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Professional Techniques Super Blonde, Medium Brown To Darkest Brown, 1-Count

Get the gorgeous, luminous Super Blonde hair you’ve always wanted. Advanced super-lightening action delivers smooth, even blonding from root to tip and lightens natural or color-treated hair in one simple step. Super-rich creme protects and conditions as it lightens, and the specially formulated conditioning shampoo deeply hydrates, keeping hair soft and manageable.

Key features

  • Advanced super-lightening action delivers smooth, even blonding from root to tip
  • Formulated with super-rich creme to protect and condition as it lightens, and the specially formulated conditioning shampoo deeply hydrates, keeping hair soft and manageable
  • Lightens natural or color-treated hair in one simple step

Honest reviews


This product does exactly what it advertises!

I am so pleased that I found this hair bleach on Amazon. I did a lot of research trying to find a bleach that would turn my blue/black hair blonde. Of all the products I looked at and read reviews of this was the least damaging and most promising I could find, so I gave it a chance. I dye my hair regularly but still try to keep it in good shape. This was my first time bleaching my entire head at home and I’m so glad I used this product to do so. For a bleach it is hardly damaging to hair and the smell isn’t even that strong. My advice is to follow the instructions exactly for the best results. I left mine on for the maximum time (60 minutes from when first applying it to the back). To avoid the brassiness (orange/yellow shades in hair after bleaching) a lot of other reviewers complained about, a toner after the bleaching is a must! I will definitely be using this product again in the future and I’m glad it’s on Amazon because none of my local stores stock it.

Darlene Millry, AL

Lovely red-orange from darkest brown, dyed hair.

I’ve uploaded a photo to show my pre-lightened hair color vs. the test strips at 1 hour and 1.5 hours. The product smells very strong. Use in a highly ventilated location. If you have long hair you will need 2 bottles. It mixes very easily and the powder does not get in the air if you’re careful.The creme is very thick and stays put. You’ll definitely need a helper to get the back and the roots since it doesn’t shift much at all once it’s on your hair. There’s no more burning sensation than I get with any other permanent color.The test strips came out very shiny and smooth (but not mushy at all). I pulled the hairs and there’s slightly less elasticity than my normal hair but it’s still very healthy and *so* shiny! I started with dyed, very very dark brown hair (nearly black) and had pink highlight on top of that. Ive never bleached my hair before. I find the red-orange color to be quite beautiful in sunlight! It reminds me of a nice, natural red hair color.

Kelley Shrub Oak, NY

Best “non-professional” version of prebleach out there.

Not sure what volume this uses, but it’s the best bleach you can get at the drugstore without having to research how to do it yourself professionally.

Phyllis Evans, LA

Less Damaging

This will get medium to dark brown hair a pale yellow color, like most blonding kits.This one is more pleasant to use. It’s fumes are more subtle, the shampoo it comes with has a great honeysuckle fragrance and it’s mush less damaging to the hair, in my experience.I am happy with the results and have found less split and dried out ends.Happy with it.

Suzette Vaiden, MS

worked well

I have dark brown hair that never gets yellow with these drugstore type bleaches..but after I read other reviews I thought I would try it…I used it to bleach the lower bottom part of my hair soi could do ombre hair…I would say it was easy to mix and use…It wasn’t drippy…and it changed my dark brown hair light pretty quickly… less than 30 minutes…I only let my hair get to the red stage…because my hombre color was a burgundy red…but it did it really quickly…just make sure you comb it through and get it all on the underpart of your hair…or you may end up with skunk patches!!

Diane Harlan, IA

Great hair product.

Haven’t used them all yet. But I am completely happy so far.

Jacquelyn Gould, OK