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PROFOOT Pedi-Rock Flexible Callus Foot File

Callus file with easy-grip shape gently removes calluses and dry skin. Flex-soft material conforms to the shape of your foot for smooth, soft skin in 60 seconds. Gently removes calluses and dry skin. Easy-grip shape is fast and effective. Silicon carbide crystal surface can be used wet or dry. Money back guarantee from manufacturer profoot. Try us risk free.

Key features

  • Gently removes calluses and dry skin
  • Flex-soft material conforms to the shape of your foot for smooth, soft skin in 60 seconds.
  • Easy-grip shape is fast and effective
  • Silicon carbide crystal surface can be used wet or dry
  • Money back guarantee from manufacturer profoot; try us risk free

Honest reviews



Like most people, I have calluses on my feet. Mine are on my big toes of both my foot on the left side. I’ve used callus removing products before. Mostly pumice stone which can work, as long as you don’t go too overboard with rubbing and rub your toes raw.This product is a large fist-sized black artificial foamy rock-shaped file.. It is covered with an Emory board substance that feels rough to the hand like an Emory board or raspy like a cat’s tongue. To use the product, rub like a pumice stone along the offending callus until it is effectively ground off. Watch out for gross callus dust/dead skin. (Yeah I know the world is full of skin dust, but I don’t want extra on my clothing.)I tested it out on my mom’s feet with only partial success. She has two big horizontal calluses on one foot. I was able to smooth the top one partially. But this product made hardly a dent in the tougher lower one.I then tried it on my own callus. It didn’t make a dent either. I didn’t notice any extra smoothness after 60 seconds use. Will try more and get back to you.Okay, so clearly this is a product that takes time to use. Do not expect immediate results. Grinding away a large callus could take days of daily use.From my perspective this is only an okay product. I didn’t find it revolutionary, it works, but slowly. I’ve had better luck with a regular pumice stone.

Mildred Ashmore, IL

Profoot Pedi-Rock Flexible Callus Foot File

Profoot Pedi-Rock Flexible Callus Foot File.This is a soft, flexible foot file. You can use it for whatever you need it for, on your feet.I love pampering my feet. This foot file really makes my feet feel good. I know – the purpose of this file is to remove calluses and things like that – but it’s okay to just use it to make your feet feel good. I don’t have any calluses right now, but I always love to just make my feet feel good. And maybe that’s why I don’t have anycalluses right now, because I pamper my feet enough to where things like that usually don’t happen. I will continue to pamper my feet, and I already love this foot file so much!After having to wear certain types of boots for work and having ingrown toenails, I pamper my feet and now don’t really have any problems with them as long as I’m taking care of them. (Now I don’t have to wear those boots anymore.)

Jeanine Keezletown, VA

Easy to use

I really liked the feel of this foot file. It’s easy to hold and works like a charm. I keep it in the shower.

Debora Freeburg, IL

Nothing Special

I don’t get calluses per say on my feet, but I do get very dry skin on the bottom of my feet due to wearing socks in my house. I never wear shoes in my house.This Profoot Pedi-Rock Flexible Callus Foot File, it does look like a rock, but for me it was ackward for me to use, and the foot file almost covered my entire hand, it’s not small. The file is slightly soft but rough feeling, somewhat like a pumice stone.It says you can use it wet or dry. I used it on dry skin. It’s made with silicon carbide crystals. You are supposed to rinse it after using, then let it dry.It took me longer than they say of 60 seconds to feel that my skin was soft. Frankly I didn’t think this foot file worked any better or faster than any other foot file I have used, and the large size of it actually made it harder for me to use. Maybe if you have larger hands it might work better for you, or is it just me?

Isabelle Lisbon, IA

Smooths without scraping

The calluses on my feet have much in common with the hooves on a horse so I am always looking for an efficient way of smoothing them out. The Profoot product is the best one I have ever used. Easy to grip, large and comfortable, reasonably priced, it does a great job of filing down tough dry skin. Unlike the rasp type products, this flexible "rock" does not damage the underling skin. Equally effective wet or dry, rinses easily and dries quickly. Definitely recommended

Jimmie Litchfield, CT

Comfortable and easy to use

This foot file fits nicely in the hand and because of its shape moves nicely over areas like your heel and the ball of your foot. I found it comfortable to use. Short of a hand sander I’m not sure anything has the potential to get rid of my calluses but this did a pretty good job. It left my heel smoother than it had been. It certainly is easier to use than the long hand held type, which I am always fearful I am going to snap in half with the pressure I use. I like that it can be rinsed but I did notice that when I used it wet, some of the grit broke away from the file but this seems to have stopped on further use.Overall, it is a comfortable file that does file down calluses BUT don’t be mislead, regardless of what the package says, it takes more than 60 seconds for smoother feet. It took several minutes on each heel and some aggressive scrubbing for me to get them to the point where I thought they felt acceptable. However, to be fair I walk barefoot ALOT, so my heels take a beating!

Eve Hood River, OR

An improvement over my pumice stone…….

I normally use a standard pumice block for my problem feet and was anxious to try this Profoot Pedi-Rock out.ON the plus side, it is easy to hold to (I have arthritis in my hands) and it seems to work better and cover more area than my old trusty pumice stone ever did.The little black particles that fall off during use (along with dead skin) are a bit on the messy side. No big deal if you use this in your shower or tub. I am unable to do so and end up just putting down a towel to catch the mess, then go shake it out.Not quite sure how long it will last, never having used one of these things before, but the Profoot DOES do the job well and that’s what I needed!Good quality and function with a very attractive price!Recommended by ME, Marty G !

Queen Bath, SD

It’s ugly but I like it.

Why do I like this? Let me count the whys:1) Because it’s so ugly it’s cute.2) Because it fits nicely into the hand as you use it.3) Because it conforms to your foot as you rub it over the dry, callused areas.4) Because you can use it wet or dry. (And it’s washable.)5) Because it works as well as anything else I’ve tried (such as a flat foot file or pumice stone).But when I say “it works as well as anything else” this actually means it doesn’t quite get the bottom and sides of my feet as smooth as I’d like. Here in Florida I spend my life in sandals or bare feet, with the occasional use of athletic shoes, and my feet are not the things of poetry. I could probably walk over broken glass or maybe even hot coals. An electric sander might be the most effective tool for getting these puppies smooth. So perhaps using my feet to test this Profoot Pedi-Rock is unfair.

Karla Bronston, KY

Great product

It looks like a piece of volcanic rock but is actually quite soft. Most importantly it does what it is made for painlessly and almost effortlessly. This is a huge improvement over those "files" designed for the same problem. I can highly recommend this item.

Francisca Stendal, IN

Great product!

Loved this product very much! The most important part for me was the strength of the rock which is stronger than I thought it would be. It fits perfectly in my hand. The size and durability are great. To me it reminds me of a strong sponge. But this one feels like it will last for a long time which is nice. I have been using it at night before bed and it has been killing all of my dead skin off-I have very dry skin all year round. I noticed the change the first night- made my feet feel smooth and soft.The price is very reasonable-my mother loves these products so I am going to buy her one.Would recommed!

Audrey Huron, CA

great for winter worn feet

After this past winter I started noticing that my feet were cracking a bit on the heels and the sides of my feet. I also had a few spots that looked like the start of a corn. I love to wear sandals during the summer so I needed to get my feet into shape. So I started using this foot file along with a good lotion and my feet look so much better after only a few uses. This really helped to get rid of the dry dead skin and espose the new skin so Ii could pamper my feet.

Angel Spring Creek, TN

Excellent product

This is much more comfortable to use than a pumice stone. I use it daily in the shower and love it, keeps my heels in great shape I would highly recommend this product for callus and rough feet.

Mia Gulnare, CO

Gentle but not terribly effective

I’ve used pumice stones before to work on calluses, but never one of these.The pumice stone is more effective, but harsher on the foot and makes more of a mess.The Pedi-Rock is gentler but it takes a good long time to make any progress.It does have a nice feel in your hand.

Myrna Cascade, CO

Excellent abrasive. Unique, ergonomic form.

First of all, the Profoot Pedi-Rock looks like a rock.It doesn’t feel like a rock, it feels like those sandpaper sponges we get at the home improvement stores.The difference? The Pedi-Rock fits in my hand perfectly and comfortably (I have arthritis in my hands, so grip is a definite consideration when choosing any beauty and health tools) and, in the shower, this makes quick work of my rough, cracked heels.I am a big fan of the Pedi-Egg for caring for my feet, but that has to be used dry and you really need to use the little sanding sticker to smooth over the parts you have shaved off.The Pedi-Rock is one step. For me that means I hop in the shower, wash my hair, and scrub my body and I leave my foot care for toward the end of the shower so the dead skin is soft and won’t put up such a fight. I did try the Pedi-Rock dry and it worked as well as any pumice/foot file but of course then you get the mess on the floor. In the shower, the dead skin bits go right down the drain.My only concern is, over time, how well this will fare in the constant humidity of our shower. I also wonder how well the spongey insides dry out, if at all, but it doesn’t seem absorbent. I will report back when I need to replace this, to give an idea of how durable this gem really is.

Joanna Newport, NE

Awesome Pedi Product!! Nail Tech Recommended!!

This product is unbelievable. I recommend these to everyone, we all need foot care. I am a Nail Tech and I think this is the best tool yet to get the calluses off your feet. This is shaped to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and it has some give to it so its easy to grip. You can use it dry or wet, it has to grit types on it, and its easy to clean!! Highly recommended to those who find it hard to reach your feet, if you can cross your legs at the knee you can use this with ease.

Cecilia Campbell, NE

Best Foot File I’ve Owned

This foot file is great! Just as it says, didn’t take long to take care of those calluses on the sides of my big toe and on my heel. I used it both dry and wet, and both ways did well – the dry was best for the worst callused areas though. This product is flexible and shaped well – it gets to all areas of the foot without strain. It feels like a really firm sponge if squeezed, but seems to clean easily. I would definitely buy again if something happened to the first one I received!

Francine Stapleton, GA

Removes Calluses Easily

In the cooler months I get extremely dry feet and sometimes calluses. Once I get a callus it is normally hard to get rid of. I have used several blocks or files in the past to get rid of calluses, but they are often difficult to use and sometimes painful.This Pedi-Rock is great. The shape allows it to conform to your hand to make it extremely easy to use. The Pedi-Rock is made of a softer material with a rougher surface to file off the calluses. The Pedi-Rock has a large surface area, so it is going to last a long time.The Pedi-Rock removed my calluses relatively quickly and easily with little pain. My hand did feel a tiny bit sore after using it since the whole rock is covered in the silicon carbide crystal surface. The soreness faded after a few minutes. This could be avoided by wearing gloves or holding the Pedi-Rock with a cloth. You can also use this Pedi-Rock wet or dry which is neat. I have mostly been using it dry since I like to use it while watching television on my couch. I also like to be able to see the callus that I am working on which is harder when wet. If you find it painful to use dry (which you really shouldn’t), it is a little gentler if you use it wet.

Opal Trosky, MN

I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet. – Ghandi

I love my tootsies and I try to keep them at the flip flop ready with routine maintenance. I don’t get crazy calloused, but after walking around all summer in my bare feet or flip flops, I generally need a couple of good scrubs to get them looking and feeling smooth again. The same goes after the long winter season – it usually takes a little more than routine maintenance to get me ready to go bare again!I have tried pretty much every cream, scrub, and foot file known to man with various degrees of success and failure over the years. I have to say that this foot rock is now at the top of my success chart! I have tried it on both wet and dry feet. While it works on both, I find it works better after my feet have soaked whilst in the shower, first.And while I got this product, free of charge through the Amazon Vine Program, in exchange for an honest review, I purchased one this evening. I liked it that much.Now while my feet are pretty well cared for, I tried this rock on my husband’s feet last night – those feet could stand a little more TLC on a more regular basis. I was extremely surprised and pleased at how well it worked on his man feet! It by no means took all the callous away in one sitting, but it made a nice start and left his feet very smooth!The only thing I have found to complain about is that it seems a little hard on my fingers when I am using it – especially m finger tips. But that isn’t doing to stop me. I am loving this little squishy rock!Cherise Everhard, April 2014

Tessa Fort Mitchell, VA

Works Amazing!

Now I feel like I have tried every kind of foot smoothing product out there and this one is my favorite so far! It is basically a squeezeable pumice stone that allows you to easily grip and scrub! I have small hands and felt this was easy to grab and scrub, which by the way I didn’t have to scrub too hard to make it feel like it was working. I have only used this in the shower so far as I think the water helps. Also, little black specks did come off but since I was in the shower they rinsed off. I actually just added one in my cart to pick up for my mom for Mother’s Day! Great little product!

Lizzie Lincolnton, GA

Best thing I’ve used to eliminate calluses

Works extremely well on the callus on the side of my big toe, but for the sensitive skin on the tops of my feet I felt it was a bit too harsh. For the softer skin, such as the tops of my toes, I have some great exfoliating gloves that I use while I’m bathing. I use this Pedi-Rock on the bottom and sides where the skin is not so sensitive. The exfoliating gloves coupled with this foot file makes my feet really smooth and young looking, better than you can imagine. I’m over 50 but at least my feet look young now. 🙂

Fannie Windsor, CA

Unique Design Makes This Very Effective …

Years of powerlifting have left the insides of my hands calloused, but those never bother me. But, when callouses started to form on the outer edge of both feet, I realized how aggravating and painful a simple callous can be. For years, I did the “manly” thing and used nail clippers to clip away at the hardened skin. The angle was difficult to reach, often resulting in the accidental clipping of non-calloused skin (not fun). Rather than continue the unnecessary blood-letting, I opted to try the PROFOOT PEDI-ROCK and stopped butchering the sides of my feet with the clippers.WHAT IT ISThe PEDI-ROCK is semi-squishy “blob” completely covered in silicon carbide crystal … an avocado shaped (and sized) sanding block for your feet.HOW IT WORKSThe PEDI-ROCK’s rough surface and oblong shape not only allows a sure grip for hands of all sizes but a variety of filing angles to address large and small surface areas. Filing is easy, simply grab the rock and “sand” the calloused area; it can be used wet or dry. While the silicon carbide crystal is rough enough to grind down a callous, it has a rather smooth feel to it. The rock rinses clean with ease.The PROFOOT PEDI-ROCK’s flexibility and odd shape are what make this thing work so well. as it is easy to hold regardless of how vigorously you attack the pesky callous. The rock’s fine-grit surface allows for snag-free “sanding” which leaves the skin feeling smooth.

Fran Coventry, CT

The shizz

Haha am I the first non vine review ? Anyway this rock is the ssss.. Stuff. I usually use mr pumice and I have to really work at getting my feet soft when I go weeks with out taking care of them. This rock seriously cut my time in half and left my feet so soft . It’s rough enough to handle tough spots yet gentle enough to scrub the top of your feet and ankles if you’re gentle . I really really love this rock. I haven’t had any black pieces come off like the 2 star reviews mentioned . I’ve used it in the shower so not dry. But definitely buy this if you’re thinking about it .

Kelli Rinard, IL

Christmas Gifts

I love this Profoot Pedi-Rock because it actually works. It’s curved and feels comfortable in my hand and on my feet. I love that you can use it wet or dry and my feet are really smooth after use. I’m getting all of my family members one of these for Christmas!

Jimmie Concord, MA

Blows the PedEgg away!

I’ve used this file for several weeks now, first dry as a kind of sandpaper to really make a dent in the thick cracked calluses on my heels, and then in the bathtub after I’ve soaked my feet a while. The file works wonderfully both wet and dry, and it is amply sized so my arthritic hands can hold it easily. I like the narrower end because you can run it between your toes if you need to. If your feet are in as bad of a shape as mine are, it may take you a while to get them down totally smooth, but with regular use and some foot cream along the way, I think you’ll be very pleased.When I first got this file, I tried it on my arms because my skin has been very dry and I’ve built up some whitehead-like bumps that I hoped to buff off. I would not advise doing this, because this file is strong enough to leave ugly red scratches on softer skin. (Think coarse sandpaper.) But for feet and, with a little more gentle treatment, elbows, it works great.I was worried that the gritty-feeling surface would rub off after a few uses, but so far this has not been the case. It’s holding up really well, and I like this file a lot.

Katrina Whiting, IA

Better than pumice or files but could be just a bit rougher.

Profoot’s Pedi-Rock works well. After about 1 minute of rubbing the edges of my right foot’s heel, the callous was smoother and slightly softer. The ‘rock’ is actually spongy, though it’s firm enough to offer good resistance against my skin and its shape forms to the shape it’s rubbing against, so a larger area is more evenly exfoliated. With rigid exfoliating tools like files or pumice, skin particles become embedded between the hard granules that are removing the dead skin, degrading performance over time; the Pedi-Rock’s softer texture allows better rinsing so that skin particles are more easily removed from the rock’s surface, making it more effective the next time it’s used. The rock’s shape makes it easy to grip and both narrow and wide ends make it versatile.My only criticism is that for those of us with deeper callouses, the Pedi-Rock’s granules aren’t large enough to provide efficient exfoliating, meaning I will have to use this product a great many times to rid myself of these callouses, although this appears to be a perfect grade for maintenance.Recommended. 4.5 stars.

Maribel Savannah, NY

Like a soft pumice stone

Used regularly, this soft foot file works nicely to soften callused areas of your feet. The stone-like file is soft and easily gripped, then form fits itself to the area being filed so as to get into those otherwise difficult to reach areas on the pads of your toes. It seems to retain its sharpness over time but isn’t so sharp as to be irritating or to leave feet feeling scratched.

Ericka Church Point, LA

it’s ok

It work well on wet soaked feet. Geometry of it is a bit awkward for me – too big and not exactly ergonomic. It leaves residue in form of small black specks on your skin and tub, which you have to wash off.

Mamie Neavitt, MD

makes a great gift

This is a very nice product. I have very rough hard feet. I generally use a foot file to work on them. The pro foot rock is a very different type of foot file. It’s the size of a fat pear and quite firm. The package states that it works in a minute… not really. I use it dry for 5 to 10 minutes. My feet get so nice and smooth with this product . I only find it a little difficult to get in the area behind my toes. I tried it wet and it was not as effective for me. It does produce lots of skin/dust so perhaps put a towel down before using. After use you just need to rinse it with water. I’ve been using it for about a month and it does not show any wear.On a side note my boyfriend saw this product and was immediately interested in having one for his feet. So I ordered one for him… He loved it so much that he ordered another as gift for his sister. If you have a man in your life with scratchy feet this might be a nice gift for him. It’s not too girly and very effective.The prices on AMAZON fluctuate daily , I paid 5.99 when I ordeded the rock for my boyfriend. I see today that it’s selling for much higher perhaps wait and see it the price drops again.

Pansy Newport, NJ

Better than a pumice stone for removing tough skin.

In the past, I have used a pumice stone to remove tough skin from my feet.This Pedi-rock is much easier to use and friendlier than a pet rock.The size, shape and deformabilty makes it much easier to grip and control. It gently removes dry, tough skin quickly. The shape makes it easy to reach any surface of your foot except between your toes (no problem skin there anyway).The package says the skin residue can be easily rinsed off this foot file. I would say 75% of it rinses off easily, but not 100%.Overall, I am pleased with this foot care product.

Deena Grimesland, NC

Like, don’t love

What I really like about the Pedi-Rock are its size and soft texture. It’s easy and comfortable to grip and quickly takes off the top layers of calluses. It’s a bit too gentle for my preference and requires a lot of time and elbow grease for more challenging, end of winter feet. It won’t replace your Ped Egg, but is a nice supplement to give feet a quick touch up between pedicures.

Verna Galva, IL