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Proactiv Solution Repairing Treatment, 4FL.OZ.

Repairing Treatment is a light, oil-free lotion with finely milled benzoyl peroxide to help heal and prevent blemishes. This item was previously known as Repairing Lotion

Key features

  • New Advanced Formula w/ MICRO-CRYSTALS
  • Soothing allantoin
  • 2.5% prescription-grade benzoyl peroxide
  • Helps attack the bacteria that causes acne

Honest reviews


Love hate relationship

This is the only acne product that works for me, but the way it bleaches EVERYTHING is why I removed two stars. I was so fed up with bleached bed sheets, that I went out in search of something without benzoyl peroxide and switched to salicylic acid. HUGE mistake. My skin was sooooo dried out and covered in more acne than in my teens. I needed my proactive back. I want to mention I hate the cleanser and toner…..I use Clinique clarifying lotion and olive oil soap and proactiv and found this combination is the one my skin likes best. I just don’t put it on at night to avoid staining sheets and just wear under my makeup. Problem semi solved (I stain some clothing lol)

Louella Nanafalia, AL

Won’t be without it!

I have super oily skin and never grew out of the constant breakouts. I have tried everything I could including prescriptions and nothing works as well as the Proactiv line.I only use the cleanser, toner & this (step3).Not cheap but not as expensive as some of those silly creams you can buy but this one WORKS! Controls my acne without overdrying. I do use an oil free moisturizer on most days in conjunction with this program.

Lashonda Bear River City, UT

Five Stars

it has a refreshing smell, it works for my skin

Reva Portland, AR

Great product

I always seem to break out during the cold weather months. Using this a couple times a week under my regular moisturizer and at night under my night cream really seems to help. I highly recommend.

Summer Deville, LA

Edited review.

I have used Proactive in the past and while it does not eliminate breakouts it does help a bit.This is a giant bottle and it arrived quickly. Really good seller.My issue with this product is that there are ingredients that are on the “acne ingredients to avoid” listEdit. Still have not used. But I just looked at my bottle and it does not say “combination therapy on it, and it expires June 2014. I just got this 2 months ago so my product was quite old

Hallie Crown King, AZ


Great size and great price. Leaves skin soft and not dry. My boyfriend has oily skin and i have normal skin and it works for both of us.

Corina Clifton, KS

Finally, something that works!

I got adult acne when I was 30 and pregnant. My OB told me it would clear up once the baby was born. That baby is now 16 years old with his own pimples to pop and I still had the acne. I wish I had tried Proactiv sooner.

Kelsey Randolph, WI


works better than anything my dermatologist ordered for me. problem is that when i purchase from proactive, I have to purchase other items. this is the very best solution

Ida Manchester, MD

Great Product

Have used this product before does just what it is states always had excellent results. like the idea of being able to purchase without joining the club.

Tara Ludlow Falls, OH

Irritated Skin…

This product irritaed my skin more than anything. It didnt do any good at all. I now use St Ives and it is cheaper and works wonders. I have not broke out in a very long time.

Selena Mount Carmel, UT


effective and gentle for my 13 year old son. Clears up pimples fast and doesn’t dry out the rest of his skin.I have the entire line. they last quite a long time. the price is reasonable too!

Terry Southeastern, PA

Great Proactiv repairing lotion.

I am a proactiv user and this is a great product that I use everyday. Price was good and I am very happy with this purchase. I will be back again when I need more.

Libby Hughesville, MD

need a bit more help during those high stress days?

you can buy the entire plan but honestly this is the main component from the Proactiv program. Unless you want more of their proactiv stuff, honestly you can use your own cleaning solutions and finish with this twice a day once before you put your face on the then again, before you go to bed.

Carly Red Wing, MN

Works for any age, any skin type!

I have been using Proactiv products for as long as they have been both available and affordable for my budget. I have super incredibly sensitive skin, but also an oily t-zone that requires certain areas to be treated for breakouts from time to time. At age 30, breakouts are limited to a few here and there. Mostly, they occur when I’m under a lot of stres, or present as a symptom when Mother Nature comes around one a month. When this happens, I need something that’s gentle AND effective on my skin. Many products are too gentle and cater to the sensitive skin aspect of my breakouts. Others cater to the effectiveness of removing and preventing further breakouts. Unfortunately, that leaves my skin itchy, flaky and rashly. I can’t use Proactiv’s basic skin cleanser (the grainy white skin cleanser) because it’s too harsh for my skin type and dries out my skin within a day. So, I found Proactiv’s Deep Cleansing Wash, designed for the body. It’s a grainy blue substance, and has moisturizers that keep my skin from drying out while effectively treating any breakouts I have. This, paired with using the Proactiv Mask (I use it as a spot treatment. It’s expensive, so I just dab a small amount on top of the blemishes I have, then remove the next morning. More than 50% of the time, my blemishes are gone or nearly non-existent.NOW, for the repairing lotion. I can use this product daily, up to 3x per day, and it keeps acne breakouts under control. The reason behind reapplying the product where needed more than once per day is due to the build up of oil my skin produces, which has me using witch hazel to keep that under control. When you do that, you can remove the leftover medication of the treatment lotion. With my sensitive skin, in shocked to know that it hasn’t caused any rashes, itchy skin or other reaction.If you’re looking for a product that will effectively, but gently treat acne blemishes at any age, this one is definitely worth a try. If it can be effective on my own super picky sensitive skin, it will likely work on yours!

Francisca Lake Creek, TX

It works!

I’m in my late 20’s and I’ve suffered from acne since I was 11 years old. I have tried anything and everything I could to clear up my skin. Proactiv has been the one and only product that has worked for me. I don’t use their face wash or toner anymore, but I cannot go without their lotion. The lotion is the best and it give me clear skin!!

Darcy Leewood, WV

Thought I’d try it again..

I’ve tried Proactiv about 4 different times over a stretch of 6 months each try. Initially, it works for me, but then after about the 3rd or 4th month, my skin starts to become very sensitive, red, and DRY. Now, I can only used this lotion accompanying another moisturizer because, although it works for me, it’s benefits don’t come without a set back.

Roxanne Gum Spring, VA

it doesn’t do the job as advertised

This product does not do the job as advertised. It’s sticky and does not fit feel smooth after I apply it on my face. I will not buy the product again but proactiv has other great products I am using.

Iva Virgin, UT


i use this right after i wash my face with Alpha Hydrox face wash, thankfully I havent had any problems with break outs.

Frances Chickasaw, OH


Works AMAZING in treating acne and smells like baby lotion! It may dry you out a little but it works great otherwise

John Brentford, SD


love the well….i do tend to use CVS brand vitamin E creme 2x a week just to remove any blemish …i cant use it daily or it will clog my pores…back to this rating…i am well please and would buy it again…nice size and i am still using it and i use a lot.

Leeann Bernhards Bay, NY