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Proactiv Solution Original Repairing Lotion 2 oz

Step three of our Proactiv® Solution daily essentials, this light, luxurious lotion contains 2.5% finely milled benzoyl peroxide to penetrate deep beneath the skin’s surface to help stop acne at its source. Size: 2 oz

Key features

  • Safe for the entire face and other acne-prone areas
  • Helps attack the bacteria that causes acne
  • Helps prevent new blemishes from forming
  • Heals existing blemishes
  • Leaves skin feeling silky soft, day or night

Honest reviews


**New Proactiv lotion very drying with an irritating fragrance** Read below for an alternative!

If you talk to any dermatologist worth his or her salt, they’ll tell you there’s no point in washing with a benzoyl peroxide cleanser, because when you rinse it off, you rinse off the expensive medicine too! Why bother with the whole Proactiv system; it’s absurdly overpriced. That said, their lotion is pretty much irreplaceable, since it has the medication in a lotion form, which is exceedingly rare.Use Purpose or Cetaphil cleanser with Proactiv’s lotion AT NIGHT. In the morning, use the same cleanser, but you’ll need to use a moisturizer/sunscreen combo to prevent skin cancer, so you cannot use this stuff! Try Aveeno Daily Moisturizer spf 30 or Neutrogena Healthy Defense spf 30 or 45. Both are very good (and noncomedogenic) and recommended by many dermatologists.Be SURE you never use a moisturizer or a suncreen (either separately or as a combo) that has zinc oxide – zinc oxide turns your skin white because it is a “physical” blocker – it literally lays on top of your skin instead of being absorbed into it.Dan’s Regimen from acne dot org is okay, except for the fact his daily moisturizer lacks an spf, and except for the fact some people prefer a lotion benzoyl peroxide treatment at night instead of a gel. Amazon has a 2oz bottle for $9, which is cheaper than you can get it on ebay.Perhaps one day when the Acnefree lotion or the Klear Action lotion are sold separately, it will be cheaper than this stuff, but until then, Proactiv is the cheapest 2.5% benzoyl peroxide lotion on the market.Edit 8/26/10 I purchased a bottle of the “New” proactiv lotion two weeks ago. It has a very strong, very irritating fragrance that made me break out. Proactiv’s website even addresses the issue, saying it’s “better” than the old stuff, and is “micronized”. They do NOT address the new fragrance! I have since switched to Acnefree’s “repair lotion”, which is 3.7% benzoyl peroxide. It is slightly gritty, but fragrance free, and time-released. You can get it on ebay much cheaper than Proactiv is on Amazon or ebay. I highly recommend switching to AcneFree.Edit 5/15/11 Still going strong! The only evidence of my “acne” is one or two tiny pin-sized whiteheads a month right around my “time of the month”. Still using AcneFree at night but I’m also using ProActiv’s mask treatment once/week, definitely helps with the blackheads. Have not had a real zit or pimple for two years now.Edit 3/22/12 AcneFree’s lotion is difficult to find in stores and on ebay so I’ve found Acne dot org’s 8oz bottle of “treatment” which is 2.5% BP; it’s the cheapest lotion/gel available these days. Order from here or Dan’s website. It’s fragrance free and comes in an easy to use large bottle. If you have very sensitive or dry skin, you’d be wise to top with a noncomedogenic lotion like CeraVe at night, since this is not moisturizing like the AcneFree lotion was. I’m still only getting one or two tiny pin-sized whiteheads a month before my “time of the month”!

Nannie Keystone Heights, FL


The proactiv products are overpriced and undersized. There are cheaper, natural skin solutions, such as rosehip oil, honey, and tea tree oil.

Reba Corinth, ME

good delivery and save money

delivery is ontime but the parcel is too big for my order, so when i opened the box, all my stuff was scattered all over the box w/o any protection. good luck that i did not order anything that can be broke inside. the lotion is good and the expiration date is right. i love the price that i paid for and happy to save money this way..i’ll order w/amazon again. thank you.

Terry Cross Plains, TX

Love proactiv

I like this repairing lotion, but I ended up buying a similar product of a different brand that had a high benzoyl peroxide content. Keep in mind this will stain your towels and clothes, but that’s the case with all acne products of this nature. I bought white towels and that fixed the problem. Shipped quickly!

Tessa Kirkersville, OH

Blemish Lotion for all skin types

Great product to clear skin without completely drying and flaking skin around blemish. I would definitely recommend this product to others .

Joni Two Harbors, MN

It is not for everyone

I was very hopeful about this repairing lotion after reading alot of the reviews.Unfortunately for me, this product did not work. It had made my face become oily and broke out with pimples after only one use. I am in my 40’s and I was looking for a lotion that would help replenish my skin and make it more even toned.That did not happen. I will keep looking for a lotion that works for me.Thank You, Amazon and The Body Place

James Talmage, CA

Great product

I love this Proactiv lotion. It is a great preventative acne lotion for everyday application. It doesn’t dry my skin, and it is very effective.

Evangeline Wilmer, AL

Excellent Product

After using this product I will not go without it. Amazing. Doesn’t not dry out my skin and all but eliminates acne.

Freida Mumford, NY

Proactive Repairing Lotion

When I first started using proactive it worked really well, but over time is no longer effective. I’m not sure if they have changed the formulation or if my skin has become immune to the active ingredient. Either way I can no longer endorse this product.

Taylor Gardendale, AL