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Profectiv Growth Renew Root Recovery Temple Stimulant, 4 Ounce

Profectiv Growth Renew Root Recovery Temple Stimulant 4 oz.

Key features

  • For Beautiful, Healthy Hair
  • Love The Way You Look
  • Hair restoration

Honest reviews



It is Ok don’t know about the hair growth part but it does loosens up your braids so it semi works

Elizabeth Eagle Bend, MN

Love This

I like this product. I used Miracle and Olive oil brands but they did not work that well. In fact, I think Dr. Miracle and the Edges of the Olive brand break hair off a little. I have only used this a couple of times and I like the texture. It appears to working already. I will definitely keep using this product and monitor my outcome. However for now I think it is great.

Frances Saxon, WV

Really WORKS

Shocking but this product is amazing, works to stop thinning hair problem and will cause hair to grow faster and continue to grow. Been using it for over a year. Smells great as well.UPDATE: This product is a ‘miracle cure’ aka ‘medicine in a jar’. I started to experience some breakage and thinning over a year ago.I began to use Profectiv Growth Renew products and within a few weeks,I noticed limited breakage and within 6 weeks, NO breakage. The thinning stopped abt the same time and noticed hair growing were the thinning had previously been. I also used the feather lite or regular Profectiv Growth Renew Growth Restoration Oil Stimulant abt 3 times a week.Just recently started using their shampoo. All work great. My hair is back to normal & healthy. I get my hair cut or ends clipped abt once every 2 months. Great product, try it ;o)

Myrtle Meadville, MO


I will be using this as a leave in on my hair I have always loved the brand and have used for years.I’m expecting good result from this product for breakage

Deidra Michigan Center, MI

Really works

I am a product junky so again I thought I would try something else to keep my bald spots at bay. This really does work. I noticed after a few days the spots began to fill in. Couldn’t really say it’s for long term growth but it does work to keep your edges from balding from braids and weaves.

Irene Mount Clare, WV