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Proactiv Solution Deep Cleansing Wash 24 Oz

An advanced wash for the face and body, designed to attack existing acne blemishes and help prevent new blemishes from forming

Key features

  • Perfect for occasional use when you want an extra deep clean
  • Soothing botanicals calm skin as it exfoliates
  • Special formula containing 2% salicylic acid

Honest reviews


good price for good product

I’ve used the procativ wash for face and body before, but had to pay 20.00 to get a small bottle of it at the stand in the mall. This is at least 3xs bigger giving me more for my dollar. It arrived before the estimated delivery date. Personally I like it more for my face than the 3 piece set, and it has helped a lot for the breakouts I get on my shoulders. I highly recommend

Greta Belmont, LA

Finally a product that actually works

The body wash is better than any acne washes I have used, this one really works. Its kind of slow , the magic wont happen overnight but it works over time. The downside is the smell kind of chemical like and the consistency. Its very inconvenient to use in shower because its extremely thick for a body wash and of course its very expensive. But people who have old acne and scars might find it ineffective. It works for new acne but doesn’t make old acne and scars fade.

Ericka Matagorda, TX

Love it

Love this body wash, give me a very clean feeling without making my skin feel dry, i usually use it after working out. Great product

Savannah Falkland, NC

Proactiv Deep Cleanser

First of all, this is a great price on the 24 oz. cleanser. This was recommended to me by a friend who told me to expect to pay upwards of $75 for it. I’m happy once again to have found a much better price on Amazon.The results are clear – pun intended. It takes a few days to see the blemishes fade, but they do fade and stay gone. I used it once a day (sometimes twice a day) and once I started to see the results, I reduced the applications to every other day. I’m very happy with the results and would recommend this to anyone who is tired of wasting time and money on products that just don’t work.In the end, for me, this is the answer. I will look no further for an acne product.

Vicki Vernon, NJ

If you are paying alot for proactive face wash- get this!

Works better- and you get the nice exfoliation factor too! I use this for my face wash and get better value, product and results than getting the tiny bottle of Proactive face cleanser! Do it!

Bernadine Jefferson, OH

Feel and smells nice

I have this in my shower and use it ever other day. It isn’t harsh and I don’t feel like it makes my skin hurt like some other acne washes. Great way to exfoliate and clean out those pores.

Nora New Canton, VA

Very good and smoothy

This product is very good and smoothy. I love to use to clean my face every day. There is a little problem is that the content of the product is not full as it’s supposed to be, but I do not care that much. Thanks Amazon for offering such a great product to us. What a 5-star service!

Allison Jesup, IA


Works great on my face. Makes my pores look smaller, does not bleach my towels or clothes because it has salicylic acid instead of benzoyl peroxide and has a sort of minting scent to it and has a tingling sensation. Despite how great it works on my face, it does nothing on my body. Just recently I started to breakout A LOT on my chest and back and it’s been a month since I received this and it just isn’t rough enough for the rest of my body.

Jenny Gilford, NH

Works very effectively

We use this along with soap as a daily body wash. Used with a bath poof, it foams up nicely, and keeps our skin in good condition. It actually helps keep my seasonal eczema under control, as well, in conjunction with a good moisturizer.

Angeline Calico Rock, AR

This stuff is great

For anyone with sensitive but oily sin who has every used a “scrub” product, this is a great find. It has much finer granules in it so that you don’t feel like you are sandpapering your face when you use it. It can be used every day without causing damage, but gives you a micro facial peel each time you use it. It lathers a little and has a pleasant (to me) mild scent. After forgetting to bring this on a trip, I used some of the Proactiv scrub that I happened to have in my bag and was shocked by the difference (the scrub that comes as a part of the 3-product set that Proactive sells.The scrub is MUCH more abrasive, and probably damaging, than this.)I highly recommend the Deep Cleansing Wash for people with sensitive but oily skin.

Christi Hatfield, MA

No Banana Hammock

This works ok. I still get pimples on my butt, however. It is embarrassing. I have gone all year without being able to sport my banana hammock. Where can I find a really good body pimple wash?

Aimee New Hartford, NY

Good for gentle exfoliation, not for acne.

I like using this as an gentle exfoliating scrub for face and body, and it leaves your skin feeling very cool and clean, which I love. However, it hasn’t helped with acne at all. I had better luck with St. Ives’s apricot scrub, so I’m going back to that. I’ll use this intermittently, though, because it really does leaves a very nice, clean feeling behind.

Natasha Cooperstown, ND

The only thing that works

This is the only thing that really keeps my ace in check. I am prone to adult acne and this does the trick, but I only use it on my face.

Tamara Kosrae, FM

I will repurchase

I am a 29 year old woman with oily/acne prone skin. I also love in south Florida which means that I am dealing with tons of heat and humidity. I have tried many things in the past and I must say this has been the best so far. It does a great job exfoliating. It leaves my skin feeling soft and so fresh. I could honestly say that I saw a difference within the first week of using this cleanser. I have tried the normal Proactive face wash and it was not as good as this one. It’s a great deal since you do get 24oz. this will last a while. I recommend this for people with oily/acne prone skin. It’s doesn’t dry you out or make you flaky. Give it a try you have nothing to lose and everything to gain =)

Mallory Cardale, PA

clearing up

I’ve been using this for about 2 weeks daily and i have seen a huge difference. Acne is stubborn so you just have to be patient and continue to use until you get the results you want

Madelyn Galesville, MD

The best

My skin is better now than ever. I am over 50 so I use it just 2-3x a week. It keeps skin clear and smoother without drying it out.

Jackie Livingston, WI

Not a favorite Proactive Product, but effective

My teenage daughter did use this product and liked it; however, she prefers the original renewing cleanser by Proactiv. It was just as effective, and more gentle on her skin.This cleanser seemed could be harsh on her skin.

Angeline Brooklyn, MS

didn’t work

it wasn’t the right stuff for me. tried it for a few months to see if it would help but didn’t really improve my skin – it basically stayed the same.

Gloria Colfax, LA

Best there is.

I wear a mask most of the day (Dental Asst.)and I am very susceptible to chin and upper lip breakouts.This keeps thing pretty much under control.Can’t live without it.The size of the bottle,vs.the price?This is a 6 a nickles worth.

Stacy Verona, MO

Love it!

The person at the mall kiosk recommended that I use this on my face as well as body. What a great idea! It’s much cheaper when you buy the large size like this, and the kiosk worker said it’s the same strength as one of the face washes (I think it was the gentle formula). This makes my face a little dry in the dead of winter, but I LOVE it in the summer. It seriously works, you just have to use it every day.

Lenora Lakeside, OR

It’s good

It’s good, but I prefer doing the 3 step system. It’s a good backup while I am in between ordering cleansers. It has a nice smell too.

Nina Woodville, MA

One of proactivs best!

I love this product. I had acne break outs in high school and used the three step process. It seemed to help. But 8 years later, after I got married I was able to find that using this with the toner was a much better regimen for my face. It is less drying for me but still cleanses. I love, love love the little beads in this cleanser. I use it daily and it provides a little exfoliation.This bottle specifically was good value because of the size. I also like that this came with a pump. It seems less messy and more quick to use.

Bonnie Fisher, IL

Deep Cleanser

This is a deep cleanser so be careful not to dry out your skin. It is not good for everyday use. Otherwise a pretty decent product.

Margaret Southfield, MA

Love this size

For the price, this size is great. I combine this wash with other products, but it is great to have in the pump, since i keep it in the shower and use on my face and back in the shower.

Leila Lawrence, NE

Great product for me… Huge bottle!!

I love the pump bottle,it so convenient to use. Also, I’ve had this product for about two months now and have not make a dent in it (use at less once a day). It’s worth it if this is a staple product for you.As far as the product it is a great cleanser and I really feel and noticed its affectiveness for MY skin. However I would suggest new user to purchase a less expensive (less oz bottle) to make sure that this product is effective product for your personal skin.

Catherine Dunn Center, ND

Didn’t notice a difference

I bought this for some slight body acne and it hasn’t done anything for it. Works well as a body wash though and is a big bottle.

Jeannette Owendale, MI