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Proactiv Solution SUPER SIZE Green Tea Moisturizer 2 oz.

This feather-light moisturizing serum absorbs instantly, delivering deep hydration to dry, tired skin. It’s formulated with concentrated botanical extracts and powerful antioxidants for a moisturizing experiance that’s as healthl/y as it is refreshing. Best of all, the mineral-rich formula was created specifcally for the acne-prone complexion, so it won’t clog pores or leave skin feeling greasy. Wear alone or with makeup, simply apply after Repairing Lotion.

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Proactiv Solution SUPER SIZE Green Tea Moi

Can’t give this product a bad review but I’m not oevrly impressed with it. I prefer the Proactive non-oily moisturizer. Just makes my skin feel softer, cleaner and better.

Jolene New Plymouth, OH


The Proactiv products are overpriced and undersized. There are so many natural and cheaper skin remedies. For instance, rosehip oil is a wonderful moisturizer when mixed with natural face lotion.

Rosalia Amorita, OK


Love the size. Huge. Awesome seller. Product was sealed which is so Important.Proactive works It does. But it doesn’t stop my breakouts. Just slowed them down a lot. They do have a few pore clogging ingredients in them which makes me so mad at proactive. Google acne ingredients to avoid. One combo is a 4 on the pore clog scale.I still rate 4 stats as if you like proactive this is the seller to buy from. Huge bottle

Marlene Lynnwood, WA


Not as rich as I would have liked and washes off with water, but when you need quick moisture that soothes the skin, this is great. And doesn’t make you break out from what I can tell.

Yvonne Pinesdale, MT

Nice and Light

A nice, light moisturizer that really makes my skin feel fresh and not clogged up by something heavier. Really like this stuff though it’s a little pricey. Buy from Amazon to avoid the ‘offers’ from Proactiv if you agree to sign up for regular deliveries. I’d prefer to say when I want the stuff, thanks.

Paige Ola, AR

Green tea cream

I’m happy with how this moisturizer absorbs nicely into my skin. No greasy feeling. It has a pleasant smell and I think it will help my skin condition. Thank you for your prompt service.

Alyson Exeter, CA