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Professional Barber Hair Cutting Shears / Scissors

Top-Rated Professional Salon Quality Barber Scissors! Utopia Razor Edge Hair Cutting Shear Scissors are specifically designed for high performance and quality results. They are a must-have for professional barbers, and deliver sleek, effortless results. Ideal for the home or business, these scissors are manufactured with high quality Japanese Stainless Steel for durability and longevity. Adjustable tension knobs and removable finger insets make these shears customizable to any hand. • 100% Stainless Steel for durability. • Customizable tension and finger insets. • Quality construction for a clean cut, every time. Our Customer Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee If you are not satisfied with the Utopia Razor Edge Hair Cutting Shear Scissors, just return them within 30 days for a full refund. No questions asked, no hassle. Scroll up to click the Add to Cart button. Razor Edge Hair Cutting Shear Scissors shipped today.

Key features

  • QUALITY BLADES – These scissors are 5.5 inches with cutting blades that measure 2.5 inches.
  • ELITE DESIGN – Blades are convex hollow ground for improved razor edge retention. Includes removable rubber handle inserts to fit any thumb and finger.
  • HOME USE – Perfect for hair cutting at home. Made from 100% Stainless Steel for high quality and longevity.
  • SAFETY STORAGE – Comes with zippered leather storage case to preserve scissors and prevent accidents.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We think you’re going to love these Scissors as much as we do! But in case you don’t, you are covered by our 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. We want our customers to be 100% happy.

Honest reviews


High Quality

I received these shears today and wow, was I surprised. These seem like very high-end scissors for a very reasonable price. They also came in a nice case.I got the 6.5″ size because the picture showed that the finger holes were bigger. However, the holes were very small, with the pink inner lining, and my partner was frustrated because he could not fit his fingers in the holes. I just realized now that you can actually slip the pink pieces out of the holes. They’re just plastic buffers for small fingers. My partner, who has very big hands can now easily use these scissors.I believe these will last us for cutting our hair for many, many years. I had also bought the Tweezerman shears (the feathering ones with the brush on one side), and these are WAY better quality.

Natalia Saint James, NY

Holy Moses the scissors work!

These are scissors. You might wonder if they actually cut things or not. Well, I can tell you from first-hand experience… these actually cut things. Just the other day I cut some paper. I also cut some eyebrow hair! It is like magic. You won’t be disappointed if you decide to buy these super sharp scissors. Oh, my bad. ‘Cutting Shears’.

Jayne Morton, PA


Not sure why this received such high reviews… the quality isn’t very good. My teacher even asked me if I dropped them… which I hadn’t. With real hair, they seem passable–but good luck trying to cut synthetic hair with them.

Latoya Cairo, WV

Some of the worst scissors I’ve ever owned

These just tarnished and broke, so I threw them out. The gold coating is a joke. The blades are a joke. I could barely even cut my hair. The hair just got stuck in between the two blades and didn’t cut. Tightening the bolt doesn’t help. Avoid!

Shari Trout Dale, VA


Item is sharp yes, BUT NOT JAPANESE STEAL. It CLEARLY states MADE IN PAKISTAN on the item. Also, I ordered the 5.5 but have a feeling I should have ordered the 6.5 because the 5.5 is very small! I haven’t tried them yet, oh and ALSO if you want to return the item, the seller MAKES YOU PAY, even though the item received is not the item described on the website. Will not buy again with them simply because I don’t trust them! Do yourself a favor first and visit the store to see what shear length works best instead of being out 15 bucks. HORRIBLE SELLER.

Autumn Hilbert, WI


I am using these to trim my own hair. It cuts a smooth cut, it doesnt rip hair in any way. I do not understand why people are saying the holes are too small, you are NOT supposed to put your entire finger inside, it is only for the very tips of the finger. Great scissors!My sister has some scissors that cost her $300 and i compared them, i truly cant see much difference in cutting. I dont have $300, and i dont want to be borrowing her scissors, so im happy with my purchase.

Graciela Lillie, LA

Great Scissors

These scissors are really sharp and great for cutting hair. Remember to never cut anything else with them or they will dull quickly just like all scissors. Some people were complaining that the finger holes are too small. They are the size they are supposed to be. When cutting hair you should just use the tips of your fingers for better control. They aren’t meant to put your entire finger in them.This is the first time I have purchased from this seller but I will be a repeat customer. I received the scissors very quickly and in good condition.P. S. I love the zippered case they came in.

Haley Juneau, PA

love this.

I definitely find this scissors very sharp and I also like the way I can adjust it. I use this to cut my dog’s hair and it is small enough to move around without worrying if I cut too much off or if I’m messing it up. I recommend these for anyone who wants to save a few bucks on dog hair cut.

Jaclyn Baldwin, LA

Sure Shears

New to hair… These Professional 7.5″ Hair Cutting Shears are great! Glide with sweet perfection through someone’s great hair. I’m a beginner, however these are not the first pair I have bought I know they are the best thus far and they help me feel professional while using them =)My hands run on the large size so I don’t need the inserts, however it’s a great add that comes with the Shears. Another perk is the case to keep them in comes with the deal! I am happy to say Thank you Utopia Towels for a superior product. I am a customer who will be back to shop for other items in the future.~peace~C

Beverly Sweetser, IN


I absolutely "LOVE" these scissors-they are comfortable and cut exact with no problems. I can’t believe that they were only $14.99, my expensive scissors that i paid $50.00 for don’t even cut this good. Alot of people were complaing about the size of the holes, but i found no problems. I highly recommend these and i am going to buy another pair for back-up.

Liza East Poland, ME

Nice Shears!

I received my order right away! The shears were in a nice case and they seem to be very good quality although I have not had time to use them as of yet..

Shannon Hornsby, TN

These are the best scissors for hair.

I couldn’t have found a nicer pair of scissor for the price. It comes with a zippered leather case. I use these to trim hair and they are perfect! The 6.5 inch is the perfect size for me. I may try the 5.5" ones just too see the difference. Love these!!

Alyson Henderson, MI

Utopia Care 5.5″ professional barber thinning/texturizing hair scissors

I bought these scissors because I want to be able to trim the ends of my hair with out having to go into a hair stylist. While I have never owned nor bought proper hair scissors before, these are perfect for me. I have medium-small hands and these are comfortable without the gel inserts. They are sharp, clean, well manufactured. The comb blades’ tension can be adjusted with a little knob. 5/5, they do a great job and are what I was expecting.

Mollie Almena, WI

very good scissors for the price !

I have a more expensive pair I bought at a beauty supply place (25.00) that do not cut as well as these. You can cut the hair any where on the shat of the scissors no problem. The are super quiet when cutting hair which basically means they are sharp and are not ripping through the hair. I am not a hairdresser I just trim my ends in between cuts and these are perfect! I never noticed that it came with a leather like zip pouch so all the better. They are comfortable without the inserts… and I have large hands for a woman.I asked my secretary (who is trained as a hairdresser!) how long the cutting end should be and she said for non-barbering techniques it should be no longer than the length of your finger as you use your fingers to hold the hair and you don’t want to nip yourself! so these were great for me. Now I have no idea how long they will stay sharp but I guess long enough for one person to give herself trims for the next 5 year at least! :0) I know I will probably use these as much in the next 5 years as my hairdresser will use a pair of scissors for a week or two of cutting all day long.

Sarah Leeds, ME

works great!

I just got these texturizing scissors and used them to thin out a friend of mines bangs. They work great.They are sharp and it’s amaxing what a difference they make in just a few snips. Her heavy bangs looked so choppy and nowe they blend right into the rest of her hair. I’m so glad I bought them. Cant wait to use them to trim my hair and for my layers.

Lorrie Appleton, WA

Amazing !

I’ve received scissors in a box well closed and perfect shape. The item is perfect and word divinely well, the small handbag is qualitative and make the product very class. Blades are sharp as good as you need for your hairs even for thick ones.

Marcia Uniontown, MO


Super sharp, and the dial to adjust the tightness is a huge plus. Great for cutting hair and a really good price too.

Angie Foley, MN

Very sharp!

I am very happy with these scissors. I bought them to trim my own hair so it’s not for professional use and I am happy with the quality. I also like that you get a little pouch with for keeping them when not in use.

Lola Union Furnace, OH

Excellent Scissors

These scissors are very good for cutting hair, but I can see what the other reviewers are saying about the finger holes being small. I have very small hands and these scissors fit me well, but if my hands were larger they would not be nearly as good.

Lorie Kensington, MD

Very good purchase

For 17 bucks I’m more than pleased…are you kidding? Sharp, good cutting action and feel to this tool. Tension adjustment is another nice feature. Razor like edges and these cut hair as well as any scissor I’ve ever used. My girlfriend was a stylist so I’ve used her professional grade scissors to trim hair. I can’t tell the difference. I have big hands so I simply removed the rubber inserts inside the finger holes and the fit is just fine. For less than $20 its a no-brainer if you want a good quality pair of shears to touch-up between haircuts like I do.

Amie Winfield, MO

regarding 7.5 length

I guess we should have looked more closely at these shears photo AND measurements, as the one we compared it was 7.5 on the OTHER side of the fingerholes, and the blade is not as long as the one we had and THOUGHT we were ordering, since it said 7.5 inches. Look at the photo closely. They are sharp and do work.

Elda Garden City, KS

Great thinning scissors~

I just used this yesterday for my husband’s haircut and love them. Not only are they really comfortable, but they gave my husband’s haircut great texture and blended out the harsh lines the the regular scissors always gives.

Margot Northville, NY

Amazing scissors

I was looking for scissors to trim my bangs and these are amazing. They are very sharp which makes cutting hair easy. I love the leather carrying case to keep them sharp. Highly recommend

Lilia Elco, PA


Good product. The only things not satisfied are that the circle of the product is too small for fingers and the product is not so sharp.

Ollie Panola, AL

Professional Brand

Scissors come in a padded case, an easy carryall. Blades are very sharp and cut with precision, no short cut in quality with this product. Much has been said about the thumb hole size, but I found no problem with my hands. Best scissor in the house, great buy regardless of price.

Jewell Church Hill, TN