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Professional Eyelash Curler, Your Lash Curler Includes a Free Storage Bag & Refill Pad. Make it easy to have stunning eyelashes everyday.

Girls Use Our Eyelash Curler For Lovely Lashes With No Fuss In No Time! It is a shame for you not to have curly, dramatic lashes when this little Eyelashes Curler curls your lashes so easily! Features #No pinch no pain curling, it is the best eye lash curler for small eyes, large eyes in fact suitable for all eye types. #Non slip handle #FREE cute travel bag and refill pad #Ergonomic design, to get every lash, simple easy to use perfect eyelash curlers #The Eye and Mighty lash curler lifts and curls like no other eyelash tool. #The stainless steel spring loaded handle means you get a lot more lift with less pressure, say goodbye to straight lashes and hello to sexy curvy eyelashes! How To Use The Eyelash Curler With eyes wide open, position the lash curler at the base of your lashes Gently squeeze and hold for 10 seconds For added drama add 1 coat of mascara for a pretty daytime look 2 coats for a dramatic look Voila, curly, dramatic lashes! Special Bonus For All Our Valued Customers Details in the box. Guarantee If you don’t completely fall in love with Eye & Mighty Eyelashes Curler then Please Contact Us For A Full Refund!Click On The Yellow “ADD TO CART” Button for lovely curled eyelashes! Copyright 2014 KP Marketing. All Rights Reserved.

Key features

  • Free TRAVEL BAG & Eyelashes Curler refill pad make Bella and Bear’s Lash Curler great value!
  • AVOID THE PAINFUL PINCH common with many eyelash curlers, no more pinch or pulling just great lashes.
  • Ergonomic Design & Premium Construction = Gorgeous curled lashes every time with our eyelashcurler.
  • Combine our Stylish Vintage packaging and a quality eyelash curler and you have a wonderful gift
  • Backed by Bella and Bear’s LIFETIME WARRANTY. Friendly helpful customer service all day every day

Honest reviews


It doesn’t have to hurt be have beautiful lashes

The Eye & Mighty eyelash curler is amazing. It’s easy to hold and doesn’t slip. It is a great quality My lashes curl beautifully using this lash curler with no pinching or pulling. I received this product complimentary but the opinion expressed is all mine.

Alba Helvetia, WV

Best Eyelash Curler Ever!

Madge Slatersville, RI

Comfortable and Works Great!

Call me crazy but eye lash curlers freak me out. I tried using one in the past and about pinch my eye lid off.This eye lash curler by Bell and Bear is super easy to use. With eyes wide open, position the lash curler at the base of your lashes. Then you will gently squeeze and hold for 10 seconds. Then for added drama add 1 coat of mascara for a pretty daytime look. Or if you are feeling wild and funky add two coats. I prefer 2, it makes my eyes "pop" a little more.I love the way I can use it on my natural lashes or my fake lashes and my eyelashes look amazing!The curve of the curler fits my eye lashes perfectly. It is very comfortable to use. You won’t need to buy replacement pads, because the pad they use in their curler was produced to a high quality specification, therefore the pad should last the lifetime of the curler if looked after correctly. The Eye & Mighty lash curler comes with 100% lifetime guarantee!

Wanda Benton, MS

Bold & Beautiful Lashes

First impression: Oh, I am jumping with joy at how adorable the box that this curler came in! I would definitely give this out as a gift based on how adorable the darn box is. It is little things like this that impress me. The first impression would make me stop and look if this were in stores. Inside the box was a card explaining to leave feedback or contact them with issues and the beauty eyelash curler with a pretty red handle. (I was even more excited to see the red handle, being that it is my favorite color)Before: My eyelashes are very long and they naturally curl a bit. However, I was looking forward to reviewing this eyelash curler because I did not own one and I had not used one in years. I wanted a little extra curl to make my lashes stand out a bit more.After: My lashes were definitely more bold after using the Bella and Bear lash curler. It was easy to use, I used it after my base mascara had dried. I did not even need to warm it up. It worked just fine. Below you will see a picture of my eyes after using the eyelash curler.See my Full Review Here: […]I must let you know, I was NOT paid to write this review, but I did receive the eyelash curler at no cost from Bella and Bear to me for giving my true and HONEST opinion.

Jocelyn Miami, IN

Nifty little device

This product is designed to curl your eye lashes. I tested this product on the upper lashes of both my eyes. And yes it works. I tried to curl my bottom lashes but my bottom lashes are too short and I felt awkward trying to curl them so I abandoned that idea.My lashes are still curled after using this product. I am not sure if the price is good or not as I usually do not curl my lashes. Sample provided.

Celina Glenwood, NM

The Best eyelash curler on the market!

I’ve been using the Bella & Bear eyelash curler for a weeks now, it is my new favorite! When I curl My eyelashes, I put mascara on first, once the mascara is on I wait until it dries, use the eyelash curler then apply more mascara. This has been perfect on my eyelashes, they aren’t very naturally curly so I need products like this.My favorite thing about this product is that it doesn’t tug or pull on your eyelashes. It’s easy to use, comfortable and leaves your eyelashes looking great for a while without having to recurl.100% recommend!

Louisa Austin, TX

Lashes stay curled twice as long

I like this eyelash curler more than the Shu Eumura that I’ve used for years. I am blessed with long lashes, but they have lost volume and become straighter as I’ve aged (I’m in my late 40’s). The way this curler is designed, it’s easy to get close to the base of the lash without pinching. My lashes tend to stay curled twice as long now. This comes in cute packaging, too. ~~~~ sample received for review ~~~~

Lynne Creston, CA

Creates a nice shape without pulling out lashes

This curler gives my lashes a really nice shape to them. It doesn’t cause them to break or to get an unnatural crease in them. It doesn’t pull them so hard that it pulls them out either. There’s a very nice pad on it that is supposed to last the lifetime of the curler. So no need to change them out.The tool is easy to grip and I find it easy to get all my lashes into it. It’s a much nicer design than some of the old curlers I tried years ago. This one is easy enough to use that I’m able to curl the lashes on both eyes evenly, and am even able to use the tool in both my right and left hand with the same results. It works really well!Sample provided for review

Odessa Yerington, NV

… from the box that it seemed to be more sturdy than other curlers I had purchased in the past

I immediately noticed upon removing the eyelash curler from the box that it seemed to be more sturdy than other curlers I had purchased in the past. I’ve always struggled with getting my eyelashes to hold a curl, so this really caught my attention and got me thinking that this would be the answer to my eyelash prayers. The handle was comfortable to hold, and I liked that I was able to latch the curler closed to prevent it getting caught on other items in my makeup storage. This curler works like any other eyelash curler, but you really can feel a difference during use pertaining to the thickness of the material and the sturdiness of the product itself. I felt comfortable with how it sat on my lashes and was not concerned about breakage. It released easily, there was no sticking at all. I felt that it curled my lashes just as easily as other curlers, but much to my surprise the curl actually held for a majority of the day, unlike when using other curlers. I don’t know exactly the reasoning behind that is, but I am overjoyed with this eyelash curlers performance. Thinking of purchasing a second one just to always have one on hand no matter what!

Whitney Stevenson, CT

curling perfection

Your lashes will thank you when you use this product. It works beautifully with or without mascara.

Alice Corydon, IN

Best eyelash curler EVER!

This is a really well-designed eyelash curler. The ergonomic handle is super-comfortable on my fingers and the mechanism is tight and efficient. But the true test of an eyelash curler is how well it curls my lashes and this one curls my lashes very well and it does it in about half the time of my old eyelash curler. I am so happy with this Bella and Bear eyelash curler… they really did it right!

Libby Kimmell, IN

Best Eyelash Curler Used so Far!

When Bella & Bear contacted Everything Beauty and Beyond to review their eyelash curler, I was totally in! I was actually so in, that I even bought one of these lovely gadgets for my sister and mailed it to her so that she could try it out as well! You see I had the same eyelash curler for years. However about 6 months ago it broke and so did my beautiful curled eyelashes with it. I went out and bought a Revlon one, however it really didn’t do anything for me and I found myself having to use it a few times before my eyelashes would even curl. I looked into other ones, but I refuse to pay more than $20 a curler and some of the good ones were going for $50 and up!! Yeah no!!When this arrived to my house, it the first thing I noticed was the lovely packaging. The box was just beautiful and awesome. It actually reminded me of the 1950’s look. Inside I found a curler that seemed very sturdy and durable. I decided to read the description online about the product and it said:What Makes The Eye And Mighty The Curler You Need?✓ No pinch no pain curling✓ Non slip handle✓ Ergonomic design, to get every lash✓ The Eye & Mighty eyelash curler lifts and curls like no other eyelash tool. You will know that you have found "the one"✓ The spring loaded handle means you get a lot more lift with less pressure, say goodbye to straight lashes and hello to sexy curvy eyelashes!This Product Is So Easy To Use✓ With eyes wide open, position the lash curler at the base of your lashes✓ Gently squeeze and hold for 10 seconds✓ For added drama add 1 coat of mascara for a pretty daytime look✓ 2 coats for a dramatic lookVoila, curly, dramatic lashes!FREE Beauty EbookAs a thank you to our customers, you get our Bella & Bear Beauty Secrets ebook Details in the box or go to BellaandBear.comGuaranteeIf you don’t completely fall in love with Eye & Mighty then Please Contact Us For A Full Refund!Well with all this info how could you go wrong! So after reading this I was sold! I decided to go ahead and use this curler the same night I received it AFTER I had finished washing my face and taking my makeup off because I just couldn’t wait to try it out. I applied to my freshly clean eyelashes and was just amazed on how little pressure you needed to curler your lashes. The curler seemed to sit high on the hinge on the device and therefore you didn’t need to press down so hard in order to get it to work. I noticed automatically on just how quick it curled my lashes.I decided to use it again a few days later when I had to go to work. I first curled my lashes, applied mascara primer and then applied my mascara. My eyelashes looked amazing! The curl held all day with very little effort and my lashes just looked longer then usual.What I loved about this curler is that it sits high which means it lifts your eyelash curl even higher. It fits perfectly in my fingers and is very comfortable to use. I love the design, color and shape of the curler and would highly recommend it!My sister also had a Revlon eyelash curler that she used off and on for the last few years. However since using this curler that I bought her, she hasn’t looked back. From the first day she used it, she told me that her eyelashes were perfectly curled and held all day long even after applying mascara. The curler looks sturdy and well designed and fit perfectly in her hand as well. She was really excited about trying out this product.For the price and usefulness of this eyelash curler I highly recommend it!!

Nola Manderson, SD

Brighten your eyes “The eye is the lamp of the body.If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light. Matt. 6:22

I love wearing cosmetics and frilly things. I love my collection of vintage scarves, my vast assortment of cotton cardigans in almost every color, my vintage sweater guard clips and brooches, purses (my weakness). I love pink and polka dots and flowers. Roses and Gerber daisies are my favorite. I never go out of the house without mascara. If was to pack only 3 makeup/cosmetic items it would be my SKIN79 Super+ BB cream (I use this as my HG* foundation (even though its a BB cream) my facial cleansing oil, and my mascara. Mascara is my favorite item, and if I had to choose ONE item to take, it would be mascara. I will not go out of the house without it, I am naked without it. As for brands, I have seriously tried nearly every drugstore brand out there. My favorite drugstore brand being CoverGirl Lash Blast, but the past year I have been loving my department store favorite, Benefit They’re Real mascara, I have in the past liked Benefit Bad Gal mascara as well. Eyes. They have been said to be the window to the soul. Eyes can speak without having a voice. A flutter of eyelashes, a wink, a coy and alluring stare, can often make you irresistible to attract someone with whom you want to snuggle. I have always loved wearing eye makeup and usually line my eyes in a 60’s cat eye winged look. In case you are wondering, Stila Stay all day liquid liner pen is my HG* (Holy Grail*, in makeup land).I was super excited to try out an eyelash curler from a cute company called Bella & Bear. I found out that Bella & Bear are 2 cats that had been rescued, and loved by the gal who started this company. The cats are seen in the Bella and Bear logo, and the tails are in a heart shape, which I thought was really clever and sweet. I have used many eyelash curlers in the past. They all have been the $4-5 kind from the drugstore and absolute cruddy quality. They would pinch, tug and crimp my lashes into a look that really did not look natural or becoming. I ended up either losing them as they weren’t real special to me or the pads would need replacing or I would get frustrated with the little torture devices. I ended up going on about a 2 year hiatus from eyelash curling after that last one I that I had broke, and got lost. When the "Eye & Mighty" (darling name isn’t it?) eyelash curler came to me in the mail for me to test and review, I was in awe. Even the packaging was cute. I have kept the box as it really is that cute. The box is a pretty blue with polka dots and flowers all over it, and yes PINK flowers. Gorgeous. Inside, there is a nice little business card that thanks me for being a "gorgeous" customer. Aren’t they sweet?In case you have never curled your lashes before, or are hesitant, please take comfort in knowing I was a little apprehensive at first when I started using a curler many years ago. I also was the girl who waited until college to get contacts because I could not get over the fact that I would have to touch my eye to put something IN MY EYE, and that freaked me out. But that day in the optometrist’s office, I took a good 30 minutes to put in my contacts the first time, and when they were in, I was a changed woman! I began being able to put them in in just a couple minutes, and now, after a few years, I can put contacts in without a mirror, while a passenger in a car or sitting on the couch. I am no longer afraid. An eyelash curler is a similar scenario. After a few uses, you too can be a pro. Now Some people will not like eyelash curling, and that is fine. I do want to note, that not all curlers are easy or safe to use. The ones I used in the past were easy to easy, but they hurt sometimes. They also did not look as natural as I had hoped, but I would use them because they opened my eyes a bit more.Here is how to curl your lashes: Start with a clean, freshly washed face. I oil cleanse, instead of using soap on my face, so my lashes often have a bit of jojoba, castor oil or argan oil left over, and for me, that is fine as I feel it hydrates my lashes and makes them softer. Also, castor oil applied lightly can thicker lashes. The Bella and Bear Eye & Mighty curler has a nice rubberized red handle, and is very ergonomic to hold. There is an area for your middle finger to rest.Hold the eyelash curler in the hand that is steadiest for you. Start at the base of your lashes and make sure to get all lashes in the curler. Be careful not to get any eyelid skin in the curler and do not tug. Hold for 5 seconds, I curl my lashes first at the base, then middle of the lash, then the tip of the. That is how I prime it for mascara. I normally use a mascara primer (Makeup Forever Lash Fibers) but since I wanted to showcase this curler, I did not want to sway the results. I skipped the primer this time. I used one coat of Benefit They’re Real mascara in Black, then I did one final curl on both lashes over my mascara. I normally use 2-3 coats of mascara, but again, I wanted to show the results of the curler without feeling like I would pad the ballot box so to speak.I think the results were quite natural and pretty. I like how there was no discomfort or tugging and no lashes were lost. The black pad on the curler looks like it will last and I like how the curler is spring loaded. The curler handle is very comfortable to hold and smooth. I think the red color is classy and almost gives a vintage pin up charm to it. I kinda want to paint my nails red right now after using the curler.Here are some reasons why I like this so much:No pinching, no discomfortNon slip handle (that is smooth and comfortable to hold, with a pretty red, pretty packaging)Ergonomic design to get every lash, finger restThe Eye & Mighty eyelash curler lifts and curls with easeThe spring loaded handle means you get a lot more lift with less pressure"The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light.Matthew 6:22 (Bible)In this case, keeping your eyes bright, healthy (drinking plenty of water and getting proper rest/sleep, and protecting them from sunlight) and using a nice mascara and eyelash curler can really make your face look its best. That is why I never go out without a coat or 2 of a good mascara. Now I think I will add this eyelash curler to the list. It really is a nice little gadget.If you found this review or any of my other reviews interesting or helpful, please rate is as "helpful" and or leave a comment. I enjoy writing reviews and hearing feedback about what I have written as I feel reviews help those interested make an informed decision before purchasing. I also feel that honest and informative reviews improve a product by providing insight to the company. I believe reviews should be honest no matter whether an item was free, at a discount, or purchased. I am not connected to this company or any of the companies of products that I review. I am not paid for my opinions and do not receive any benefit for any purchases made based on my review.

Dianna Stanwood, IA

Loving my lashes

Drum roll please…I have just become the recent owner of, hands down, THE BEST eyelash curler I have ever used. Not long ago ago while I was in Miami I told my mom I really needed a new one. Well ask and you shall receive! After reading all of the reviews, I gave it a whirl and waited like a kid on Christmas for it to come in. When it arrived I giddily opened the package once it arrived.The box in which it comes is totally adorable. Of course I love the polka dots! And the story of their cats is adorable.The eyelash curler is smaller than most I’ve seen sold in grocery and cosmetic supply stores. It fits in my hand perfectly and I absolutely love the deep red color of the spring-loaded handle. It’s sturdy and you can easily tell it’s constructed with high quality materials. The superiority to other products on the market is obvious through the look and feel. While using this one, there is a rest for the middle finger while you’re curling the eyelashes. It’s great that Bella and Bear kept ergonomic design in mind!My eyelashes are pretty straight and often other eyelash curlers will fold them or cause what looks like a dent. Not this one. It appears as though this would work for someone with even really deep set eyes.I am impressed and I fully intend to make this a long-term relationship!

Alisa Shattuck, OK

This curler is Wonderful!

I never use eyelash curlers much because mine are so short. I always pinch myself, which is very unpleasant to say the least. With this curler I had no problem what so ever hitting every last and reaching the base, while missing my eyelid. Great product all around! Would definitely recommend this to my friends as a must have.

Mary West Lafayette, IN

Natural and curled looking lashes here I come!

I haven’t been blessed with long or thick or curled lashes so what do I do to enhance my lashes? I always have a nice eyelash curler with me. I’ve tried a lot of eyelash curler and the number 1 feature I look for in my lashes is that it wouldn’t pinch my lids. Hey! It’s painful to accidentally pinch your lids with a lash curler!So Bella and Bear sent me their Eye & MIghty Eyelash Curler in exchange for an honest review. :)When the lash curler arrived, I first noticed the packaging which is very cute and girly. The box itself is captivating so I couldn’t wait to see the lash curler inside. I opened it and was delighted to see a lash curler with a cute colored handle. It’s light and very easy to squeeze. Then the moment of truth. Trying it on my lashes. Dun dun dun… :PI placed the lash curler at the base of my lashes (the closest I can get without touching my lids) and squeezed the handle. SUPRISE! No pinch for me! 🙂 After about 15 seconds, I carefully and gently tugged on my lashes outwards while squeezing and unsqueezing the handle of the lash curler so that I can achieve that natural, curled look. (Just a tip: Be careful not to tug too much or you might tug your lashes off! :)) I then applied a coat of mascara on my lashes to add a little volume and length to my now curled lashes.I love how easy it is to use the Eye & Might Eyelash Curler. It didn’t pinch my lids and it gave me a natural and curled looking lashes. 🙂

Queen Prospect, TN

Gorgeous Customers

Ok, first I have had a lot of eyelash curlers. This is definitely the nicest one I’ve ever seen. It is well made and really easy to use. I’ve had less expensive ones and can clearly see the difference a couple of bucks makes. This is a really nice beauty tool.It works as a curler. It didn’t make my eyelashes look dramatically longer, but it does make them more noticeable. And they seem to maintain the curl for a while.It comes in a cute box with a thank you card for being a gorgeous customer. Clever and would make a nice gift.Sample provided without obligation. My opinions are my own, strongly held and if something sucks I will say so.

Kelsey Quincy, IN

Bella and Bear Will Have Them Staring

I barely ever bothered with an eyelash curler. They pinch, poke, and generally a pain to fool around with. So when I received this one I was doubtful that I would like it, much less enjoy using this product. I am a good sport however, and gave it a go. First there was NO pinching. What a relief. It is quite painful to pinch your eyelids. No pinching, no pulling, and a breeze to use. Just 10 seconds and bam you have awesome looking eyelashes without all the fuss. I am so glad to have found this. This eyelash curler is a must have in your makeup bag. If you have given up the hope for finding an awesome eyelash curler like I did, you have to try this out!

Sherry Atwater, OH

All eyelash curlers are not the same

I always thought that all eyelash curlers were the same. That was until I received the Eye and Mighty Eyelash Curler. This curler really does give me that extra curl. It makes my other curler look bad…real bad. I never realized the difference it would make. The Eye and Mighty Eyelash Curler actually curls your eyelashes upward to give it that extra boost. I also noticed that I did not experience any pinching like I did with my other curler either. This is a big plus for me because my other curler always pinched me. I am so happy that I have this curler. Now my long eyelashes have the perfect “movie star” curl. I also love the plastic clip that holds the spring loaded handles together. This helps to save room in my makeup bag. This product is a must have. There is nothing to lose because if you don’t like it they have a money back guarantee. But trust me, you will LOVE it!Disclosure of Material Connection: I will receive a low value free gift from the manufacturer forposting this review. I was not required or compelled to write a positive review. The opinions Ihave expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with FTC 16 CFR, Part 255.

Isabel Farner, TN

Quality Product

I’ve owned other eyelash curlers. This one stands out as more attractive and comfortable to use. What can I say? It works, and very quickly at that. The curler comes with a little plastic clip to keep the handles closed, but it’s so easy to lose that clip. I just leave it open.This product was provided for review by KP Marketing.

Juanita Bethany, WV

Perfect Lashes

I absolutely love this eyelash curler. It works great and leaves my lashes looking so full and curled to perfection. I absolutely love how it makes my lashes look-especially when I throw on some falsies and mascara. It is the perfect eyelash curler!

Aurora Barwick, GA

I recently got this and love it! It does not pinch your eye lid …

I recently got this and love it! It does not pinch your eye lid and it works great!!! Nothing like the old ones I have tried that you use once and never wanna use again!Check this out! You won’t regret it!

Sara Greensburg, PA

Fuller looking lashes with an easy-to-use curler!

I feel like the design is superior to my old eyelash curler, and I don’t have to hold the curler in place as long as I did with other curlers. You can definitely see the difference that it makes in my naturally straight eyelashes. They go from barely-there to much fuller looking. I love the ergonomic spring-loaded feature. This is definitely a unique eyelash curler that gives great results! You won’t be disappointed. 🙂

Maxine Chinchilla, PA