meh… you go further with buying hyaluronic acid for $12, and ditching the machine.

Deidre Yale, MI

Skin rejjeuvination!

I bought 2 of these to use like micro current at the spa. The directions are written by someone who speaks poor English and doesn’t really make sense. I’m a Physical Therapist we do E-stim so I got the concept of the product. I use avocado oil and vitamin E oil for my conductor. When used consistently this product will help retrain the muscles in the face and neck. Help increase collagen growth and create a more youthful appearance.

Jodi Benton City, WA

Darsonval High frequency- skin tightening

I used one of these when I was in cosomotology school years ago. This works beautifully, not only will it work on wrinkles but it will stimulate hair growth if you hair is thinning due to temporary loss.

Geri Midlothian, VA

Verdit Still Out

Not sure about this item, used it for spot removal on my legs and it did not appear to work, will try it again and make sure I am using it correctly. Also the directions to the device and the writing on the box for the device had improper english on it. It also refered to cleaning the instruments in 75% rubbing alc. However that % is not sold….

Susie Midway Park, NC

Hight Frequency

Used for well over 6 months every day with no results. It feels kind of good after you get used to it. But, don’t waste your money – doesn’t do anything.

Marian Placida, FL

It works wonders!

We have the same portable high frequency device at school and i just love it! I bought it for the hair comb and use it every night and it gets rid of all of my headaches and its super easy to use. I got it super fast too!

Patsy Paris, OH

Wish I had saved my mney

Didn’t see any results as of today. Would have been better off to have saved for a procedure in a medical office.

Sydney Berry Creek, CA

This is so cool

The day I ordered this I was at my usual nail appointment and the spa owner proudly showed me her new RF facial machine!! Same EXACT attachments! I have only used it twice so far. I’m experimenting with the settings and attachments. The instructions are lame so do your research online. I will say that I used it on my two teenage sons for acne outbreaks and BAM, gone the next day. How cool is that for $40?

Leann Irwin, ID

Broke in 3 weeks

The delivery was fast. I enjoyed using the devise but in 3 weeks of using it the metal part that covers one of the ends of a glass tube came off and got stuck inside the devise so now I am unable to use it. Had to contact the seller in order to return it. Not sure if I order another one because it might break as well. Will look for a different supplier.

Ada Quantico, VA

Great and cheap

I’ve been using this D’arsonval High frequency direct for Home use device for several months now and it’s very strong, just like a professional one, it’s good for reducing inflammation caused by acne and skin tightening. I recommend this product.

Kathy North Liberty, IA

Use it for my acne spots

I use this after my at home facials to help heal acne spots. It doesn’t hurt but I’m not sure it does much. My esthetician uses one on me when I go to the salon for a facial so it must do something. She swears it helps with acne spots.

Leah Hagarstown, IL

High Frequency

I have been using this for a couple months now. I had an ugly age spot suddenly show up at the bottom of my neck near my collar bone. I used this machine and it got rid of it with one treatment. It took about 3 days to heal as there was a bit of a burn, but it is now gone. It was not painful at all. It took about 30 minutes. I also had brown areas on my face from melasma and I got rid of those spots as well. Also, you know how after a pimple heals it leaves a mark on your skin. It will get rid of these acne marks for you too! I’ve had nothing but good luck with this machine so far. I think it’s a great find for a great price!

Amelia Krakow, WI

Was being careful but it broke anyways 🙁

This device seemed to be doing good things for my skin – felt all nice and tingly, plus my acne cleared up nicely. Then, during my second week of use, one of the glass tubes broke off from the base while I was using it (meaning that the metal part is now stuck in the unit). I am probably going to try to find a better quality unit because I would still like to give high frequency a shot.

Claudette Palatine Bridge, NY


I fell for it. I tried it. I went to a facial and the professional even suggested it. but I used it regularly and saw no reaction at all.

Lucia Camden, ME

Up dating review

Hi. I have not noticed any amazing changes in my skin. I think it is too soon for me to say for sure. I was asked to write a review so I am. I like the ease of use. The product seems to be high quality and well made. I want to see improvement in the eleven lines and horizontal lines across my forehead. I have not noticed any difference in lines and wrinkles at all. I usually give any product I try at least a three month trial. I just hope that if this gadget does not work I sure hope it does not hurt or make anything worse. I’m not sure if I should use around the eye area so I won’t until I find out more about doingso. I will update. Buyer Beware. Hi. It is now October 28th. I like that I have not had any blemishes since using this product. I like the way it feels when I use it. My skin looks like it has a glow everyday and I still enjoy the way it feels. I have not noticed the 11 lines nor the forehead lines gone. I will be happy if they just do not get any worse. I will continue to use this product and will update once a month.

Willie Lake Toxaway, NC

Still waiting

I’ve been using this for weeks now and I’m not sure if it has any effects on me. I still don’t seee any visible improvement so for now, I’ll just be neutral and will update this comment once I see any changes (good or bad)

Regina Roslyn Heights, NY

I use it

I’ve been using this about every other day because I read somewhere that high frequency can be drying. I’m not sure if it’s really working. I don’t see drastic improvement. But it hasn’t been that long so I’m keeping an open mind.

Joyce Covington, TX

A great bargain . . .

I love this machine for the price. It feels really relaxing to use this on my face morning and night. Often my skin feels tighter afterward. Unfortunately I let it roll of my toilet and one of my attachments broke, so it’s worth keeping an eye on. It zaps your skin lightly, in a non painful way. It creates this smell that reminds me of how clean people smell after being in ski suits outside for a couple of hours. I wouldn’t say the smell is nice, but I wouldn’t say it is bad either . . . just wierd.

Cheri Pawling, NY


I was skeptical; however, I read the reviews and thought why not. I received in 3 days of ordering and used this right away. I carefully read the instructions and then tried this product out. After first use I immediately noticed some dark spots I had, appear darker in appearance. This is exactly what I wanted from this product knowing that this is the pigments being broken up and then will scab off. I had laser done several years ago on some spots and noticed the same outcome, the only difference is that I didn’t pay $ 600.00 for the service. The only recommendation I have is to wear and continuously wear sunblock to keep new and old spots from returning and your treatment will be successful.

Ora Clarks, LA

Broke first day

An attachment broke the first day I was trying to change out to another one. Also, let me warn you – if you have metal fillings don’t get this. I tried twice and both times I could taste bad metal taste as well as my heart started racing. Strange but won’t try again. On the plus side it looks and feels like a good quality item for the price you pay for it, I just can’t use it.

Deena Tobaccoville, NC

A true miracle! Gave me my self-esteem back. Get it!

This is without a doubt a true miracle. I can’t believe what this has done for me. After experiencing severe weight gain and weight loss (+110 lbs in 8 months, to -70 lbs in four months) from very severe Epstein Barr, and hormonal issues, my skin was sagging and I looked 50, instead of my 36 years. My veins were bulging on the back of my hands, my arms, and my wrists. They were a deep cobalt blue and looked disgusting. They aged me horribly! I had been sick in bed for 8 months after being hit with EBV. I thought there was nothing I could do for them and I was almost suicidally depressed between the veins, the sagging skin, and the extreme hair loss I was experiencing. I’ll detail below what this has done for my various issues. I hope you’ll stick with me and read this. I feel confident this could be the miracle you’ve been looking for and I’m so grateful to be able to share my story of what this has done for me so far.HAIR: Out of desperation I bought this for $20 to help halt my hair loss. I didn’t expect it would work. Especially when it seemed to be like those lightning globes that kids play with. But I began throwing money around frantically trying to improve my appearance before I went over a cliff (yes I was honestly that depressed after 8+ months of total isolation and the decimation of my appearance). I bought it originally to help with the hair loss I was experiencing and couldn’t believe what it did for me! I used it twice and instantly noticed that the shower catch was filled with only 10 hairs, instead of the approximately 100 hairs I was losing every time I showered (twice a day- that’s a Hell of a lot of hair to lose!). When I would stop using it for a few days, my hair was right back to 100 hairs. It was definitely due to this incredible machine! And not only did this miracle machine stop the hair from falling out, but I can honestly tell you that hair has grown in that hasn’t been in my head for 15 years! I thought those hair follicles were dead, they’ve been dormant for so long. I was rocking a not-so-awesome Frankenstein-meets-Dracula hair line. My forehead was enormous! Now, I have hairs filling in the receding areas and the Dracula hairline is becoming a thing of the past. I can’t rightly believe it. I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried all the supplements, all the drugs for PCOS (I couldn’t tolerate them), Nioxin, Avalon, Pura d’Or, and many others- nothing worked. Now, between the JustNatural hair loss shampoo, conditioner, and treatment, the copious amounts of licorice root tea (6 bags of Stash’s Licorice Spice a day have lowered my extremely high testosterone from 155 to almost normal at 51 in only two months! Something none of the drugs ever did. Do some research if you have high testosterone!), and this, I’m well on my way to recovering some of my self-esteem.VEINS: The other thing that was really destroying my self esteem was the enormous, bulging veins. They really aged me so much. I was so ashamed I would wear long sleeves even in the desert summer heat. They were giant and a very deep blue. They started from six inches above my wrist to the back of my hands, and were also on the underside. There was no hiding them. There was no making them go away. I was desperate to find mention of supplements or something that could assist with them going back to the way they were. I even spoke to my phlebotomist, but it seemed there was nothing that could help this. I was desperately hoping I could pay thousands of dollars and get some kind of mesh implanted that could keep my veins back! I was really that desperate. One day I took it into my head to try the flat head on my hands, just to see if my skin would tighten, as the extreme weight shifts have made my skin crepey and stretched looking.I WAS BLOWN AWAY when I noticed that a few hours after my first ‘treatment’ of my hands, that my veins were much less noticeable. They weren’t bulging out like they had before. Instead of a deep cobalt blue, they were a soft aqua color that told me I was viewing them from much deeper than before! I was dumbfounded. I kept expecting it to go back to the way it was and to feel that familiar flood of shame and despair. It didn’t happen. I began using it on all the areas of my arms and hands that had noticeably bulging veins. I did it twice a day and noticed almost immediately that the color got much lighter and the veins uniformly stopped bulging. After a few days of twice a day, they weren’t even noticeable!!! My God it was a true miracle for me. For the first time in a year, I feel my age. I look like a 36 year old, not a granny! What a difference this has made to my self-esteem. I bless the person who first got me looking for this machine everyday!This doesn’t seem to be a ‘cure’ for bulging veins. I’ve only used it now for a few weeks on my veins, but I notice that when I go a few days without using it, the veins are more noticeable again. Using it twice a day keeps them "at bay" but I will start seeing them pop out a little more towards the end of the day. Although nothing like before. Not the same dark color and not the same earthworm-size! *shudders* I’m not sure if the results are temporary, or if I just need to use it longer to see permanent results (maybe the muscles need to build back up?). In any event- WHO CARES??? I can hide my veins and that means more to me than I can tell you!SKIN TIGHTENING: My face was looking dreadful. My under eyes were sagging quite a bit, and the nasal labial fold suddenly deepened and created a "poofy" look around the corners of my mouth. My cheeks were sagging to the point that my profile looked very strange, sort of sunken in places. My apple cheeks were gone!I’ve only used it a handful of times on my face, but I’m shocked at the difference it’s made already. I can definitely see a difference in my face. My under eyes aren’t sagging as badly, my cheeks are starting to look less ‘sunken’ and the area around my mouth looks quite a bit better. In fact, today was the first day I didn’t feel a wave of despair when looking at myself in the mirror. I actually smiled and cried when I noticed that it was getting better. I didn’t think it would. I thought that I had lost subcutaneous fat when I ended up not being able to eat much for the 8 months I was terribly sick. I didn’t expect this would work on this issue at all, and again, I’m truly awestruck that a $20 machine has produced such phenomenal results, in such a little time! It was suggested to me by ‘professionals’ that I would have to get fat transplants or fillers if I wanted to recover my appearance. This would cost thousands and involve some pain and invasiveness. It’s my hope that continued use with this machine will produce even better results! (The dermarolling I’ve been doing has also helped a bit, but nothing like this! Also, Andalou Natural’s Clarifying skin regimen has been a miracle for my enlarged, clogged pores that nothing else has helped. And vit C serum has given me an incredibly dewy glow. Hope that helps you guys. Nothing ever works for me. So if this stuff did, it likely will help you too!)Well, if you’ve read through this entire review, you are probably as desperate as I was, bless you! I hope you take a leap of faith and give this unit a chance. $20 is a joke when you consider what this has done for me. I hope with all my heart that you have amazing results too and can feel better about yourself, as I now do about myself.One thing: be very careful how you use this. Don’t press hard against your skin, or twist the heads when putting them in or taking them out. I was using the unit and pressing my skin and it twisted the glass inside the metal attachment point. The glass part came out, leaving behind the metal bit in the unit, rather like a lightbulb can do. I sent it back and instantly purchased two more sets so if it happens again I wont have to go a day without it. Also, the high frequency messes with some electronics. Passing the attachments over my iPod touch caused it to scroll through things and randomly click on apps. Don’t use electronics while using the machine. This $20 unit isn’t a joke. It really is amazing!Don’t waste another day. Get this and try it. I absolutely believe it will be the best $20 you will ever spend.

Dianna Williamsfield, OH